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Anima Sola Working, To Return A Lost Lover


Product Description

This is a service I would like to offer as an alternative to the Intranquil Spirit working.  There are often a lot of misconceptions and differing opinions in regards to Anima Sola and the Intranquil Spirit. I offer this service to those who are hesitant to call on an Intranquil Spirit, or have done so in the past without lasting success, or did not see the results they hoped to achieve.

I would like to clarify that often, the Intrqnauil Spirit is referred to as El Anima Sola, and vice-versa. However, in my experience, I have found that there are some distinct differences. This also leads to distinct differences in how I conduct the different services and the methods and prayers used.

This service is for the Spirit called the Anima Sola, or Lonely Soul.  This Spirit is traditionally thought to be a woman named Celesteine.

On the evening of Good Friday when Jesus Christ was crucified a woman by the name Maria Celestina Abdenago brought water to the three upon the cross. She gave the other two men, Dysmas and Gesmas water but for some reason she feared Christ, and did not give him water to drink. When Maria Celestina Abdenago died many years later, it is said she was sent to purgitory for denying the Savior water.

Another legend tells the tale of how Maria Celestina Abdenago was a sorceress who practiced the black arts and when Jesus was carrying the heavy wooden cross through the streets, as he passed her house she ran into the street, up to him and spat in his face. Thus going to purgatory for her offense and insult done to the Savior.

The Anima Sola is considered a Catholic figure and can be petitioned in a purely orthodox manner. However because this method promises to obtain an indulgence for her or pray for salvation for the souls in Purgatory, only a baptized Catholic in a state of grace can meet this bargain.  So, unless one meets these requirements, it would not be wise to make a promise to the Anima Sola you cannot keep.

Therefore, here are a few suggestions for prayers that do not promise to free the Anima Sola from her lonely condition if she will help you by returning your lost lover.

Hear ye O Mortals,
the lament of an imprisoned soul,
alone and abandoned in an obscure dwelling.

O Lone Soul, a soul of peace and of war.

Soul of sea and of land.
I desire that all that

I have lost be returned.

O Souls, you who are alone and abandoned,
I accompany you in your grief.

Pity upon you.

I have, for I know of the grief and suffering
you must endure within your harsh
and long imprisonment.

I offer you this prayer
and glass of water because
I desire to lessen your pain
and quench your thirst.

Sad Soul, Alone Soul,
no one calls you, I call you.
No one looks for you,
but I seek you out.
No one loves you,
but I adore you.

No one remembers you,
but I keep you in my heart.

I offer you this lit candle
so that you may find your way into the light.

In this moment I offer to you
my meritorious labor,
and all that I have suffered,
suffer and will suffer in this life,
can never compare to yours.

I humbly pray that you finish paying
for your mortal sins of the flesh
so that you may find the grace of God,
and be lifted from your imprisonment,
With your grace you shall be my benefactor.


Lonely Soul of heaven and earth, Lonely Soul of heaven and sea,
I ask nothing.  I give nothing, by the entrails of the
Blessed Virgin put me into the heart of (name) so that I am before him.
So that he cannot enjoy eating, nor drinking, nor sleeping,
nor enjoy any pleasures outside of me.
Lonely Soul, I confide in you as my advocate,
I invoke you to soothe him and make him meek and humble
as Jesus Christ on Holy Thursday at the foot of the cross.
(Name), I conjure you, I conjure you, and you will have
no more pleasure in the whole world, nor with any woman you are trying,
by the divine protection of Jesus Christ.
Lonely Soul, being a lonely pair,
we pair of loners are companions.  Grant what I pray for,
you well understand that the measures that I have cannot abandon me,
(name), in the time when I'm with the cross. (When praying this prayer, make 3 signs of the cross.)
And domination upon those who hear me , since the Jews left
me with no power to do anything to the person that does to make me
think ill of the cross. (make the sign of the cross again) with this conjuration
in reverse I believe to reach my desires with (name), if he
comes in a fierce state, make him meek and humble,
if he comes to betray me, let the Soul cut off his air and bind his
hands, so he can do nothing to me; by those two crosses,
I hae no account with the apostles,
becvause they must account to God and have no voice.
So be it.
Unhappy Soul, Lonely Soul, nobody calls you.
I want you, I call you, nobody needs you. I need you.  Nobody wants you
apparently for your inability to enter Heaven,
being that you are in Hell; riding the best horse, you will go to Mount
Tartaceo and cut three branches,
one you'll deliver to the Domination Spirit, another to the
Intranquil Spirit, and the other that you have,
you're prayed to stab through the entrails of (name) so that
he cannot have peace and becomes dominated and so he can
rest nowhere, not sitting in a chair, nor eating at a table,
nor lying in bed, nor may he find a black woman,
white woman, mixed-race woman, nor Asian woman,
so he speaks to me and comes to me like a dog
follows its mastered, humbled at my feet.


What I will need from you: The name and photo and DOB of the person or people you intend for the spell. Also, your information and photo as well.

You will receive a detailed report with photos in a PDF document sent to you via email upon completion


I respect your privacy and your feelings and the seriousness of your situation and take it personally. Your desire and your happiness with my service is important to me.

You may email me your information after purchase to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com

*Note, the photo and video are shown as examples and are from services for an actual client and are shown as examples of this type of service. All photos & videos are Copyright Sherry Scott, Barefoot Witchery Shoppe.

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