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Papa Legba


Do you feel like you're just stuck, and that things just aren't moving along, or going where you want them to go? Papa Legba is the Guardian of the Crossroads. He is the mediator between ours and the Spirit world, and we must respectfully come to him with our petition first before he will open the way.

Petition him for removing obstacles in every aspect of your life and achieving your goals and getting to the place you want to be. Whether it's personal life issues, job, magickal workings, emotional and mental wellness, Papa Legba can help clear the path for success in all areas and unlocking your power, intuition, and those things that you desire.

Papa Legba (Elebga) is one of the most cherished spirits (Lwa) in New Orleans Voodoo an Haitian Vodou. He is the Gatekeeper, the Keeper of the Crossroads, and the window between our physical world and the spiritual world with which we hope to connect. If we have need to enter the spiritual realm or allow the spirits (Iwa) come to us, we must first get permission from Papa Legba.

Not only does Papa Legba help us communicate with other Iwa, but he himself has great abilities to help us.

Have a path that seems blocked to you, or doors that will just not open for you? Having trouble making someone you love understand what you want? Stuck at your own crossroads of life and don't know which way to turn? Papa Legba is there for you. He can open the way, with comfort and understanding. He is there to welcome you with open arms and a safe haven.

Papa Legba speaks and understands all languages. He is a master communicator. He gives (or denies) us permission to communicate with the other Iwa.

He is all ages and yet is ageless. He loves toys, and dogs are sacred to him. he is also the finder of lost items. He loves jokes, pranks, and tricks, but never to harm anyone.

Offerings to Papa Legba don't have to be fancy or expensive. As long as he knows that you mean well. Common offerings to him are: candy, small toys, keys (Keep your old keys for him), red beans and rice, pipe tobacco and a pipe, a straw bag, a cane, rum, coconut, plantains, whiskey, corn, playing cards, and Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Rituals to Papa Legba don't have to be complicated. You can just talk to him and ask him to come. "Hey Papa Legba, please hear me! Open the gate and come through, Papa!" Show him your altar to him, tell him, "This is for you." He is your guest to show around. Be proud of what you have done for him, no matter how humble you think it is. If it is a candle and a glass of water, be proud and offer it. Let him know it is for him. Spend some time with him. Listen to music with him. Whatever is in your heart. And speak your mind. Ask him to help you with whatever you need help with. Then sit a little while and listen. Write down whatever thoughts come to you during this time or whatever he whispers in your ear. This is the time to accept the guidance from Papa. Once you are done with your ritual, thank him for coming. Ask him to close the gate on his way out.

The next day, if you can, leave 3 pennies at a crossroads to thank him.

Papa Legba's day is Monday, his number is 3, his colors are red and black, and he loves tobacco, coconut, rum, keys, and candy. Offerings I usually have on my altar to Papa Legba are: dark chocolate & coconut candy, coconut flavored rum, a pipe with tobacco and matches, dark roast coffee, and two dog cookies for his dogs. I also leave my great grandmother's playing cards she used for divination on the altar for him to bless. They've been kept in a tobacco tin for decades, and they scare me, and I've never dared to use them but want him to keep them safe. Even if all you have is a few pennies or a cup of water, just offer him what you have, however humble it may seem. If it's offered in earnest, it is enough.



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