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Kintsugi - Wholeness in Brokenness, Perfection in Imperfection

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What’s got you broken, darling?

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against you, but why? Why do you feel like you are hated? Why do you feel as though the rug is going to be pulled out from under your feet at any moment? Like you’re about to lose everything?

Everything you thought you knew turned out to be not true, didn’t it? Everything that you relied on, things you thought for sure you could count on. They turned out to not be as solid as you thought. The people you thought you could turn to turned out not to be.

Where did hope go? Sure as hell isn’t here. Where did joy go? Was it ever there, or did you just learn to sing like a bird in a cage and pretend to be happy about it? Faith? Yeah, right – in what?Does the music sound different now? Do the tunes you knew by heart suddenly seem cold and hard, somehow out of tune?

Why are you so unsure of yourself? Why do you doubt yourself, second-guess yourself at every turn? Don’t you know that you, yourself, are the one and only thing you can count on?

Somebody or something got to you. They poisoned your mind with their own warped ways. They hurt you. They made you believe things that weren’t true. Skewed your perspective.

Worthless? No, not at all. Crazy? Nope. Stupid? Not you. Everything you do is wrong? Not in the least. There is nothing wrong with you.

Whatever it was made you doubt your self-worth. Laughed at you while you struggled through the tears to pick up the broken pieces of your self-esteem and confidence off the floor after they knocked it down.

Maybe they even broke your spirit. It’s alright. It can be repaired. And then they better be the fearful one. Because once you realize why they did it to you, once you reclaim your power, then you’ll understand. And so will they.They underestimated you. Prove them wrong.

We become stronger after we are broken. They didn’t know that, didn’t anticipate what would happen once you realized it.They gave you the power without even knowing it.

The things they used against you? They’re your teachers. The demons sent to break you, they’re yours to command. The place they imprisoned you, where you hid, you found refuge and protection within and made it your own and found yourself there. The wolves sent to hunt you down, they’re your pack now. They all look at you with awe, admiration, and pride. You are their queen. You bend to no one. You’ve earned that right, that title, that power. Claim it. Own it. Use it.

Necessity is the mother of invention. No one gains strength without struggle. No one gains wisdom without being pushed to the brink of insanity. No one grows or changes or transforms when everything is peachy keen in their world. We adjust as needs must.

Time to stop hiding, time to stop fearing, time to stop just merely surviving. Survival mode is not living. Enduring is not living. We were not put in this big wide world to be fearful and just survive every day. Thanking God when the night finally comes and the day is almost over. Thinking there’s got to be something more to life than this every day. Wondering….

I’ll leave it right there. The rest of the story is yours to write. Only you know how you want it to go. And it certainly isn’t like this. What you allow will continue. What you endure will not change. What you have gotten used to will never be anything any different or transform suddenly before your eyes.

Even if you have lost control of what happens around you, of those around you…. There is still one thing you have the power over and can control. And that is the most important thing. Yourself. And only you can write the rest of your story from here. Nobody else.Now you know. Make it epic.

We often wonder, don’t we? Wonder “what if”, and think someday, maybe someday, once everything settles down, once everything is better, once everything is just right, then we can do (fill in the blank).Then we can concentrate on making our dreams come true. Then we can make the changes. Then we can take the time to heal, to grow, to transform our lives into the shape we want it to be.Then we can be happy. Then will be the time for that. Then it will be OK.It’s just not my time yet. I’ve got too much going on. I’m going through a rough time right now. I can’t do anything because of (fill in the blank).

All of those reasons are true, your point is valid, your excuses are…. Wait, did I say excuses? Yes, I did. Excuses are reasons that seem very legit and make sense and are understandable. Totally. But they are excuses, nonetheless. Any reason that enables you to continue as things have been, even if they are not good or what you want, are total bullshit. You are simply enabling yourself to fail and trying to validate that. You fail by not trying. You fail by not lighting that spark inside you that can turn into an inferno and illuminate everything else in your life and those around you.

That is kind of reverse of the millennial mindset, which is “everyone else owes me everything – I am entitled to it just because I said so.”Pretty ridiculous, right?Well, how is it that much different than the mindset of “I can’t.Because other people won’t let me. Or because it’s not the right time. It’s not possible. I don’t have what I need. I don’t deserve it.”That’s equally absurd. That’s what it comes down to. You think you don’t deserve it. Am I right? If we are honest with ourselves, that’s what it is. EVERYONE DESERVES TO HAVE A DREAM!!! Those are wise words from my brother, the most depressed person I know besides me.

Or, we look back and think, how did I get here? How did things reach this point? If (fill in the blank) hadn’t happened, I would be doing much better right now. This can be true, but you’re never going to go forward in a positive direction by looking back and trying to figure out those things. You’ve got to deal with the past, yes, but with acceptance because it cannot be changed no matter what. Don’t keep looking at it and pointing to it. Shift your focus, or you will stay exactly where you are the way you are and nothing will change. What we focus on, that’s where our energy goes. That’s where the magic goes. And that is what we attract. Acceptance belongs to the past, not the present. Resolution belongs to the present, and remedy belongs to the future.

My dear, “Then” is not going to present itself to you. “Then” is never going to come while you wait for it. I promise you that. You have to make “Then” your reality. You have to make it come, make it happen; go out and get it. Look for it, find it. Make it. Invent it. Create it.

Perfection isn’t going to come. You’re going to have to resign yourself to that fact. There is no such thing. You may think you see it elsewhere, or in others. Your idea of Perfect. In what someone else has, what someone else experiences. Why does everything seem so perfect for them? It’s not fair. Why not me?Appearances can be deceiving; things are not always what they seem. Perhaps, just give it a thought, maybe someone else out there has seen you at a restaurant or standing in line at the store and thought to themselves, She looks like everything in her life is perfect; look at her, I wish I was living her life. I wish I could trade places with her. It’s got to be better than what I have.

Perfect is for fairy tales and Hollywood. And not even then, really. Take Marilyn Monroe for example, or Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, Anthony Bourdain. Point made.

So, dearest, perfection isn’t going to come. You’re not going to achieve it. No human being ever will. Perfection does not exist in science, reality, or spirituality. Not in this lifetime, anyway.

Be perfect in your imperfections. What does that mean? It doesn’t mean to be happy in an unhealthy or toxic situation and be OK with it and stay there. Hell no! It means to be comfortable with your imperfections, at peace with yourself, stop blaming yourself and others and just deal with it.Give yourself permission to love yourself even though you see flaws. You might see flaws that aren’t even there or that others don’t see. Or, alternately, others may see flaws in you that do not exist and try to make you see them until you actually do, or think you do (gaslighting). Quit worrying about what everyone else thinks. That’s your key. That’s your power. Only your opinion of yourself matters.And you’re not perfect. No one else is despite your doubts whether or not that is true. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Worthy? By whose standards? You think you are not worth fixing? It would be easier and alright to leave it alone? Worth is in the eye of the beholder. Behold yourself. Behold that you are worthy.See, what I heard growing up, was “You’ve got to be worthy in the eyes of God.” Or some variation thereof. So, a lot of us chase after that ideal, that lofty and ill-defined goal. Worthy. Will I know when I get there? Will I know it when I see it? What does it look like? Will God tap me on the shoulder and tell me I have finally achieved it? Or will I spend all my life chasing my tail while someone looks down through the glass ceiling I’m living under and shakes their head disappointedly?

You are unique and beautiful in your brokenness. Does that mean you want to stay broken? No.And you don’t have to.

Who does the repair? Who fixes those things? You do.

And it is not a glamorous process, despite the beauty of the end result.

Restoration, repair, and reclaiming your power are not a picnic in the park. But if anything you have read so far is ringing that bell for you, you’re already on your way. You have been pointed in the right direction. This is going to be a new journey for you. It’s not going to be a short one, and it is not going to be an easy one. But savor every moment of it. Take it all in. Remember it. Cherish it.And keep a journal. You have an idea already of the tools you will need to help you along the way. You’ve developed a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms, haven’t you? I know I have. We all have.Exchange those for tools. Reshape what you have into what you need. Unlock those doors and open them up. I know there’s going to be a lot of scary things come out of there, but they are your own to command. Our hardest battle is within our own minds.

Have you ever watched those house remodeling shows on TV? The ones where they take a perfectly “OK I guess” house and transform it into something beautiful? They don’t paint over the stuff that needs to be torn out. They don’t leave a clusterfuck of botched carpentry done by a well-intended homeowner to make the surface look better. They don’t leave the tangle of wiring that was done to bypass a bigger problem. They don’t leave the carpet that stinks to high heavens, which was shampooed within an inch of its life but reeks of the filthy padding beneath.They don’t leave the plumbing the way it is, that will leave you guessing whether your shower will be scalding hot from the flames of hell itself or colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra.

You’re the house for your soul (your spirit). You are a vessel. You are a temple. For God? No, for yourself. Be your own god or goddess. Be your own hero, your savior. Your own king, your own queen. No one else is going to come save you. There is no white knight charging to the rescue from stage left. You answer to no one but yourself.And no one can or will save you but yourself.

Use what you have available to you. Remodel, reconstruct, and repair the things that need it. As you use what you already have, you will find that you gain new tools.

They say our scars are beautiful. Healed scars are beautiful. It means you survived and healed. New cuts? We all get them, but it doesn’t mean you have to keep putting yourself in a position to keep getting them, either by someone else’s hand’s or your own. And don’t pick at them. Don’t try to gain attention or make the problem worse.

Healing, real healing, means getting to the core of the issue. That is why I teach from below. Because below the surface, beneath all the superficial stuff, beneath the makeup and nail polish, beneath the fresh coat of paint on the house, beneath expectations, beneath comfortability for yourself or others, is the core of the issue. The root of the problem. And because it is not some lofty goal only attainable by the self-righteous.

Some teach from above while you sit below in the congregation and look up at the hypocrite in the pulpit. As if you have to come up and rise to their level or your idea of their level (even if they are a pompous, self-righteous fake) and try to understand where you’re supposed to be, what you’re supposed to understand, and all the while (even though in the background of the message) “how to please everyone else.” How to be “perfect”. How to live the best-looking life and have the best looking reputation and the best looking soul. Whitewash and bullshit. So, what I heard was how bad I am and if I want such-and-such (the carrot on the stick), I will do my best to act just like them. And try to juggle a dozen or more different ideologies and habits of successful people and methods of praying and contradicting “pearls of wisdom”, and try to make it all make sense in my head. No, it doesn’t have to make sense to you, just do what I say, I hear in the thinly veiled toxicity of the self-righteous teacher. Don’t question, don’t look too closely under the rug or behind the curtain.

So while the healers and the motivational speakers, the life coaches, preachers, and the stuffed-suit hypocrites are telling you is “You’re not trying hard enough. Or you would be (fill in the blank). You don’t want “good”, whatever their definition is of good, or you would be good enough.So you try to wrap your brain around all of these things you hear and see that are supposed to be a road map to “perfection” and it’s nothing more than conflicting nonsense. At least, that is the way I felt. In my early adult years, I was brought to tears as a “baby Christian” all starry-eyed and eager to please God (or someone else’s idea of God) at how difficult it is to be good and perfect and live the best life and be a good person, and felt like I was in turmoil and trying to pat my head while I rub my belly and stand on one foot – “No, not that foot, the other foot!” And then the rug gets pulled out from under me because I was doing it wrong.

I’m not bashing any religion, Christians, or God. To each his own, and I don’t feel the need to interfere. It apparently works for some people, but not so much for others who begin to feel like sheep. Don’t ask questions, don’t seek, and there’s no excuse for not being a certain way or being the “wrong” way. Blindly follow the shepherd without question or intelligence.Of course, I believe in God, and the Bible (just maybe not in the context I have experienced or seen as examples). I just came to believe in more. A lot more. And whatever you believe, it’s yours and yours alone and you owe no one any explanation. I just feel like there is more to consider than always being full of starry-eyed love, keeping the peace, turning the other cheek, and trying to no avail to rise up to the level others expect you to. I mean, who can claim to see eye-to-eye with God? Or rise to the lofty unattainable levels some people would have you believe you have to. No one. It is beyond the ability of humankind.In short, nobody’s perfect. Nobody.And what you are lacking, what you feel is missing or broken within you is indeed within your reach and do-able. Now when I say “nobody’s perfect”, that is not validation and enablement to remain wallowing in self-pity.

I only mention God and church because that’s where a lot of us turn when we are down, when we have reached the end of our rope, when we have nowhere else to turn, right? There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not a bad thing. But there is toxicity everywhere, and these places are no exception, and some can be a source of very bad, misleading, incorrect, conflicting, or confusing information.Same with anywhere else, bad advice from so-called friends, or co-workers, doctors, lawyers, and so forth. But we think we can trust people in authority, and those who should have the answers. Just be cautious what you believe, dear ones, and question everything. Search, research, and use your intuition.

I read a quote on social media that said, “Don’t dumb it down, make them come up and get it.”So, if you are ever wondering, as a reader of my writing, if my intention is to ever dumb-down the points I try to make or to be condescending, it is not.My intention is to teach from below. I have learned more from one of my Guides that sat at my feet in the dark than I ever did from someone who tried to make me “rise” to their level. And when I write, I’m writing to the lowest version of myself – that pathetic creature who didn’t know if they could live another day, who sat fearfully in bed with tears and tangled hair. And maybe you’re there too. Or maybe someone else is who will read this and understand that I know where you’re at. And I know you can’t “rise” to come up and get it. I get it. I get you.

Healing, repair, and restoration sometimes requires withdrawl, isolation, introspection, and a lot of travelling. Into the places within you that you have carefully boxed and labeled things you would rather not deal with but you have no other place to put them. The things you have no other option as to what to do with them but keep them out of the way. Reclaiming your throne is not an easy process. You may have other struggles and battles out there, out in the other room, or out there in the world. But the first steps towards making that happen are in your room, the one within you that you don’t want to open the door to.

So, although this was not meant to be a novel written here, I pray that each word will resonate at least with one person out there who needed to hear it. Who am I writing for? For you. How did I know? Because I’m also writing for a version of myself from days and years past. What I would have told myself, if could go back and tell her.The most important thing being, yes there is hope. It is within you. It is you. And yes it will get better, if you make it better. Nobody told me this. Nobody taught me. If only I had known sooner. But this isn’t the stuff they taught in church. It isn’t the stuff I learned from my parents as a kid growing up. It’s not something I’ve seen in action as a child or an adult. A lot of the valuable stuff you learn is when you’ve been broken. In church, they teach you to keep praying, keep the faith, wait, be patient, and then maybe just maybe once you have exhausted yourself trying to be “good enough”, you’ll be OK with the fact that you’re just going to have to be a martyr all your life and be happy about it. Endure. Hang in there. For what? For how long? Maybe if you put enough faith in someone else, maybe if you give enough money, maybe if you cry enough tears. It was all maybe.

Maybe it’s time for something that will produce an actual result. There’s got to be something more, right?Maybe all those other people are broken too.

Most of the time, it is broken people who break other people. It is the healed people who try to heal other people. But don’t let the broken ones hurt you in the meantime. You might not be meant to be a part of their healing or their journey. Watch out for yourself first and foremost. They say empaths attract broken people. This is true. Why? For one thing, the other person wants to feel good about themselves and they sense a reservoir in you that they don’t have in themselves. Like water witching with a forked stick, an underground source of water can be sensed. And because you feel their pain, someone else’s pain. And you want to fix it. Not only for them, but for yourself. So you don’t feel it overwhelming you anymore.

But don’t be a martyr. There is no glory in walking around carrying pieces of your broken self in a bag, for someone else’s benefit who probably won’t even appreciate what you are doing anyway. Don’t carry around someone else’s burden. Make sure the things within yourself you are trying to heal are your own first and foremost. Is what you’re feeling yours? Distinguish, take the time to analyze it first.If you are trying to fix someone else’s pain or brokenness, and they are not ready for the monumental journey I have described above, you are wasting your time. If they are not ready to make changes, you are wasting your time and energy, and you will find that nearly every ounce, every drop, of your energy is being re-routed to them. They will drain you dry, if you let them. Maybe not intentionally, but then again maybe so. And they don’t care, either.You are just a source of food and energy, a conduit, a feeding tube.And they also feed on your pain. Let that sink in.

I can already hear some of you going Ohhhh, shit…… as that registers.

So. Make sure first that you are not carrying someone else’s luggage with you before you set off. It will take you much longer and make the trip more difficult not to mention reroute you at every turn. This is your journey, not a crusade.

No, my darling, this is a journey for yourself and only yourself. Sometimes you have to travel alone, and this is one of those times.You cannot expect anyone to join you. They couldn’t even if they wanted to. But it doesn’t mean you’re going to be lonely. You’re going to find that you have all the company you need and all the guidance you need.If you even wanted to or tried to drag someone along with you, it would just hinder you like dragging an unwilling sack of potatoes. You don’t need to take any baggage – yours or anyone else’s, or anything that is going to deter you, become an obstacle, hold you back, distract, or redirect you. You’ve had enough of people telling you what to do and where to go. Or someone telling you no.

And if you decide to take this journey for anyone other than yourself, it won’t work. You’ll think you’re moving, but in reality, you’re just staying right where you are or even further behind. For example, “I want to get things right within myself and take this spiritual journey of healing and do inner-work on myself and have this Hermit phase (tarot card reference), to become the kind of person my ex would want to be with so I can get him back.” Stop right there, it won’t work; you’ve got it all wrong before you even got started.

Here's another one that is equally wrong. “I want to bring someone to their “Tower moment” (tarot card reference), to break them down to where they will become what I need and want them to be.No.Just no. For so many reasons on so many levels.

If you’re thinking, “Well you just said no and told me I’m wrong,” in the above two examples, then you are nowhere near ready to understand yet. So, try again later maybe.

Another time, we will talk more about healing, dark night of the soul, transformation, narcissism, psychic vampires, energy drains and leaks, the differences between symptoms of psychic attack, being crossed, and going through a shadow phase, and more. If you are experiencing any of these issues or need help with something I have not yet written about in my blog, please email me and I will be happy to help in any way I can. Thanks for reading, and I hope it will help.

Sherry Scott


About Kintsugi

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. It is about seeing the worth of something that has broken and fixing it in the best way possible. Which means the most beautiful and worthwhile way that will achieve lasting results. Why? Because the lifetime of the piece of pottery or art, everything it has been through, the purposes it has served, life it has lived, is not over just because it is broken. It deserves to be cherished and honored and to continue to serve new purposes and be loved.

Oftentimes, we develop our own ways of fixing something. We mean well, we want to make ourselves or someone else, or even a situation whole again. We recognize that something is wrong, and we want to fix it. Especially empaths, can I get an Amen?

Sometimes we develop unhealthy coping mechanisms for our own problems, or own brokenness. Addictions to numb the pain, taking it out on other people passive aggressively, narcissism, gaslighting, becoming just a shell of a person in a vain attempt to not feel anything at all. So that’s actually hurting yourself and probably others unnecessarily.Then they are broken and need to be mended, as well as you. Read that again.

Or even positive (yet ultimately not dealing with the problem itself) coping mechanisms – being obsessive compulsive, overly charitable, trying to make up for…something, some lack, good deeds to cover up the pain. Good deeds and charity are never a bad thing, but ask yourself why are you doing it. Look within yourself to see the core of the reasons. You may not realize there is a problem rooted deep there. Because you may find that on some level you are feeling resentment towards the people you help, even subconsciously, if you are doing it to fulfil your own need rather than theirs.

What does improper mending look like? Like putting a band-aid on a broken arm? Sometimes. Sometimes it is not so obvious. Sometimes we want the mend to look OK, passable, on the surface for other people. Sometimes we can mend a break so good that we even start to believe it is sufficient. But then even the strongest glue or mixture of ashes and tears will fail and fall apart at the least opportune moment unexpectedly.

For example, we might be dealing with grief, and after 7 or 8 years, we don’t think we should still be hurting and mourning a loss and try to cover it up with something else.Or we may be dealing with past trauma and just cannot seem to “get over it” as everyone says we should. Or maybe we place blame on ourselves and feel as though we failed them.

Or perhaps PTSD, or an illness, or our own tendencies that we cannot pinpoint the root of to even begin to look for a solution.

So maybe we stay busy all the time, don’t think about the problem. Ignore it and it will go away. Wrong. Some things can be ignored, some things can be dismissed, but with other things – real problems, they don’t go away by ignoring them. We choose our battles and try to do so wisely, but the battle within ourselves is something we need to pay attention to.

Even successes can make us feel like a failure or a fraud, because for some reason we feel like there’s got to be a catch, this can’t be right. Because I’m not qualified or I don’t deserve it. Or we know we’re just going to screw it up eventually somehow.

We feel like we have been set up to fail because we know or think we are broken. So how can even the good things last?

Some of us feel anxiety or depression or both. It’s something we live with every day. We worry about everything and feel hopeless at the same time. And we think, as soon as this is fixed, this feeling of lack of control, everything will be OK and I’ll be whole and things will start falling into place for me. Well, we’re never going to be able to control everything, are we? There are always going to be things that are beyond our control, events, other people’s actions, even our own reactions sometimes are out of control. It happens. We are supposed to always be in control of ourselves, but we can’t always do that – none of us can 100% of the time.

Many of us have triggers. And we think that we get broken over and over and over. And this is kind of true. Repair isn’t something that happens just once. Because none of us have just one particular earth-shattering event in our lives that turns our world upside down. If we’re lucky these are few and far between, but there are always going to be things that shake us to our core.

I have learned that instead of bottling things up, or boxing them in an organized fashion and labeling and putting them on a shelf in our subconscious, locked away so they don’t interfere, doesn’t work. It may work for a while. But you know they’re there. And at some point they are going to have to be dealt with.

What does dealing with them look like? Well, it’s ugly, it’s not an enjoyable process of opening up a time capsule and looking at all the cool stuff in there; it’s not going through a photo album or scrapbook or box of momentos that gives you the warm fuzzies.

It looks like a buffalo who faces the storm head on, rather than a cow who lies down to prepare for the thunderstorm or turns around the other way from the cold wind, rain, and snow. I live in Oklahoma, so I have had the opportunity to observe this, and we can all learn a lot from observing nature.

It looks like the fearlessness of facing your fear even though you are fearful. It’s doing the scary thing even though it’s scary

It’s about facing what makes you feel ugly, or unimportant, or underqualified, unlovable, or unbalanced. It’s about opening up those boxes you have locked away in your archives and looking at them, facing your fears.Fears lie. They tell you that things are so much worse than they really are. And putting them out of sight and out of mind do not help – they actually grow in there, in your own mind. And they become monstrous and larger than life.But then you open up that old box, and once you face it, look at it from every angle, it no longer has the power to eat you alive. It’s not going to jump out of the box and attack you. You are coming to terms with it. You are acknowledging it.And you are mending the broken vessel you are with gold.It may be painful, it may be ugly. But it makes you complete. It may not be a one-time task. But now you know you can do it and it’s so much of a relief, knowing that whatever is in that box is deal-with-able.

Let’s go back to what I said about the time capsule or the scrapbook. Those can actually be very healing things sometimes. So maybe it is a little like that after all. Digging through your old memories, remembering where you came from, who you are, how you have changed, how you have grown. And those things made you who you are today, brought you to where you are.

Even the unpleasant things, even the hardships, even the tragedies and the trauma. All of those things were part of your journey in one way or another. So, this is how we can even be thankful for the negative things.

They say that part of healing from trauma is forgiveness. Forgiveness for the person who hurt us, and forgiveness for ourselves for letting it happen or whatever blame we may place on ourselves for wrongs either perceived or actual. I don’t agree.We sometimes feel (mistakenly) we deserved the bad things that happened to us and decide to carry that blame around with us. So, that is when we need to forgive ourselves for being such assholes to ourselves and for allowing ourselves to believe that bullshit.

If someone else is at fault, don’t shoulder the blame. Call it what it is. And no, you don’t have to forgive them if you don’t want to. And the harsh truth is you’re probably never going to get the apology from them you deserve. BUT, don’t let it continue to eat you because it certainly isn’t bothering them, and you are continuing to add on to the hurt they caused you by carrying it around. You’re not getting revenge on them; they don’t feel your pain. You’re the only one you’re still hurting. So, I think it would be better to forgive yourself for doing that to yourself and adding to the load you’re carrying unnecessarily. So, part of the healing process is to stop blaming yourself. Stop hurting yourself by thinking you were at fault for something you weren’t or that you carry around traits with you that make you deserving of punishment or wrongdoing.

The Japanese art of Kintsugi inspired me to work with a master candlemaker to replicate jade mended with gold. The resulting design is exclusive to the Barefoot Witchery Shoppe.

I lived in China for a couple of years and learned some simple methods to tell real jade from artificial jade. It’s cold, for one thing.And it warms up to your skin temperature when worn. We’ve all heard the term “jaded”, right? People become jaded, hardened, cold, in response to something that has happened to them.Another thing about jade – it breaks easily. And it is considered very bad luck if that happens.But when it is mended with gold, it is still beautiful and valuable. Just like you.We are worthy and whole, we are beautiful in our brokenness, perfect in our imperfections.

And what is the gold as it applies to us broken vessels? It is acknowledging that we are worthy of fixing, and that we are all broken yet whole, and it is acceptance of ourselves and seeing ourselves in all our light and dark, our glory and pain, and facing everything rather than hiding. In other words, we are more than just OK.

Wholeness, like success, isn’t just a one-time event of achievement or repair. It is a constant process, sometimes even a struggle. It is a mindset. It is determination, tenacity, commitment. A lifestyle. A constant process of improvement, growth, and learning. It is serenity, acceptance, and courage. It is an ongoing resolution of the war within ourselves.  It is a process, reinvention, transition, and transformation. It is triumph through adversity.

I want to thank all the fears that I faced. I want to thank those who threw rocks, for they built my empire. I want to thank those who put obstacles in my way, for they were my stepping-stones. I am thankful for the cages, for they taught me what inner freedom is. I am thankful to the darkness, or I wouldn't have known the light. I am thankful for the time that was lost, the attention that was monopolized, the energy that was drained, the psychic attacks, and all that was meant to break or destroy me. Because it has all brought me here. All of my steps have been carefully orchestrated by Spirit. All that was thrown at me, my Guides have used it as material to teach me. I see you. But even more importantly, I see me. And I am right here and now, exactly where I am meant to be. I have traveled far to find me, and there are miles to go. - Sherry Scott

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