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Housewife Hoodoo - Plate Petitons, Part 2 - The Bottom of the Plate

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This is an ongoing series about plate petitons.

This post is about some incognito Hoodoo.

Let's say you want to affect your target in such a way that they will never notice. After all, it's sometimes just not a good thing to go up to someone and throw some hotfoot powder on their feet, or go up and blow some hoodoo love powder in their face. At least, not unless your goal includes having them leave awkwardly and angrily and then spreading all over social media that you're bat-shit-crazy. LOL!

So, let's say you're having a get-together or party and your target is going to be there.  What an opportunity!  Here's one of many ways you can work some Hoodoo on them.

For an example, let's revisit our fictitious friends from one of my previous blog posts, Sarah and Mary. 

Let's say that Sarah was able to call or text Mary and Mary agreed to come over for dinner. So, Sarah prepared a special plate for Mary and wrote her petition on the bottom of the plate.

(For details on how to write a reconciliation petition on your plate, you can check out my previous blog post here)

If you do this, just make sure that you give the right plate to the right person, for example if you have a group of people coming over for a party or get-together and your target is included. Also, make sure that your target has no reason to look at the bottom of the plate. Most likely they won't. And make sure that you don't let your target do the dishes, of course, or load the dishwasher. My rule is that I never ever let company do the dishes or help clear the table or clean up the kitchen. That is a big no-no. Not because of Hoodoo, just because of manners. It's the way we do things in the south. Company never has to help!!

*Also, just a head's up, once your target is finished eating and is done with their plate, set it on the counter or someplace out of the way. Don't wash it up right away or put it in the dishwasher. (This is also southern manners, by the way, not to clean up in front of guests. Give them your attention while they're there and clean up later.)

The reason you set it to the side, someplace out of the way? You can use it later for some divination work, which I will be posting about in a future blog post.

So, you can use this method for any intention, as long as your target is going to be present to physically eat off of this plate. This wouldn't work so well if you are, for example, taking a plate of cookies over to a neighbor who may wash the plate before returning to you and see that you wrote "Get out of the neighborhood" on the bottom. Or if you are taking a plate of goodies to an event or place where more than one person is going to eat off the plate. 

You can work this to your advantage, though, if you are wanting to affect a whole group of people, though. Like an employment ease petition, and you want to make all your co-workers or boss be a little bit easier to get along with.

Or if you are feeding your in-laws and you want them to get off your back already, or make them like you better.

Breakup workings might be a little tricker, unless you happen to have the couple come to your house for some odd reason.  It might work if you're in secretly in love with (for example) your sister's boyfriend or your the guy your boyfriend works with, etc.  Someone you know, and someone who would have a reason to come over to your house and there's a slim possibility you can prepare a breakup petition on the bottom of a plate (or both plates) of the people you want to break up.  This would be stretching it, but here's a possible scenario:  You and your husband are going out to dinner with another couple you're mutually friends with. What nobody knows is that you are in love with the other man and want him to get rid of his wife to be with you and you want to get rid of your husband to be with them. Say that a stroke of luck had everybody but you needing to go to the bathroom at the same time, and you're left alone sitting at the table and the waiter brings over appetizer plates. And you happen to have a dry erase marker in your purse. And you can quickly scribble a breakup petition on two of the appetizer plates and place them at the other couple's place settings before they come back.  But that's kind of stretching it and would be a tremendous stroke of luck.

But say that you are having the neighbors over or ladies from the PTA.  And you have the opportunity to serve them cookies and tea, etc.  For goodness sake, don't write anything on the bottom of their cups, it will be seen by others. If you've got little dessert plates, and are serving each guest individually, this will work, to set your intention with each particular person, according to your agenda concerning each of them.

* About types of plates you can use and cleanup:




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