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Alphabetical Oil Listing


Barefoot Witchery Shoppe Hoodoo Oil List, Updated September 18 2019

Please note, this is not a master list. This is a list of oils that may not be listed individually otherwise on our website, as we are always adding new formulas but don't always have the time to list them individually.

This is the most up-to-date listing of oils we make; some are our own creation, and some are traditional Hoodoo formulas, some of which are very old or hard-to-find. We have compiled this list alphabetically, not by category. I have added a short description for each but if you would like more information in detail about any in particular, just email me. sherry@barefootwitcheryshoppe.com. We can also make any formula that isn’t listed, as we have thousands of recipes and hundreds of essential oils and herbal, botanical, and root ingredients.

These oils are $8.99 (retail price) unless they are listed individually for a different price on our website.

If the oil you need is not already listed individually on our website or is part of a set but isn’t listed by itself, you may use this listing: http://www.barefootwitcheryshoppe.com/oil-not-otherwise-listed-individually/


New Oils that have yet to be listed individually. September 8 2019

Baggage Release – Helps to eliminate ties to the past, or unhealthy relationships or situations. Helps you let go of things that are not beneficial to you, or things you are continually drawn back to that are not in your best interest. If it doesn’t help you move forward, support you, is holding you back, keeping you tied down, or tries to put you in a little box to limit you, release it and let it go.

Banish Negativity – To help dampen the effects of negative people around you. Helps keep negative people away from your home or yourself. Can be used on your house, or on yourself to ward off people’s negative talk or intentions, good for keeping away the effects of people that want to drag you down.

Binding Love – Similar to a combination of Commanding Love, Stay With Me, and Commit to Me. For securing long term love, and locking it in.

Blue Sonata – an attraction formula to encourage classy romantic admirers.

Boss Control – Similar to Boss Fix. To help make things go your way and to make others see things your way.

Bust It Down – Similar to Blockbuster, different formula. For removing obstacles, road blocks, and blockages. Removing such blockages as low self-esteem, lack of motivation, grief, addiction, people around you who want to keep you at arm’s length or keep you from thinking outside the box, or people that want to restrict you or stunt your growth.

Caliph’s Beloved – To attract devoted lovers, a powerful sexual aphrodisiac.

Candle Oil for Love – All purpose formula for any type of love working.

Cerunnos – Primal, sexual, fertile formula, use to align with the energy of nature, a very Pagan earthy type formula.

Circle – Not a Wiccan Circle (ceremonial) type formula. This is a love formula that is used for enchanting a lover or potential lover and causing them to become enthralled with you.

Circle of Flame – Love formula to bring about feelings of intense and erotic love.

Clearing & Unblocking – Similar to Blockbuster or Clearing. Removes residual negative energy, influences, anything that is holding you back. Helps you to reach your potential and break through boundaries.

Come & Get Me – To send a signal similar to a cat in heat, to be noticed by all. While Come & See Me oil is a sexier version of Come To Me, this oil is a even a step above that.

Command – Similar to Commanding. To influence someone else to come around to your way of thinking and see it your way or do what you want, and happily so.

Confidence Boosting - Similar to and works well with Courage & Bravery. This oil is to help overcome shyness, helps keep you calm, cool, & collected, and not hesitate to speak and be heard, or do what you need to do when no one else seems to be able to support you. Some roads have to be traveled alone and you need a little reassurance that you are on the right path.

Courage & Bravery - Similar to Crucible of Courage, or Roaring Gumption (our exclusive blend). To have the courage to make the changes needed and bravery to take action, and see it through. Motivation to help you achieve your goals.

Court Work – Very similar to our Court Case formula and other formulas for legal matters. Helps to win favor with judge or jury. Can be worn on your court date to help with opposing attorney to undermine his efforts (similar to my exclusive Make Opposing Lawyer Stupid formula).

Crown of Achievement – Similar to Crown of Success, different formula. For helping to achieve success.

Cut Out & Banish – To get rid of a person or situation and eliminate evil outside influences. No only for getting rid of something or someone, but also for keeping it/them away. Also for removing unwanted spirits. Similar to smudging your whole life.

Devil Be Gone – Is said to keep the devil and his helpers at bay, keep harmful elements out of your life and make rom for good. Some use this formula against their inner demons as well. We all have enough trouble as it is don’t make any room for more to come your way or invite it in. Keep it out.

Dominate – Similar to Domination, different formula. If you can’ command, dominate, when your goals depend on other people to be cooperative. If they are not willing to be cooperative, dominate them to take your thoughts, feelings, and opinions into consideration.

Draw Across – Increases sexual magnetism. Also good for returning a strayed lover (or cheating partner) back to you. Good for long-distance relationships and bridging the gap.

Draw the Good Opinion of Others - for drawing the good opinion of others, when you want someone to see you in a favorable light.

Endless Love – For long term love work, strengthens the bond, especially with married couples or soul mates/twin flames), to be together for a long time.

Enticement – Attraction formula that gets the attention of another, for them to desire the person who wears it.

Erzulie La Flambeau – Revitalizes your partner’s love. Refresh and bring passion back into your relationship.

Erzulie Rose Fleur – To bring harmony and peace into your life, your relationship, and those around you.

Eve – For fun sexual temptation and engaging and enjoying the forbidden fruit, sexually speaking.

Favor Me - for others to be biased towards you in your favor

Home Bless & Clear – For blessing and clearing the negative energy out of your house. Not only for a new home, but as periodic maintenance for the spiritual energy in your home. Such as smudging, but also blesses and protects your home, as well as clearing it of negative energy.

Jade’s Lust – a sexually charged formula for making someone lust after you.

Jinx Begone – Another unhexing formula, that is used to turn around an unusual run of bad luck, jinx, hex, curse, or crossed condition. It does not return the hex back to sender but rather removes the jinx from you and disintegrates it and focuses all its energy on helping you, not reflecting it back on the sender.

Love & Protection – for reinforcing the bond in your relationship and protecting your relationship from outside influences, intruders, and unwanted interference.

Lover Come Back – Similar to Come & See Me and Can’t Stay Away. Keep your lover coming back to you over and over, and they won’t want to be far away from you or away from you for very long. They will want to come back to you over and over again.

Lust & Seduction – The name says it all, this is a very earthy and musky and highly sexually charged attraction formula.

Lust Potion – Another lusty formula for sexual attraction, similar to Fire of Attraction.

Magic Carpet – Attracts all forms of luck and love. Draws wealth and success also.

Magic No. 9 – All Purpose formula, this is a very well-thought-out formula that is appropriate for any situation, condition, or goal, and can be used in place of almost any other Hoodoo oil.

Midnight Blue

Mother Mary – For all types of prayer work, honoring the Blessed Mother, asking for divine intervention. Strong help for desperate times, despair. Comfort and strength in times of weakness and fear. “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me.” (The Beatles)

Open the Gates – Similar to Road Opener or Blockbuster, works similarly to Cut & Clear also. Helps to clear out residual negative or unhelpful energy from past mistakes or past events, helps bust through the gates and leave them wide open to allow you to move on to new growth, new projects or goals, and it has a very hopeful “anything is possible and unlimited potential” type vibe to it.

Protect Me – This is for personal protection. We hear all about oils that are for safety from this or that, or protection for your home, or protection for this or that. What about me? This makes it personal and brings it down to your level, and you know what you need protecting from better than anyone else. Maybe you don’t even want to let people know what you fear, and it’s usually best not to. This formula can be worn or used on candles or in the bath water or laundry. Also good against psychic attacks, protection from narcissists.

Reconnect – Similar to Reconciliation, different formula. Not only good for reconciling estranged lovers or helping to strengthen the bond between you and your mate when your relationship just needs a little help getting the spark back, but also helps to repair hurt feelings and keep foolish pride from getting in the way. Helps with clearing up miscommunication, or having more meaningful communication. Sometimes we grow apart and have to roll with the changes and reconstruct a relationship and make it even better than before, transformed.

Return Oil – Similar to Return to Me, Attraction, Come to Me, and other formulas but different. This formula is good for returning a lost Lover who has walked out of your life, and is excellent for blending with other formulas. Can help with not only the return of relationships, but also other items or things that you have lost or misplaced.

Special Favors - to stay in people's good graces so that you can call in a favor from them when needed.

Tongue Tied – Similar to STFU or Shut Your Mouth. Stops others from talking about you or gossiping about you, or trying to slander or defame you. Works well when you place it on something your target will touch or come in contact with, use on their photos, can even help to sweeten them if you’re doing sweetening work on them.

Uncross & Reverse – Use to uncross yourself if you have been crossed by someone else (either deliberately or otherwise if thy have sent ill will towards you strongly enough for it to manifest), or if you have even crossed yourself inadvertently. If someone else has crossed you on purpose this is meant to turn it back on them just as strongly and painfully as they sent it to you.



New Oils that may not be listed individually as of July 3 2019: 


7 Day Uncrossing – Used for 7 consecutive days for uncrossing and removing negative energy.

7 Holy Spirits – a very Holy oil for uncrossing, help in dire need, and blessing. For help from the seven holy spirits in any and all situations.

7 African Powers – Similar to 7 Holy Spirits, there is an ingredient for each of the 7 African Powers, for any and all purposes.

Abramelin – All purpose formula based on a Biblical formula from the book of Abramelin the Mage.

Abundance – for prosperity, financial abundance.

AC/DC – Used by anyone who is facing a decision or choice, trying to decide how to proceed in a situation. Also ideal for those who are conflicted or struggling with their sexual identity.

Acceptance – For help resolving one’s self to their situation or circumstances. Used to help one through difficult times. Helps to calm the mind so you can focus on a solution or get closure on a situation.

Accepting One’s Identity – For self-love and self-care. Helpful for people who shut down their communication or isolate themselves in their own world. It is used to help better express themselves, their desires, and their emotions.

Adam & Eve – powerful traditional love formula.

Aesculapius – Healing formula, named after the god of the medical arts.

African Ju-Ju – formula that is both used to cross enemies and uncross people. Can be used in protective works as well. For best results use with Psalm 23.

Algiers Fast Luck – For luck in a hurry, luck in gambling.

All Night Long – sexual formula.

All Saints – To petition all the saints for help in dire need or circumstances. Similar uses as 7 Holy Spirits or 7 African Powers.

Altar – a Holy formula for all altar work, as well as dressing/consecrating your altar and items you use.

Ambrosia – for ritual and ceremonial use in Sabbats, especially summer holidays.

Ancestor – to honor, communicate with, and ask the assistance of your ancestors.

Ancient Wisdom – for seeking answers, direction, and assistance from the Spirits, Old Gods, and Ancestors.

Angel / Archangel – For seeking the assistance and guidance from the Angels or Archangels.

Anti-Depressant – for helping change one’s outlook when you are prone to depression or melancholy, helps to brighten and lighten mood and atmosphere.

Apparition – for summoning an apparition (ghost/spirit). Use with caution, be sure you can banish anything you summon.

Apartment Hunting – for looking for a new residence, to help put you in the right place at the right time and find the home you seek.

Arabian Nights – Attract friends and lovers, is meant to assist you in making others find you stimulating and appealing.

As You Please – To help cause people to want to please you more than anything else.

Attraction – for attracting money or love or both.

Aunt Anne Wishbone Oil – for helping manifest wishes.

Aunt Sally’s Dream Oil – for helping manifest prophetic dreams

Aura of Enchantment – For creating an attractive aura about one’s self, for drawing love and favors.

Balsamo Tranquilo – for peace, harmony, tranquility.

Banish Evil Spirits – for removing an unwanted spirit or presence.

Banish Winter Blues - for banishing feeling or atmosphere of depression, brightening one’s outlook, clearing negative energy.

Banishing – for banishing something or someone who is unwanted, ridding of unwanted things, persons, situations, and negative energy.

Bankrupt – for causing someone financial ruin.

Baron Samedi – for honoring, calling upon, seeking assistance from Baron Samedi in dire situations. Usually with regards to legal matters, or situations that deal with death, or endings.

Bast – for petitioning the god Bast. Creativity, playfulness, “on the prowl” out tom-catting.

Bat’s Blood – a cursing/hexing formula.

Bat’s Eye - a cursing/hexing formula.

Beauty – for glamour, helping yourself to see your own beauty, and realizing you are beautiful inside and out.

Belladonna’s Heartbreak Ease - for help in healing heartache after a breakup and empowerment and picking one’s self back up.

Bend Over – for getting someone to bend to your will.

Beneficial Dream – for prophetic dreams.

Bewitching – for love and persuasion

Binding – for helping to bind someone’s actions, words, and interference. Not a love-binding formula to bind yourself to a lover. This is to bind someone and tie them up to keep them from doing something.

Binding Job – to help keep the job you have, job security.

Binding Love – to help keep the love/relationship you have and keep someone from straying. Protect your relationship.

Bitch Be Gone – This is basically a PMS formula to tone down your own bitchiness. Can also be used to stop a meddlesome / troublemaking woman.

Black Arts – a top-shelf cursing/hexing enemy formula.

Black Candle Tobacco – for communication, either with a person or with Spirits. Use to communicate with someone even if you are out of touch with them to get a message across to them by spiritual means, even when you don’t know where they’re at or how to reach them.

Black Cat – mutli purpose formula. Can be used when you are doing work on someone and you don’t want them to know. (Invisibility)

Black Destroyer – This is not necessarily intended to destroy enemies (not like D.U.M.E.), this is a formula for destroying negative things in your life, negative habits, hexes, curses, crossed conditions, bad habits, etc.

Black Devil – to be mixed with sugar and salt to stop a married person from cheating. Sprinkle on their underwear while they sleep.

Black Hawk Spiritual Oil – for petitioning the Spirit of Black Hawk battling enemies, protection, defense, as well as guidance and messages. It is used to petition the great Indian Spirit Guide.

Bless – for blessing and for thanking the powers that be for your blessings.

Blessed Oil – for blessing, to receive blessings, or to show thanks for your blessings.

Blessing – for blessing, to receive blessings, or to show thanks for your blessings.

Bliss – helps with calming, relaxation, and euphoria

Blockbuster – for removing obstacles and opening a path

Bon Voyage – for removing an unwanted person, condition, circumstance, or situation.

Book of Shadows Protection – for keeping your personal notes and Book of Shadows safe from prying eyes and theft.

Boss Fix – for getting an uncooperative boss to be more favorable to you and open to your views.

Break the Habit – for help kicking unwanted habits.

Breakup – for separation by inducing arguments, the desire to get away from each other, and drama.

Buddha – for working with latent mystical powers, and petitioning Buddha for assistance.

Call Me – for getting someone to reach out to you. (social media, phone call, text message, email, etc.)

Calming – a calming and soothing formula.

Camellia – famous New Orleans formula for gaining money.

Can’t Stay Away – to make someone keep coming back again and again, either lovers or customers.

Candle – all purpose formula for use in any type of candle work.

Cast Off Evil- for help kicking bad habits or ridding one’s self of negativity, bad energy, bad luck, hexes, curses, crossed conditions.

Cats & Dogs – my own formula for making two people fight like cats and dogs. Good for breakup work.

Charlotte’s Web – love formula to draw your intended love into your web.

Chuparrosa – love formula for assistance petitioning the hummingbird spirit. For sweet love.

Chypre – very old money drawing formula, for money and business, job hunting, help making a good impression.

Cipriano – San Cipriano is the patron saint of Witches. Multi-purpose oil, good for protection from enemy magick.

Clarity – for insight and clearing mental blockages.

Cleansing – for spiritual cleansing and clearing of negative energy, hexes, jinxes, curses.

Clear Thoughts – for clarity of thought.

Clearance – clearing away negative energy and crossed conditions.

Clearing – clearing of negative energy and crossed conditions

Cleo May- for gambling, luck, and for women to attract wealthy men.

Cleopatra – love drawing formula

Collect Debts – to get someone to pay you the money they owe you

Come & Get Me – sexier version of Come to Me

Come & See Me – sexier version of Come to Me

Come To Me – for drawing a lover

Come To Me Lover – for drawing a lover

Commanding – to get someone to do what you want

Commanding & Compelling – to get someone to do what you want, for them to feel compelled to do so

Commanding Love – for compelling someone to love you

Commanding Luv – another formula for commanding someone to love you

Commit To Me – to get a lover to commit to you.

Communication – my own formula, to get someone to communicate with you by any means, to get a message to someone by spiritual means, and to help avoid misunderstandings

Compelling – to compel someone to do what you want.

Concentration – to aid in concentration and retaining information

Confusion – to cause someone confusion

Conjure – multi purpose Hoodoo formula to add extra power and ask for the Spirits’ help.

Conquering Glory – for empowerment and mastery

Control Your Mate – for fidelity

Controlling – to control what someone does or says

Convince – to help make people believe you and listen to you.

Cooling Anger – a calming formula to soothe ruffled feathers and tempers.

Courage – for courage when you need it.

Court Case- to help a court case go in your favor.

Crown of Success – for success and mastery of your endeavors.

Crystal Vision – for spiritual clarity and insight, and intuition

Curse Reversal – to un-do any curses against you and send them back on the one they came from.

Cut & Clear – to cut the ties of any negative energy, person, situation, or circumstance that you want to walk away from and be free of.

D.U.M.E. – Stands for Death Unto My Enemies. Cursing / Reenge formula

Dark Moon Oil – for working with the dark moon phase.

Day In Court – for turning the court verdict in your favor.

Decrossier – uncrossing formula

Déjà vu – for past life recall

Depression – for aiding in depression, helping brighten one’s outlook.

Desire (LGBT) – love drawing formula

Desire of New Orleans – love drawing formula

Devil’s Master – formula for a man to entice women. Very potent.

Devil’s Shoestring – to trip up an enemy

Dia De Los Muertos – to honor those who are deceased, for Day of the Dead celebrations/rituals

Dixie John – for luck, help with family, love.

Dixie Love Oil – love drawing, increasing sex appeal

Domination – to dominate someone to get them to do what you want

Double Action – for drawing and removing

Double Cross – to curse someone unawares, dress a gift for them with this oil

Dove’s Heart – soothes ruffled feelings, calms restless spirits, aids in any workings of the heart

Dragon’s Blood – power, protection, banishing evil and negativity.

Draw Benevolent Spirits – drawing helpful and friendly spirits to aid you

Drawing – for drawing what you want or need to you

Dryad (gay men) – formula for men to attract men

Easy Life – for things to go your way without problems.

Easy Times – for things to go your way, including finances.

Easy Wrath – for calming anger and tempers

Employment Ease- for smoothing out problems at work and making work go easier.

Enchantment – for drawing love and enchanting a lover.

Envy & Jealousy- to calm feelings of envy and jealousy

Erzulie Femme Blanche- for clearing up difficulties in your life

Escaping – for help getting out of a bad situation

Espanta Muerta (Anti-Haunting) – for banishing unwanted spirits

Essence of Bend Over – for getting someone to bend to your will

Evictus – for ridding yourself or your home of an unwanted person

Evil Eye Protection – protection against gossip, jealousy and the Evil Eye

Exorcism – for ridding your home of unwanted / malevolent / evil spirits

Fantasy – a fun sexual formula to entice a lover for fun

Far Sight – divination / intuition enhancing formula, also good for past life recall

Fast Luck – for luck in money and other situations in a hurry

Fear Not – to calm fears and anxiety

Fertility – to aid with becoming pregnant

Fidelity – to help keep your partner faithful only to you

Fiery Wall of Protection – powerful protection formula for you and your home.

Fire of Love – old New Orleans formula for love drawing

Fire of Passion – old New Orleans formula for inciting passion in your lover

Flaming Power – for personal power and mastery and courage

Florida Water Oil – traditional multi use formula based on the traditional Florida Water, in an oil version.

Flying – for astral travel, meditation, intuition, communication with spirit guides, and divination

Flying Devil – to rid your home of negativity or evil, and protection

Follow Me Boy – for attracting a male lover

Follow Me Girl – for attracting a female lover

For Emergencies – powerful fast emergency protection and defense against dark forces, negative energy, evil spirits, and people who wish you ill or harm.

Forgiveness – to help foster a spirit of forgiveness in you, or in someone else.

Fortune Teller – divination formula, enhance psychic powers, draw customers

Freda Erzulie – love formula

French Creole- love formula

French Love – love formula

French Luv – love formula

French Queen- for a lady to draw a gentleman (proper, not necessarily overly sexual)

Fresh Start – help with new beginnings

Friendship – to attract and keep friends

Gambler’s – for gambling luck

Gay Love (LGBT) – for attracting a lover of the same sex

Get A Job – for help getting a job

Get Away (for nightmares)- to help dispel nightmares

Ghost Whisperer – aids in communication with spirits

Gigilo – for men who want to attract many sexual partners, especially women with money

Give Me Your Money – to loosen the purse strings of someone who you want to give you money

Glow of Attraction – to create an attractive aura about you

Glow of Health – to aid in healing

Go Away – to make someone leave you alone or leave geographically

Gold – for money, success, health, and for men to attract women

Gold & Silver – for bringing fun, blessings, and excitement into your life

Good Luck – luck drawing

Goofer – my formula, oil version of Goofer Dust

Goona Goona – for passion, attraction, and sex appeal

Graveyard Dirt – my formula, for use when you would normally use Graveyard Dirt, or cemetery work when you cannot physical go to a cemetery

Grief Relief – to help heal after the loss of a loved one

Gris-Gris – multi use powerful formula to aid in Hoodoo / Conjure workings

Gypsy Magick – to aid in divination

Handfasting – for handfasting/marriage ceremonies, to bless a union

Happiness – to increase happiness

Happy Home – to increase happiness and harmony in the home

Has No Hanna – blessing, love, money, success, good luck

He’s Mine – for marking your territory, making your man faithful

Healing – healing formula

Health Attracting – healing formula

Heart Chakra – heart healing / soothing

Heart Healing – heart healing

Heart Song – for joy in your heart

Hearth Blessing – for blessing the heart of the home, which is the kitchen, for love, harmony, peace, protection

Hell’s Devil – hexing/cursing formula for enemies

Help With Grief - to help with healing from and dealing with grief after losing a loved one

Helping Hand – for assistance in any matter, also for gambling luck

Her Twisted Ways – for achieving your goal by any means, and the manifestation may take a twisted or unexpected path to get there. Utilizes twisting herbs such as patchouli, peppermint and more.

Hexbane – for breaking, warding off, and protecting from hexes

High John – for mastery, power, achievement, success

High John the Conqueror – for mastery, power, achievement, success

High Potency (sexual for men) – for fertility for men and help with erectile dysfunction

Holy Oil – multi purpose for divine assistance

Holy Spirit – multi purpose holy oil for divine assistance

Home Blessing – for blessing, protection, health, harmony, peace, happiness, within the home. Blessing a new home, protection and cleansing

Homesick – for comfort when you’re in new or unfamiliar surroundings or far from home

Honey Works – sweetening formula for use in any type of honey jar work or love work or sweetening someone’s disposition to you

Hoodoo – multi purpose Hoodoo formula for any use

Hoodoo Hand – multi purpose Hoodoo formula

Hoodoo Love Drawing- for love

Hoodoo Oil – multi purpose Hoodoo formula

House Blessing – for blessing a new home, similar uses as Home Blessing oil

House Hunter – for help in finding a new house, to help you be in the right place at the right time and to help you and your new home find each other.

Hoyt’s Cologne – traditional multi-purpose formula

I Can You Can’t – for your own success and to aid in your own personal power and ability, while diminishing someone else’s ability or influence

Improve Business – for help in getting more customers, and making more money in your business

India Bouquet – love drawing formula, helps with attraction, brings harmony to quarrelling couples, ends the problem of marital infidelity, ensures tranquility

Inflammatory Confusion – to cause extreme confusion and agitation to an enemy

Inner Peace – for inner peace and tranquility

Invisibility – for your enemies to ignore you and for doing work against your enemy, unseen.

Irresistible – for attraction

Jezebel – for keeping your man from falling into another woman’s trap

Jinx Killer – for ending a jinx/curse/crossed condition

Job – for help finding and getting a job

Job Protection – for job security

Jockey Club – for gambling and love

John the Conqueror – for mastery, empowerment, success, personal power

Join Together- for protecting a relationship, encouraging commitment and fidelity

Joy- to bring happiness

Just Judge – to ensure a fair decision by the judge, in your favor, especially when you’re not in the wrong.

Justice Oil – to bring justice to you or your situation

Karma’s Little Helper – karmic retribution to help speed karma along when someone has done you wrong.

Keep Away Enemies – to keep away those who would wish you ill or harm

Keep Away Evil – to keep away negative energy or forces, protection from harm and ill-will

Keep Your Hands Off My Man - mark your territory and keep other women away from trying to take your man.

Kindly Spirit – to petition the help of kindly and benevolent spirits to aid you.

King Solomon – wisdom, success, attraction, and money

Kinnick Kinnick – multi purpose blend

Kiss Me Quick – for love drawing

Kus Kus (Khus Khus) – increasing sales in business and attracting the opposite sex

Kyoto – multi purpose

Kyphi – multi purpose

L’Orange – love drawing, self love

La Candelaria – for candle work of any kind, also for transformation and creativity

La Flamme – love drawing for trying to attract someone who is resistant

La Madama - to work with La Madama – business, home/hearth, health, divination, protection

La Santisima Muerte – for working with La Santisima Muerte, love, protection, returning lost love, matters of the heart, multi purpose

Lady Luck – for gambling luck

Law Keep Away – to keep away the police / legal trouble

Law Stay Away - to keep away the police / legal trouble

Le Diable Sien Va – for protection from evil, uncrossing, protection from and ridding yourself and home from evil influences, hexes, curses, crossed conditions

Leather & Lace – love and sex formula

Legba Oil – for working with Papa Legba, crossroads work

Lock – to protect your home from thieves

Lodestone – for drawing work

Look Me Over – attraction and sexuality

Lost & Away – similar to cut & clear, and usually used with it. To rid yourself of someone, something, negative energy, bad habits, etc.

Love – love drawing

Love & Success – similar to Attraction, to attract what you want

Love Breaker – a breakup formula to end the love between two people

Love Haunt – a love formula to stay on someone’s mind constantly

Love Me – love drawing

Love Uncrossing – to negate residual negative energy in a relationship or to change our luck in love

Lover Come Back – to get a lover to return to you

Lucky 9 – luck in all matters, especially money and gambling

Lucky Life – luck in multiple aspects of life

Lucky Profit – money drawing, gambling luck

Luv Luv Luv – love drawing

Madonna Loretto – for asking the help of Madonna Loretto

Magic Carpet – attracts all kinds of luck and love, draws wealth and success

Magnolia Oil – meditation, spiritual awareness, psychic ability, love, marriage help and fidlity

Make An Enemy Move – to cause a troublesome neighbor to move

Man Tamer – fidelity formula

Marie Laveau – multi purpose, love, business, success, psychic ability, divination

Marriage – to help protect or improve your marriage, also to bless a marriage

Marriage Mind – to help get someone to propose to you

Marriage Repair – to help solve marital problems. Love, forgiveness, sincerity, truth, fidelity, communication

Marry Me – to get someone to propose to you

Master – for your own personal power, mastery, empowerment, success

Master Key – to unlock / open a door, similar to road opener. For success and empowerment

Melancholy – to help with the blues, brighten your outlook

Melusine – seductive formula

Memoriam – for honoring your departed loved ones

Memory – to help with memory and retaining / understanding information

Memory & Confusion (Help With) – my own formula to help with Dementia / Alzheimer’s

Memory Drops – to aid in memory and retaining information

Mercury Retrograde – to counter the effects of Mercury Retrograde

Messenger – communication formula

Mexican Magic – multi purpose ritual formula for Mexican-American folk magick rituals

Midsummer Cleansing – ceremonial cleansing/purification for ritual Sabbat use

Mille Fleurs – for luck of all types

Mind Bender – for head work, to manipulate and control someone’s mind

Mind Your Own Business – to keep people from meddling in your business, binding their interference

Miracle – help when you need one

Mistress of the House – for female dominance in the home, keeping the man in line and faithful

Money Drawing – drawing money, luck in gambling

Money House Blessing – multi purpose

Money Stay With Me – to help keep the money you have

Moon – for drawing down the power of the moon, in general, regardless of phase.

Most Powerful – multi purpose formula to add power to your workings

Most Powerful Hand – multi purpose formula to add power to your workings

Moving – assistance when moving house / changing geographical locations

Moving On – for help in starting with a new phase in your life

Master – mastery/empowerment

Mystic Hermit – for spiritual growth, introspection, listening to the voice within

Mystic Rites – for Sabbat / ritual use, multi purpose

Mystic Veil – for astral travel, path working, psychic work

New Home – use when searching for a new home or blessing a new home

New Life – use to help ease transition in new endeavors

New Orleans Desire – love drawing formula, sexual

No One But Me – to make your lover want only you and be faithful

Nymph & Satyr – helps bring playfulness back into your relationship

Ocean Mother – for work with Yemaya, love, nurturing, children, home & family, comfort

Office Politics – to help ease workplace drama and keep it away from you

Ogun – for working with Ogun

Oriental Bouquet – love formula, help return a strayed lover

Oscar Wilde – freedom to be who you are

Oshun – for working with Oshun, true love, beauty, abundance, glamour, self-love

Oya – for working with Oya, transition and change, going through the storms of life

Passing – for ceremonial/ritual use when someone is passing or has recently passed away, to pray for a peaceful transition for them.

Past Life Recall – my formula for helping remember your past lives, far memory

Past Lives – aids in accessing your akashic records

Peace – for peace, harmony, tranquility

Peaceful Home – for peace, harmony, tranquility in the home

Pentatruck – powerful uncrossing and protection formula, old New Orleans formula

Perfect Love – for drawing the ideal lover or help in making an existing relationship more ideal, getting more attention from your lover

Phoenix – aids in transition / change, rising from the ashes

Please Me Always – for others to bend to your will and go out of their way to please yo

Pleasure Me – for sexual favors

Pomba Gira – for working with Pomba Gira. Love, lust, sex, money, 3-way crossroads work.

Poppet Activation – for ritually bringing your poppet to life.

Positive Energy – to help give you a boost of positive energy when you need it and to ward off negative energy

Power – all purpose formula when you need extra power, support, dominance

Prosperity – for money drawing

Protect Children – a gentle and nurturing formula specifically for protecting children from danger or negative energy

Protection – protective formula

Protection Against Thieves – for protection from theft

Psychic Abilities / Intuition – to enhance your psychic abilities for divination or intuition for making decisions or seeing what you might be missing otherwise

Psychic Attack Protection – to protect and guard you against those who would try to invade your mind and read you without your consent or do you spiritual harm.

Psychic Vision – to help with divination, meditation, and psychic abilitites

Purification – cleansing from negative energy, hexes, curses, crossed conditions

Purple Wisdom – wisdom, discernment, that comes with age and experience

Queen Bee – for others to cater to you and happily so, get what you want

Queen Bitch – female dominance, assertion

Queen Elizabeth – strong love, multi-purpose

Queen Esther – beauty, self-love, self-care

Quick Money – fast money drawing

Rainbow – Joy, emotional healing, wealth, success, recognition, add sparkle to your life when it has been dreary

Reconciliation – to aid in reconciliation work, helps with love, truth, trust, honesty, communication, returning a lost lover

Red Fast Luck – luck in any situation, changing bad luck to good luck

Restless – Similar to confusion or inflammatory confusion This formula brings nervousness, discomfort, trouble sleeping, and other mental ailments, used to torment an uncooperative person into compliance.

Restore A Man’s Nature – if a man’s nature (ability to perform sexually) has been jinxed, this helps to un-do that. Helps with E.D.

Return Lost Love - for returning a lost love, my own formula, very potent

Return to Me – for returning a lost lover

Reveal Truth – for getting the truth out of someone or having the liar exposed

Revenge – enemy work for revenge

Reversing – to reverse crossed conditions, jinxes, hexes, un-doing

Rich Witch – for help attracting money but not so much that you will be wealthy, just what you need, and to help you hold onto and better manage the money you have.

Road Opener – for work with Papa Legba, crossroads work, similar to Blockbuster, opens the way for you

Roaring Gumption – for courage, my own formula

Run Devil Run – to chase away dark spirits, hexes, crossed conditions, negative energy

Rush- adds speed to any working when you need it in a hurry

Sacred Love – for drawing a true and lasting and deep love

Safe Travel – for protection when on the go, away from home, or in unfamiliar surroundings

Samhain – Sabbat rituals, communication/communion with Spirits / the departed

Santa Marta La Dominadora - for work with Santa Marta la Dominadora, help with an unruly man.

Scarlett’s Seduction – love, sexuality, seduction

Self Love – for helping with loving yourself and self care

Separation (mild, for peaceful separation)- for a mutual and peaceable separation when the need calls for it, where you want to be civil and not fighting.

Serious Healing – my own formula for a multitude of serious ailments, and even those caused by unnatural means.

Sex Bomb – for attraction and sexuality

Shifting Sands – for needed change, for when the tides are changing in your favor or help getting them to do so

Showers of Gold- wealth and prosperity

Silver – for money, for women to attract older men with money

Sincerity - my formula for truth, trust, honesty, reconciliation, and mutually working on a relationship

Siren Song – love, sexuality, seduction

Soothing Waters – healing in body, mind, and heart

Soul Mate – to help find and attract your soul mate

Special Oil #20 – love drawing

Spell Breaker – breaking spells, hexes, jinxes, curses

Spellbound – love drawing formula

Spider – use in workings of destruction or binding, helps in situations that require manipulation

Spider Queen dominance, empowerment, personal power, assertion

Spirit – for working with spirit(s), communication with and asking for their help

Spirit Guide – for working with, communication, or finding your spirit guide

Spirits Depart – for ridding your home or yourself of unwanted spirits

Spiritual Barrier – spiritual protection for you or your home

Squint Drops – to help someone discover if their partner has been unfaithful

St. Anthony – for work with and petitioning St. Anthony

ST. Expedite – for working with and petitioning St. Expedite for fast help

St. Joseph – for working with and petitioning St. Joseph, help with selling and finding a home

St. Jude – for working with and petitioning St. Jude

Stay With Me – to keep your partner faithful

Steady Work – for job and financial security

STFU –(Shut The Fuck Up) my formula for getting someone to stop talking about you

Strawberry Fields – love, passion, fun sexuality

Stray No More – to help keep your partner faithful

Strong Love – helps strengthen a bond between two people

Success – to aid in your success

Swamp Witch - protection, aid psychic abilities, help with prosperity, and personal power

Tapa Boca (aka Shut Your Mouth, STFU) – stop gossip and slander

Tell Me The Truth – truth inducing formula

Temple – all purpose for ritual and ceremonial use

Thief – to catch or reveal a thief

Think of Me – to stay on someone’s mind

Three Kings – multi purpose, blessing, holy

Thrifty – to get someone who is tight with their money to pay you

Tied – similar to binding, to keep someone from interfering, tying them up

Tramp – sexuality and seduction

Tranquility – peace, harmony

Tranquilo – peace, harmony

Travel Protection – Protection when traveling away from home, especially far away

True Love – to help draw a true love or improve the love an existing lover has for ou

Truth – to help discover the truth

Tryst – fun, sexuality, seduction

Unbinding – when you no longer want to be romantically bound to someone and want a separation

Uncrossing – uncrossing/cleansing

Understanding – to help two people see eye to eye, with mutual understanding

Unfaithful – to use to find out if your partner has been unfaithful and to make them be faithful

Untruthful – use to find out if someone is lying to you or to expose the truth

Van Van Oil – multi use formula

Venus Fly Trap – for getting the man you want

Victory – for success

Vodou Oil – multi purpose

Voodoo Nights – for love and sexuality, seduction

Voodoo Oil – powerful multi purpose use formula

War – for enemy workings

Wealthy Way – money drawing

Wise Woman – for wisdom, spiritual enlightenment

Wishes – for help manifesting your wishes

Witch’s – multi purpose formula

Witch’s Love – love drawing

Witch’s Love Honey – love drawing

Witch’s Obsession – self love

Witchbane – similar to spellbreaker, helps protect from hexes/curses

Wolf Heart – for drawing a serious and lasting love, one you want to settle down with and stay with

Wolf’s Blood – for courage and strength under pressure

Worry Away – to ease anxiety and worry

XXX Algiers – for fast help with success, luck, love, gambling, and money

Yemaya – similar to Ocean Mother oil, for working with and petitioning Yemaya – comfort, family, children, protection, security

You Must Not Know Bout Me – for starting over, leaving a man, being on your own, and doing just fine.

Zen & Now – peace of mind and inner peace, fast, within you, regardless of what is going on around you.

Zorba – to restore a man’s nature (if his nature has been hexed or jinxed). Helps with E.D. and impotency

We can also make any other Planetary/Astrological oils, along with oils for any Saint, Deity, Archangel, Orisha, or Loa.




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