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Black Skull Candle Spell Performed for You, For Enemy Working, Promoting a Breakup, or for Promoting or Banishing Negative Thoughts


Product Description

Black Skull Candle Spell, for Hexing, Cursing, Jinxing, Revenge, Banishing, Binding, Influencing Dreams, Affecting Thoughts, Troubling the Mind.

Whether this is an Ex, a boss, landlord, relative, or your love interest's current signifigant other, this spell might be just what you need to do a signifigant amount of meddling and changing their thinking.

This Black Skull Candle Spell performed for you is for enemy spellwork, either for troubling and influencing their thinking in nasty negative ways, or for Binding an enemy to put a halt to things they are doing, or for Banishing, to make them move along and lose interest in causing you trouble.

With these skull candle spells, I can use a photo to make the candle represent whomever the spell is intended for. Also, if you wish to include a petition, I can print it small enough to roll up into a scroll to insert into a hole in the skull candle to promote those thoughts and energies.

I'm updating the description of this service a little because it is one of the most popular workings that I perform for clients. I do it quite often in situations where there is a love triangle going on, and you want your intended love to stop thinking about and stop wanting their current partner to initiate a breakup.  On the other hand, I also do it for the reasons listed above, such as initiating troubled thoughts within your enemy's mind, for revenge. 

This working can also be used to banish negativity, bad habits, old ways of thinking, etc., so that a person can move on to more positive thoughts.

I will customize the ingredients (herbal/root blends, formulas, and oils) to your specific need or intention.

What I will need from you: The name and photo and DOB of the person you intend for the spell. If you do not have this, it is OK, and I will just use their name and date of birth if you have them. The more information, the stronger the spell. Also, if you wish to provide details of the situation so that I know what formulas (herbs, roots, oils, and powders) to use, that would be very helpful.   If you wish to write a petition for me to set the candle plate upon as the candle burns, that will also greatly add to the energies of the working.

Some clients wish to mail me personal effects from each person such as hair, nail clippings, or a small snipped piece of their clothing or tag from their clothing, or some such personal thing that the person owned or touched. Or a sample of handwriting. If you wish to do this, I can certainly work with you on a case by case basis and would be happy to do so.

You will receive a detailed report in a PDF document along with 10-20 photos, and a short video of your candle burning. I also provide interpretation of the divination signs I note in the wax, flame, and smoke patterns.

I respect your privacy and your feelings and the seriousness of your situation and take it personally. Your desire and your happiness with my service is important to me.

You may send your information to me after purchase at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com

This item is listed as a physical item, but please be aware it is a spell / ritual service.  What you will receive is a document emailed to you with the photos of your spell being performed after it is completed.


Please read my complete Shop Policies and FAQ's page before purchase.

You can send your information for your spellwork to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com after purchase.


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Black Skull Candle Spell


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