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Retired Services

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Today, January 17, 2021, we have discounted 14 services that we are either revamping with different candles or discontinuing altogether.

We have also gone through our many rootwork service listings and have eliminated visibility on a few services which are either no longer popular, need redesigning, or are very similar to other service listings we offer.

For example, there are many many ways to do a breakup working, and we had quite a few options, but we want to simplify things. There were also quite a few out of date example photos that needed updating, and many services that we provide that can use quite a few different types of candles. For example, a Communication working can use a lips shaped candle, or a plain yellow pillar or taper, or a skull candle. And the way that I decide which type of candle to use depends on a client's unique situation and needs. So sometimes too many options for the client can be confusing, and it might be hard to choose the best one.

So I am also working on simplifying things as far as website navigation, options, and categorization. As a result, there were quite a few services I have either chosen to retire or are not visible options on the website at this time.

Never fear, though. Most of the work that I perform is custom work, and when I create a working for a client that I feel would be beneficial to many other people, I usually make it a regular listing so other clients can benefit from it. So, obviously that creates a LOT of listings, and that can be overwhelming to someone looking for what they want or need.

So, anything you need, even if you don't see it listed, I can certainly take care of you. Most of my work is off-the-menu custom services, so the options are endless. If you don't see what you are looking for, or if you remember seeing a certain service in the past but it isn't on our website anymore, please don't hesitate to ask because we can still do it for you. We are just trying to simplify things on our website.

Here are some of the services we have removed from visibility on our website. It doesn't necessarily mean we are discontinuing offering them, it means we are either revamping them or they were not popular enough to keep on the website. We are also in the process of creating so many new services, and so many new ideas are in the works. So we have to make room, not only on our candle shelves, but on our website. We have been debating on whether to continue showing an example photo in our listings or not. Folks do like to copy our original ideas, plus they also like to accuse of copying when that is not the actual truth. So that has yet to be decided.

Consenting Adults

My God How the Money Rolls In

Good Knight

Roaring Gumption

Bewitched, Besotted, & Betrothed

Enamored, Enthralled, & Enchanted


Move Mountains

3 Wise Skulls

Metaphysical Magnetism


Mirrorbox (box skull candle)

Mirrorbox (actual wooden box)

Blockbuster (plain)

Custom Head Work (falls under the category of custom working)


Forceful Separation

Haint Be Gone

Laid to Rest

Your Enemy's Funeral

Fuck You

Golden Child

Sealed Lips

Divine Abundance

Divine Assistance - Legal

Divine Assistance - Domination

Peace of Mind

Peaceful Home

Love Me Better

Peaceful Separation

Commanding & Compelling (have several types already listed)

Communication (will be re-released later - variety of candles)

Lazarus (to be re-released later with different candle)

Protect My Relationship


St. Expedite

Hotter than Hell Hotfoot Working

Commanding Love

Crown of Success

Personal Power 7 Knob Candle

Soul Mate

Reversing Skull

Witch's Spellbreaker (with witch candle)

Poppet Service (3 day)

Black Skull Candle Spell (non-specific)

Pay Me

That is the list so far. We can still do all of these things for you and you are welcome to use the Custom Working listing anytime, and I am abundantly able to meet your needs. Custom Working (One Issue Or Circumstance) - The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe



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