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Housewife Hoodoo - Plate Petitions, Part 1 - Reconciliation Working

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This is a new series of blog posts about Plate Petitions.  This is an example of traditional conjure with a modern magick twist. Folks back in the old days didn't have dry erase markers, so in this day and age, we can take advantage of modern conveniences and technology in our Hoodoo.

Here I use dry erase markers and a regular ceramic plate from the Dollar Tree.

You can use any other ceramic plate, just make sure you test it first to make sure that the dry erase marks will come off later, so you can re-use the plate. You can even use a plate that you already have in your cupboard. Just test a small mark on the back of the plate first.  If you want to use an antique, china, or sentimental plate, I recommend thinking twice, though. If you test the marker by making a small mark on the back, and it doesn't come off, then you've got a small mark on the back of your plate that is there to stay. But I have tried this on both higher quality antique china plates, as well as cheap $1 plates.  Also, you will want to think about heat resistance. If you're worried that your plate will break if it gets too hot, don't use it.  Because you may be burning candles on your plate, and you want to make sure that it's not going to make you cry if it breaks. So, $1 plates from a dollar store are ideal.

This example is going to be a plate petition for reconciliation.

Step 1: Write your target's name and date of birth across the plate 3 times. I used pink, the color associated with love. You can also use red. Or if you don't have different colors of dry erase markers and only have black, just use black for everything.

Step 2: Turn the plate 1/2 of a turn clockwise. You want the other person's name to be flowing towards you. Write your name and date of birth across theirs 3 times. I used purple for domination and control of the situation.

You probably notice that both names are female names. Many of my clients are LGBT, and I want to include everyone.  I also want to make a point that neither gender nor roles in a relationship matter, when it comes to whose name is on top of whose. The name that goes on top is always YOUR name, the person doing the working, or the person on whose behalf I am doing a working. Not the dominant person in the relationship, or the man in heterosexual relationships. I've seen confusion about this, so I wanted to be clear.

Step 3:  What do you want, what are your goals, what would you like to say to your target? Write it across everything else. I used black here.

Step 4.  Now we're getting into some candle divination zones. Which I will elaborate on further in a later blog post. For now, what you need to know, if you don't already, is that there are 4 basic zones in candle reading. The top of the plate is the area that deals with the unseen, non-physical, non-tangible things. For the purpose of this example, dreams.  Sarah wants Mary to dream of her. (these are fictitious names and dates of birth that I made up, not a real client of mine. So any resemblance to you or someone you know is coincidental.)

So, I wrote "Dream of Me" at the top of the plate.

The left side of the candle plate represents the past in terms of divination. Sarah wants Mary to forgive her for mistakes in the past. So I wrote "Forgive me."

The right side of the candle plate represents the future.  Sarah's ultimate goal is to get married and have a future with Mary. So I wrote "Marry me."

The bottom part of the plate deals with the physical things, such as material things, human nature, subconscious desires, and sex, among other things.  So, Sarah wants Mary to desire her passionately, so I wrote that on the bottom part of the plate.

Step 5:  Some folks like to write their ultimate goal(s) in a circle in their petition. You will want to write it clockwise to bring something about and draw something to you, and counter-clockwise, if you want to banish something like negativity, or undo something.  So, in this instance, we want to bring about Mary's love for Sarah. So I wrote "love me" in a circle around the plate in a clockwise direction.  Some folks say to write it continuously with no spaces and without lifting your pen from the paper. Or in this case, without lifting your dry erase marker from the plate.  My opinion is that it is up to you, and a matter of personal preference. This helps to keep your intention clear and direct the energy within the circle and keep out unwanted negative influences away from your working to protect it.

Step 6.  What I recommend is inscribing your candle as you usually would, if you are using a freestanding candle. In this instance, I would inscribe Mary's name and date of birth into the candle, in a direction from top to bottom, the direction to draw something to you.  You can use a large needle or something sharp.  Or even a permanent marker. I use a large 4" Coffin Nail. 

Dress it as you normally would, with love drawing oils.

And light it up.

You might also want to use your target's photo to place underneath the candle, or their personal concerns. It just depends on your working style.

You can also use this type of plate petition with a 7 day glass candle, by setting it on top of the plate, or a sweet jar working by setting your jar on the plate, or even a figural candle.

Another good thing about plate petitions is that you can change and adjust it as you go along. If you feel you want to add more details to it as you go along, you can. For example, if your candle seems to be burning weakly, you can add strength to your words or rephrase them, or make them more specific.

Once you're done, you simply wash up your plate and re-use it.  If you find the marks are having a hard time coming off after sitting for a while, I recommend using Old English lemon oil or lemon essential oil, or Chinese wash if available. You can substitute Murphy's Oil soap with lemon juice. Or even Goo Gone.

And guess what?  IF you are luck enough to have your target over for dinner, you can also do some incognito work with your plate petitions.

Let's say that Sarah was able to call or text Mary and Mary agreed to come over for dinner. So, Sarah prepared a special plate for Mary and wrote her petition on the bottom of the plate.

If you do this, just make sure that you give the right plate to the right person, for example if you have a group of people coming over for a party or get-together and your target is included. Also, make sure that your target has no reason to look at the bottom of the plate. Most likely they won't. And make sure that you don't let your target do the dishes, of course, or load the dishwasher. My rule is that I never ever let company do the dishes or help clear the table or clean up the kitchen. That is a big no-no.  Not because of Hoodoo, just because of manners. It's the way we do things in the south. Company never has to help!!

*Also, just a head's up, once your target is finished eating and is done with their plate, set it on the counter or someplace out of the way. Don't wash it up right away or put it in the dishwasher. (This is also southern manners, by the way, not to clean up in front of guests. Give them your attention while they're there and clean up later.)

The reason you set it to the side, someplace out of the way? You can use it later for some divination work, which I will be posting about in a future blog post.



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