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Blessed Herbal Floor Sweep, for Home Cleansing and Blessing


Product Description

This is my own blend of floor sweep, for the purpose of spiritually cleansing and blessing your home. I use it myself at least once or twice a month.  

It is crafted specifically with ingredients that are used for the purposes of clearing away negative energy, promoting positive energy and feelings within the home, as well as a peaceful atmosphere and peace between those who reside in the home.  Additionally, it helps to promote love, better communication, provide protection, as well as make the home a place that people feel welcome, safe, and at peace.  You may find that you, as well as others, want to stay in your home more after using this floor sweep.

You will receive: one envelope of floor sweep. Approximate weight 1.5 ounces, packaged in a resealable kraft envelope.

So, what is a Hoodoo floor sweep?  Sometimes negative energy builds up, and we need to give our home a thorough spiritual cleansing.  Negative energy (even hexes, curses, and ill-intent sent to us from another) can make the atmosphere in your home (as well as those who live there) feel bogged down, like a dark cloud is over you.  This can lead to bad luck in many aspects of your life and block the flow of blessings and positive energy.  If ever in doubt of how to fix your problems, start with a thorough spiritual cleansing of yourself and then your home.  And cleansing the floors is only part of it, but a big part of it in Hoodoo traditions and practices.  Sometimes smudging just isn't enough.  So, how do you use a Hoodoo floor sweep?  Well, there are many opinions and suggestions by different practitioners, but you will soon find that you will have your own ways if you remember one thing:  intent is the most important thing.  I suggest after your usual housekeeping routines (cleaning the floor, in this case, vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping), that you sprinkle your floor sweep over your floors, and then sweep your house from back to front, sweeping up the floor sweep as you go.  You may choose to leave the floor sweep down for a little while to do its thing and work its magick; it's up to you.  Then what do you do with what's left over in the dustpan?  Some say to flush it down the toilet, others say to throw it in the back yard, others say to sweep everything out the front door, or throw it in the street in front of your home.  I prefer to not keep it on my property, so I usually throw it in the trash for the garbage men to collect and take far away, taking any residual negative energy away along with it.  You'll find that your intuition will lead you and you will develop your own technique and methods.

So, what if you want to use this as a floor wash?  Brew some as you would a tea and add to your mop water.  Or add the brewed mixture to a spray bottle if you also want to spray your furniture or floors, or pet beds.

What if you have carpets?  Then vacuum as you normally would, sprinkle the floor sweep, then vacuum the mixture up, dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag, or empty the canister if your vacuum is bagless.

New blog post is available for more information and detailed instructions. Click here.



IMPORTANT NOTE: this mixture does contain ingredients that are highly likely to stain light colored fabrics if brewed with water and used as a spray. So, use with caution.

Photo credit: Sabbat Box. Other items in photo are for aesthetic purposes only and are not included.

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blessed herbal floor sweep


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