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Chaos Magick Oil

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Product Description

Full of untapped energy, ready to be activated.  You impart your own intent to it, for any goal, and it's ready.

This oil is ready and waiting for you to tell it what to do. It is hungering for a purpose in life.

This oil is comprised of a multitude of intentions and creations and has been a part of many formulas.  It is desperate to help you attain your goals, return your lost love to you, get revenge on those so deserving, or to heal whatever ails.

This oil has watched its offspring become formulas for only one specific intention, but is ready to be given a mission of its own, a place to fit in.

Chaos Magick Oil needed a name and asked for this one.  It is void and longs to fill the void, to help you change your life with the power of your own mind and your intention and belief.

It does not have much of a fragrance, but it is full of wild potential.  Use it by itself as you would any magickal oil, for any intention.  Or add it to nearly empty bottles of your favorite oils you already have on hand. Sometimes when herbs, roots, and resins get stuck at the bottom of the bottle when the oil is almost gone, it’s such a shame and seems like a waste. This oil can also help you with that purpose and bring new life to your nearly empty bottles.

Use for multiple purposes, or give your oil only one specific purpose and task. Pray over it, or talk to it each time you use it, focus on your intention, dedicate it for your current need and goal each time you use it.  Chaos Magick oil can be used the same way as quality olive oil can be used in place of any type of magickal oil, only better.

Collected from the runoff of the funnel used for making all of our oil formulas, Chaos Magick is made from several different types of carrier oils, Vitamin E oil (for freshness and longevity of all our oils), and trace amounts of a multitude of essential oils, and a plethora of purposes and potential intents. 

This oil is normally collected and saved for our own personal use or for making fresh custom formulas for client rootwork services. It never disappoints, and it is always my go-to carrier oil for client work and always delivers when I use it to make my own personal formulas for my own personal use. Now it is also available to you.

However, since we have an overabundance due to the tremendous amount of formulas we have made for orders we have filled recently, we want to share our secret oil with you.  There are limited quantities available, so when it is gone, we won’t have any more for a while because it takes a while to collect normally.

1 oz. glass bottle

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