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Blue Collar Bundle Oil Collection


Product Description

This is a set of 11 Hoodoo Oils in .50 ounce glass bottles.

  • Boss Fix Oil
  • Office Politics Oil
  • Employment Ease Oil
  • Binding Job Oil
  • Employment Pyramid Oil
  • Empoyment Potion Oil
  • Get A Job Oil
  • Interview Oil
  • Job Oil
  • Job PRotection Oil
  • Steady Work Oil

This set of oils is for the working man or woman - real down-to-earth folks who work hard for everything they've got and don't depend on handouts from other folks.  Sure, we all fall on hard times sometimes, but my Dad and my husband always found a way to keep a roof over our heads and food on our table, and I have always done the same, following in my Dad's footsteps, although in a different line of work. ;)

My husband is a carpenter, and has also done concrete work, pipeline work, you name it.  He's travelled all over the world and the country for work. And we both know what it's like in types of work where the business is not always a steady flow of money coming in.  We were both raised to earn a living and to be proud of what you have, no matter how little.

In these tough economic times, finding a job can be tough, and sometimes so can keeping one.  For example, if you work through a temp agency, you might not know whether you will get to stay at a particular job for very long, or where the next one wil be.  Or you might have the type of job where you have to live in fear of layoffs if the company is not doing very well, or you might just be a seasonal employee and hope they will keep you on after the Holidays.  And we all know that interviews can be nerve-racking, and you're sweating bullets hoping you don't say something stupid and that hopefully you can make a good impression. 

Or perhaps you've got a job you hate but have to keep it because you have to eat and pay the bills. I've been there too, I've worked in retail managmeent, banking, and as a workers compensation insurance adjuster for a worldwide corporation.  My stomach has clenched in knots the moment my tires hit the parking lot.  So, you might be waiting for something better, an opportunity for advancement or a raise to come along. 

And oh, where do I start with the politics?  It's not just office politics and cubicle wars. There are politics at every job, and drama queens (or kings) as well as micromanaging supervisors, and even college graduate big-wigs who have their heads stuck up their a$$es who might be able to manage a construction job on paper but have no idea about the tools of the trade or what sheetrock is.  LOL!

I doubt that I've even covered it all, but you get the idea. There's an oil (or even all of them) in this collection to help you, no matter what kind of employment (or lack thereof) sitation you are in.

You can use them to anoint resumes, yourself, the boss's chair, green candles, you name it! The possibilities are up to you and your particular needs.

I have carefully chosen all of these formulas to work well together; you can use just one or a couple of blends, or even all of them, layering them to increase the energy needed for you to reach your goals and desires.

Add a few drops to an oil burner or wax lamp. My oils make an excellent aromatherapy tool for meditating on your goals and desires. The oil you receive will be made especially for you when you order.

Many of the formulas that I use are old tradional Hoodoo condition oil recipes, some even very rare with hard-to-find ingredients, and some are my own formula, blended according to the carefully researched metaphysical properties of the herbs and roots. I study and practice Hoodoo and New Orleans Voodoo, and have collected hundreds of oil recipes from various sources over the years.

I use only the finest herbs, roots, curios, and essential oils. Carrier oils can vary depending upon the formula and can include any of the following: Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avacado Oil, Clear Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, Mineral Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Camelina Oil. Please test a small area on your skin first for allergy purposes. For external use only.  The bottles I use are clear glass and are boston rounds that are fairly durable thick glass and have a heavy feel to them.  So, they will last a long time, as will your oil; I use a few drops of Vitamin E oil in each bottle for freshness so your oil will last.

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