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Santa Marta La Dominadora


When you need a powerful ally, Santa Marta is the lady for the job. She can get the job done!

She is the one to call on when you need to have a lost love return to you, or if you need to take control over another person or situation. Some examples include: marriage, separation, divorce, out of control children, happy home, domestic problems, straying lovers or spouses, financial assistance, family problems, custody issues, legal matters, etc.

She is also a powerful ally for business women. She will defend and be there for you.

In folklore, St. Martha was the only female dragon slayer. This legend that has made St. Martha popular in Hoodoo for the domination and control of problems, situations, and people in the lives of practitioners. It is said there are two different Martha’s, black Martha and white Martha, which would be the traditional Saint Martha. Or Santa Marta in Santeria. The black Martha refers to the Voodoo Lubana, or Mami Wata. Beliefs may differ between regions and individuals, but I tend to think of them all as the same Spirit with slightly varying characteristics.

Santa Marta La Dominadora is known to be able to resolve even the most dire and seemingly unsolvable cases. And woe be unto the person who is on the other end of her wrath! She favors women, but she also works with men as well and especially if they have been victimized or abused. All that matters is that men, and women as well, approach her with an open heart. She will dominate a woman when asked, especially if she is abusive or is not living a clean life and performing her natural duties, especially with regard to motherhood.

She is excellent to petition to dominate or control one's boss, especially if they don't treat their employees fairly. She can be petitioned for break-up spells, especially if an abusive or unfair union is involved. She is excellent to petition to tie-up and defeat one's enemies, just as she tied-up and defeated the dragon in folklore. She can be petitioned for money problems but she won't make one rich. She will only provide what one needs to get buy, as well as getting someone to pay you back what they owe you.

Her traditional colors are green and white, but I have found that she likes blue as well. Her day of the week is Tuesday. Her favorite offerings are water, white wine, white flowers, Florida Water/Perfume/Cologne, and "sweet" breads (desert breads) and/or coffee cakes. In addition to white flowers, I have also found that she favors blue and dark purple flowers. I dreamed of a devout follower of Santa Marta, in the form of an elderly lady, who showed me that she always offered Santa Marta royal blue and purple flowers, the colors of power, dominance, and control. I have offered her blue and purple flowers ever since.

Santa Marta is a powerful spirit, and she deserves your respect and your thanks for her help. You don't want to get on her bad side, yourself. Traditionally, candles to her are typically lit on nine consecutive Tuesdays for a Novena style service, or once every day or every week for ongoing work. As with all Spirits, Santa Marta is not to be “used” or taken lightly. She deserves our respect and thanks for all things, and she works in her own time. If she does not answer, it may not mean she’s saying no, but as with most spirits, if you are asking for the wrong thing or a thing that is not in your best interest, or safety, she will not grant your petition.



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