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2020 Special Edition Oil Collection


Product Description

This is a set of 12 oils to be ready for whatever 2020 may bring, to be prepared for any situation that may arise. For bringing about change, blessing, protection, opening the way for success, uncrossing, and leaving behind that which no longer serves a positive purpose in our lives or gets in the way of our growth.

These are all new oil formulas that may not be listed individually or in our alphabetical oil listing yet.  We have added many new formulas, and these are among my absolute favorites. 


  • Miracle - for when you need one.
  • Baggage Release - Helps to eliminate ties to the past, or unhealthy relationships or situations. Helps you let go of things that are not beneficial to you, or things you are continually drawn back to that are not in your best interest. If it doesn’t help you move forward, support you, is holding you back, keeping you tied down, or tries to put you in a little box to limit you, release it and let it go.
  • Clearing & Unblocking - Similar to Blockbuster or Clearing. Removes residual negative energy, influences, anything that is holding you back. Helps you to reach your potential and break through boundaries.
  • Magic No 9 - All Purpose formula, this is a very well-thought-out formula that is appropriate for any situation, condition, or goal, and can be used in place of almost any other Hoodoo oil.
  • Mother Mary - For all types of prayer work, honoring the Blessed Mother, asking for divine intervention. Strong help for desperate times, despair. Comfort and strength in times of weakness and fear. “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me.” (The Beatles)
  • Open the Gates - Similar to Road Opener or Blockbuster, works similarly to Cut & Clear also. Helps to clear out residual negative or unhelpful energy from past mistakes or past events, helps bust through the gates and leave them wide open to allow you to move on to new growth, new projects or goals, and it has a very hopeful “anything is possible and unlimited potential” type vibe to it.
  • Bust it Down -  Similar to Blockbuster, different formula. For removing obstacles, road blocks, and blockages. Removing such blockages as low self-esteem, lack of motivation, grief, addiction, people around you who want to keep you at arm’s length or keep you from thinking outside the box, or people that want to restrict you or stunt your growth.
  • Home Bless & Clear - For blessing and clearing the negative energy out of your house. Not only for a new home, but as periodic maintenance for the spiritual energy in your home. Such as smudging, but also blesses and protects your home, as well as clearing it of negative energy.
  • Protect Me - This is for personal protection. We hear all about oils that are for safety from this or that, or protection for your home, or protection for this or that. What about me? This makes it personal and brings it down to your level, and you know what you need protecting from better than anyone else. Maybe you don’t even want to let people know what you fear, and it’s usually best not to. This formula can be worn or used on candles or in the bath water or laundry. Also good against psychic attacks, protection from narcissists.
  • Uncross & Reverse - Use to uncross yourself if you have been crossed by someone else (either deliberately or otherwise if thy have sent ill will towards you strongly enough for it to manifest), or if you have even crossed yourself inadvertently. If someone else has crossed you on purpose this is meant to turn it back on them just as strongly and painfully as they sent it to you.
  • Magic Carpet - Attracts all forms of luck and love. Draws wealth and success also.
  • Devil Be Gone - Is said to keep the devil and his helpers at bay, keep harmful elements out of your life and make rom for good. Some use this formula against their inner demons as well. We all have enough trouble as it is don’t make any room for more to come your way or invite it in. Keep it out.


Each individual oil comes in a .50 ounce glass bottle.

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