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A Touch of Destiny, 40 + Piece Bone Casting Set, Full Set With Shell Box and Wicker and Shell Mat

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Product Description

A Touch of Destiny...

40+ Piece Bone Reading Set, everything you need for casting the bones including 40+ different curios: bones, shells, teeth, claws, and other curios. This can be a starter set for yourself or a gift for others interested in learning the art of bone reading and divination. This is a large set and can provide you with insight in many different aspects of your life, needs, and goals. It contains some traditional pieces, as well as some contemporary or modern creative and meaningful pieces that I've carefully selected to help you on your way.  I never consider my own personal set complete and am always on the lookout for new and meaningful pieces that can be useful. So, this can either be a starter set for you, so you can add your own items, or you can consider this a complete go-to set for your divination needs.

Traditionally, bones are cast in a circle drawn in the dirt, or on a wicker mat, or on a goat skin. If you are worried about some of the smaller pieces falling through the open weave of the wicker mat, I would recommend covering the mat with a cloth, such as a tarot mat, altar cloth, or other special or sentimental cloth that is meaningful and attuned to you for your divination purposes. I chose this large wicker mat for its beauty, as well as the circle shape.  If you choose, you can paint or draw lines to seperate different areas of meaning such as in a tarot card reading, or you may leave it as it is.  If any pieces fall outside of the circle mat, they can be considered not a part of the reading. This is quite a large set for home use, and depending on the subject of your reading and the questions you are asking, some pieces can be put aside at your discretion after reading their meanings. I've tried to be thorough in gathering a wide variety of pieces for this set to cover many aspects of life. I will be adding other add-on packages you can buy later if you wish, to add to your collection.

Each item will have natural variations in color, size, and shape due to the natural formations of the items.

Your set will include the following: Raccoon penis bone, Crystal Quartz, Agate arrowhead, bobcat claw, cat's eye shell, sea urchin spines, deer antler piece, vintage porcelain doll arm, various cowries, gator tooth, gator paw, coffin nail, bowl, crucifix, bone skull, coin, wishbone, evil eye bead, thimble, dice (one die), rattlesnake rib, crab claw, and other various vertebrae, claws, bones, teeth, and curios including a doll to symbolize you and another pair (male and female) of smaller dolls to represent others.  Each item will be packaged in a resealable bag and labeled.

It will come with complete meanings regarding each of your pieces and is made to order, based upon availability of the items, but will always include the above referenced key items and will total 35 pieces. Other signigicant items may include those made from metal, bone, plastic, ceramic, and other natural curios. The natural curios come from any of the following: raccoon, armadillo, deer, possum (opossum), chicken, rabbit, fish, mink, muskrat, fox, any number of sea creatures, bobcat, skunk, porcupine, rattlesnake, feline, canine, and alligator.

Also, your set will come with a beautiful box decorated with seashells to keep your bone casting set in. (Oval box measures 4-1/2 inches long by 3-1/2 inches wide (interior measurements 3-5/8" x 2-5/8" x 1-1/4" deep)

You will also receive a 12" round wicker mat for casting your set and protecting your items from damage on hard surfaces.  The mat is embellished with shells, as well.

*After assembling this set once I gathered all the supplies, I relized that the shells were larger than expected, so I am also including a royal blue velvet bag to hold the larger items (larger shells, raccoon penis bone, and buckeye).  The rest of the small items fit in the box nicely. And I do recommend keeping the crab claw in the box so it does not break.  Also, there are more than 40 pieces in this set, because I count some pairs/sets of objects as one, plus the mat, box, and bag are included, so there are a total of 4 or 40+ pieces.

Shipping charges for this set take into consideration the total weight of all the items included, as well as size of packaging required for the mat.

*The set comes with a bracelet that is used as part of the reading. The one pictured is an example. Yours may look different, as I have different types left over from when I sold mostly jewelry, but also some may hand-made by me and will most likely include skull beads but may have other beads or gemstones. 

*The cat in photos does not come with the set. ;-)  This is Moma Cat. She was a stray who had kittens on our boat last fall, and we brought her and the kittens inside. Even after we found good homes for the kittens, Moma Cat preferred to stay with us and has become quite comfortable enjoying the indoor cat lifestyle. She has stepped up and taken her place as my familiar after my Savannah passed, and she is determined to be a part of everything I do. She gave her approval for this set. 


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