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7 Day Altar Working for La Santisima Muerte, Protection, Return Lost Love, Justice, Domestic Tranquility, Fidelity


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This listing is for me to work with La Santisima Muerte on your behalf for 7 days, on my altar dedicated specifically to her.  This working includes, prayers, offerings, cooking for her, the setting of lights, and burning incense on your behalf.  I will devote my time daily to attending to her altar and providing fresh food and drink offerings on your behalf and submitting your petition to her. 

La Santisima Muerte (The Most Holy Death or The Holy Dead) is a spirit much revered in Mexican culture. She is called upon for many things such as miracles, fidelity, good fortune, justice, peaceful home, protection, and returning lost loves.

Santisima (or Santa) Muerte is also known by many names, such as Señora de Sombras (Lady of Shadows), Señora Blanca (The White Lady), and La Flaca (the Skinny Lady), among other names.  She is often depicted as a skeleton, draped in a tunic, that carries various objects and each symbolizes what she can offer to those who request help: a scythe, a world, a scale, an hourglass, an owl, and a lamp. Santa Muerte is a servant for those who need her.

She is often called upon individuals whose occupations are potentially dangerous night time activities, such as prostitutes, police, bartenders, and such. Santisima Muerte is known for being accepting and an enforcer of justice. But she is also known to be vengeful.

Santisima Muerte can grant miracles, solve impossible problems, keep husband's faithful, bring you luck and good fortune, bring domestic tranquility and peace, and return lost lovers.

She reminds us of our mortality and morals, to make wise decisions so we will not suffer in this life. She reminds me that life is fleeting, make the most of it, and help make others’ lives better while you can. Be sure you are following Santisima Muerte and are not using her just for her favors, or you may lose things from your life, rather than gain them. She is to be respected and worshiped before she is asked for any help.

She may also ignore your requests if she sees that they lead to misfortune in the future. 

One of many prayers to La Santisima Muerte: Most Holy Mother, Lady of my Heart, I surrender myself to you, Chosen by the Father, Immortal and Divine, You may dwell in the Shadows, but you are the Angel of life, Ushering in the light, and Dawn of the Resurrection. My Beautiful Bony Lady I call upon you, before thee I stand, I humbly ask that you grant me Mercy, Keep me free from sickness & evil, and protect all that I love. Through your Owl of Wisdom, please enlighten me, May your Scythe bring swift Justice to those who wish to do me harm, Engulf us in your Robe of love. I ask you to grant me intercession, Please hear and answer my petition, ……. O Holy Death, I exalt you, Divine Mother, Keeper of infinite Mysteries, Chosen by God to do his most important work, Hear and answer my prayers. Amen. Santisma Muerte, gracious daughter of death, known by many names, I call upon you in my hour of need,


What I will need from you: Your name, DOB, and photo, along with your petition.  You may email all of this to me at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com


Your service will be scheduled the next available time slot. I don't make my clients share an altar with another client. Your candles, lamps, offerings, flowers, and petitions offered on your behalf will be only yours and the only one on the altar. You will receive photos that I take throughout the week, upon completion, via Email in a PDF Document.

In addition to my shop policies, please also note that although La Santisima Muerte can help with cases of domestic intranquility and provide protection for those in dangerous occupations, please take cautionary measures to keep yourself and any loved ones out of herm's way, and please contact the proper authorities if you are a victim of abuse. If you are in danger, please tell someone.

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7 day la Santisima Muerte working


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