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Old Time Hoodoo Fixed Candles and Candle Fixing Powders

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Hoodoo has become somewhat modernized in recent years, which can be a good thing in many ways. Modern problems often require modern solutions, but sometimes we need to get back to basics. And by basic, I don’t mean that in the sense of the word that you would find in Urban Dictionary, “only interested in things mainstream, popular, and trending”. I mean basic in the sense of getting back to basics. Down to the roots. Old-school Hoodoo. Closer to the way things were done in eras gone by.

Candles are a way to focus your intention, and attention. Nowdays, everyone wants the most flashiest elaborate candle setup, altars, and methods. Those can be really great. Colors and shapes can focus your attention and make your intent clear to the powers that be, whether you refer to such as Spirit, the Universe, Source, God, the Goddess, or something else, depending on your path or tradition you follow. But sometimes we need to get back down to the roots, and many prefer to do so. Back to the basics, the core, the heart of Hoodoo. And this applies to whatever type of magick or spiritual practice we are talking about, whether it is folk magic, granny magic, Rootwork, Hoodoo, Conjure, New Orleans Voodoo. So let’s not get hung up on labels too much.

I tend to imagine my Great Grandmother, in her own time, with methods and ingredients that were available to her.

Have you ever wondered why some people prefer to use brown paper when making their name papers and petitions, or why some people say to tear it and never use scissors on it? Well, my thoughts are that I know back then, in the country and the south, paper was for writing letters or for kids in school (remember Big Chief tablets?). It wasn’t something you wanted to waste, and sometimes it wasn’t available or affordable at all. I can remember how my Granny and Grandad lived, with simple means, so I know the same is true if not more so with my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather. Groceries were packaged in brown paper bags, and meats and dry goods came from the general store wrapped in brown paper. Scissors were for sewing and were not to be dulled by using them for other things, lest you risk Granny’s wrath. So this easily explains why some spiritual methods were done the way they were back then.

When I do spiritual work for my own situations, I don’t prefer fancy shapes or colors of candles. I prefer beeswax. Why? Because it is the purest of the pure. It’s connected to nature, and it is a blank slate for your intention. I don’t prefer synthetic materials or colors. I prefer all-natural and believe therein is much power. Although, I do like to use scissors on my petitions.

We have become so focused on what is trendy and popular at the moment, that sometimes we lose sight of what used to be good, or even better. I know, it’s easy to do. So I wanted to share my preferred methods with you that I use for my own personal work, so that you can do the same at home.

Our beeswax candles are handmade, by me, from natural yellow triple filtered beeswax, with hemp beeswax coated wicks. The fixing blends I use are made from 100% natural powdered roots, herbs, leaves, petals, berries, and barks. They contain no base powders such as cornstarch or any other powders. Only the powdered herbal ingredients themselves. So they are 100% pure and potent, not diluted mass-produced powders that often have fragrance and artificial colors added. If a particular formula needs to have Calamus Root, Licorice Root, Cinquefoil, High John, Bergamot, and Honeysuckle, for example, then that’s what it has in it – the powdered versions of these roots and herbs. Not just a few of the ingredients that are going to do the job. We don’t do things halfway here. It is going to have ALL of the ingredients you need to get the job done and none that don’t. Many formulas, not only powders but herbal blends and oils as well, have ingredients in them that don’t do anything at all. Mine aren’t like that. They have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Why would anyone add an ingredient that does absolutely nothing and serves no magickal purpose. Aesthetics maybe? Just because something looks or smells good doesn’t mean anything. I have studied the uses of botanical ingredients for a very long time (and not from trending YouTube videos or Instagram influencers), so if it doesn’t serve the purpose, why add it at all? Or if an ingredient conflicts with the purpose you intend, why would you put it in there at all? It doesn’t make sense, and it is going to affect the quality and nature of your outcome. So ingredients matter, intent matters, knowledge matters, and so does the way they are all applied in conjunction with one another. Herbal ingredients are meant to work in harmony with one another for a specific purpose, not create chaos or unexpected results.

Why powders? True, many people prefer to make their candles with the actual herbal blends, using whole herbs and root pieces. I use the herbal blends in my work for clients and in my oils. You can dress your candle with oil and then sprinkle the herbal blend or dip your candles in wax and then roll them in the herbs for a more rustic look, but I use the powders because there is less chance of flames getting out of hand when whole roots or leaves catch aflame. And you want to practice safe candle work if you're doing it yourself at home. Powders contain all the power the herb and root blends do, because they are the same ingredients and retain all the properties in a concentrated form.  

In other words, there is simply a whole lot of real Hoodoo in my candles. And you will be able to tell the difference and the power will be evident.

The number of different powder formulas that I offer are minimal, compared to the vast amount of Hoodoo oils that I offer. That’s because they are very thorough and potent formulas that I created myself that can serve many purposes. For example, One Love candle fixing blend will work for any number of various relationship situations and scenarios, rather than using many different oil formulas for each specific purpose. Oils are meant to be combined to achieve the very specific results you want. And it is perfectly fine if you want to use oils with these candles. But I have created the powder formulas to be complete by themselves so you don’t need to. Your candle is ready to be used as it is.

I also offer the option of creating a name paper and petition for you, as well as selecting a Scripture for you to use with your working. Some don’t use (and many misuse) the Bible for their work. I do use Scriptures for my work, period. I will also offer some simple guidance for inscribing your candle if you wish to do so.

Enjoy your candle and your work. Doing work yourself at home is a very empowering and enlightening experience, and it is my honor and pleasure to bring Hoodoo home to you.

On Inscribing Your Candle

You can use whatever you wish to inscribe your candle. You don’t have to have a special inscribing tool, it doesn’t have to be sacred or holy, and it doesn’t have to be (for example) an antique nail taken from the 9th board from the pupit on the west side in an abandoned church at a New Orleans crossroads at midnight under a full moon, which has been submerged in holy water. But if your belief is that nothing else but that one thing will do, then do your thing.

You can use a nail you have blessed, prayed over, or have otherwise consecrated. You can use a ball point ink pen that no longer writes or is good for anything else. You can use a thick sewing needle. You can use a hat pin or an ice pick. Whatever works for you or whatever you happen to have readily available.

My method is simple. This is not too advanced for a beginner, and is sufficient for even those who are seasoned workers. There are 2 directions. From base to wick, or from wick to base. With most work, you are doing one of two things – drawing or removing. You have to decide and use some common sense and not overthink it, which one you are doing. You want to attract love or money or bring blessings into your life, then you are drawing. In that case you are going to inscribe your candle in the direction from wick to base, because you are drawing the energy down to you, down to earth. If you are wanting to get rid of something, make someone go away, banish something or someone, or uncross yourself and get rid of negative energy, then you are removing. You would then inscribe your candle from base to wick, because you want to repel that energy far away from you.

What are we inscribing? Your name, your date of birth, even your address if you want (if your work has to do with your home or property). You can even use your family’s names or those of the persons who live in your household if your work has to do with peace in your home. If your work has to do with getting rid of a specific person, you use their name, not yours. Whoever the topic of the spell is, that’s whose name you inscribe. I find that it is better if you do the inscribing yourself. It puts your energy into the candle, and it will be more potent for you personally. You don’t even have to inscribe your candle at all if you use a petition.

There are many ways and no wrong way to write a name paper and petition. Some are better than others, though. I offer to supply your petition to you and send with your candle purchase. If you want to write it yourself, that is fine, though. I can provide suggestions upon request via email.

Questions, need help, guidance or recommendations? Email me directly at sherry@barefootwitcheryshoppe.com

*We make every effort to make sure the candles we sell are flat on the bottom and will stand upright by themselves. However, any candle can tip over, so melt the bottom a little and let some wax drip onto your candle plate, and affix the candle to your plate securely. Always practice safe candle burning, and never leave a burning candle unattended. You may also choose to burn your candle in a glass bowl or fire safe dish filled with a little water after you affix the bottom of the candle to the dish. Water amplifies energy, as well as helps with fire safety. 

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