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Concealed Carry. Ritual Oil, for Protection. Limited Edition


Product Description

Concealed Carry,  Limited Edition Protection Oil, 2 dram amber glass vial with dropper

If you're not familiar with what the term "concealed carry" means, it is when someone has taken a class to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon in areas where they are permitted, for protection.  I realize that in some parts of the U.S., this may not be common, but here in the south, especially rural areas, it is.  

This oil is a powerful spiritual weapon against all manner of negative energy, psychic vampires, those who wish us ill-will, curses, hexes, drama, legal problems, you name it!  You can use it to protect your home, your family, your belongings, and more.  

You can use it on yourself, but please test a small area first for any allergic reaction.  Use this as an anointing oil for your home, paying careful attention to doorways and windows.  Use at work to create a bubble of protection from workplace drama and politics.  Use on your broom or in mop water for spiritual cleaning. 

Please be aware that the natural coloring of this oil comes as a result of the essential oils used in this formula and may stain light colored surfaces or fabrics.

This is small enough to conceal and take with you anywhere.  Conceal Carry is the strongest protection formula I have created, crafted with fine resin essential oils, mugwort, clove, and much more.

Fragrance is blended with essential oils whose metaphysical properties correspond with the goal, intent, and purpose of this mist. Every ingredient in our ritual oils serves a purpose, with the finest essential oils and carrier oils.  Your ritual mist will arrive to you after being prayed over and blessed on my altar, charged and ready for your use in your spiritual work.

 IMPORTANT NOTE:  This or any other spiritual product is no substitute for professional treatment of any kind, or calling the police or other authorities if needed.  If you or someone you know is in danger, get yourself to safety first, contact the proper authorities, and worry about Hoodoo later.  It is very important to not treat dangerous situations such as domestic disputes or abuse with magical means alone.  

In no way do I condone or endorse the use of firearms or protecting yourself with violent or illegal means. If your situation is that dire, I recommend you call the police, not use this product.

Additionally, this product is not meant to be literally used to ward off a physical attacker. It is not mace, nor pepper spray and will not serve such a purpose. 


Original artwork and written content is the intellectual property of and copyright Sherry Scott, Barefoot Witchery Shoppe. No part of this content may be used, copied, or duplicated without written legal consent.

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concealed carry oil


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