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Bear Fruit oil, Manifestation, Abundance, Law of Attraction, Motivation, Energy, Will


Product Description

This oil is both a Motivation and Manifestation oil.  To help with your energy and will, as well as to help the energy you are putting forth to bring your goals to fruition.

Walking, in my mind's eye, with my Guide, down a familiar path near home, he spoke of the trees.

"You see that there cottonwood tree, just blowing cotton all over the place, putting on a show for everybody to see.  What do it do? Just spread cotton all over the place, then what?

You see that weeping willow, people write stories about it but all it do is cry for everybody to see, blowing in the wind, getting attention.

Now you see that tree over there (points to the right), it bears fruit. That's somethin' people can use. Folks need fruit, not cotton and tears. Bear fruit."


Even the Bible tells us that we are to take root downward and bear fruit upward.  This also translates to a phrase that may be more familiar to some of us, "As above, so below".  In Hoodoo, we focus on the "so below" part and work a lot with roots to get to the "root of the matter" to achieve results (fruit).  Depending on your practice, we also use leaves, bark, blooms, petals, nuts, fruits, and seeds. I certainly do.


Just about any kind of tree is fine to take a rest under and get some shade.  Just as every phase of our life may serve a purpose, as well as the people we encounter.  Everything has a reason and a purpose and a season. But don't get too comfortable sitting in one spot. Bear fruit.  Keep going until you achieve the goals you have for yourself.

Bear Fruit is crafted with the essential oils of fruits, some that may be unfamiliar such as loganberry, black fig, and other more common ones such as orange blossom and apple. Elder berry, wild cherry bark, Dixie John root, and more.

Use Bear Fruit for manifestation, quality of manifestation (which is very important and isn't discussed enough), especially in spells and workings of pure intent and goals.  Healing, Abundance, Repairing Relationships, and Personal Growth.  Excellent for attracting what you need, getting back what you have put in (effort, time, work), and for motivation, energy on your part, and will.  Where there's a will, there's a way.

This is an excellent oil to add to any working you are doing, and even though a little goes a long way, you're going to want to use this often, plus it smells wonderful. You can also use it by itself, use in your household cleansing, or even wear it or add a little to your bath water. 

Comes in a 1 oz glass bottle.

Keep on keepin' on.  Don't worry about what anybody else is doing, they just blowin' in the wind. You just sit right there quietly, even if you're unnoticed, and bear fruit and do what you do.




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Bear Fruit Oil


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