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Saint Alexius

St. Alexius (St. Alexis, Saint Alex, San Alejo)Feast Day July 17Day of the week: SundayEmblem: CrucifixColor of Candle: PinkHe is petitioned to keep your enemies away, for protection from the harm your enemies wish for you.Patron of beggars, beltmakers, nursing society called Alexian Brothers.The only son of a wealthy Christian Roman senator. The young man wanted to devote [...]

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Price Changes for Oils, Plus Larger One Ounce Size Available.

Since last year, we have been offering all of our .50 ounce Hoodoo Oils at an excellent price of $5.99 per bottle.  This has given many folks the opportunity to try them and see that they are of superior quality than others on the market.  I make every effort to put a lot of genuine [...]

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La Madama

Whatever you may need, you know you can always call on La Madama. Write your petitions on a piece of paper and either wrap it around your candle or set the paper underneath while you burn your candle. You can anoint your petition with my La Madama oil, if you like.La Madama is a popular spirit in Espiritismo [...]

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