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If you would like to request either a 30 Minute Consultation or a 60 Minute Consultation (for multiple/complicated) issues, please use our Simply Book Me Scheduling app.  You will be able to pick your day and time based on availability. A free or 30 minute consultation is for one circumstance/situation only. 

If you won't be available at the scheduled time to send and receive emails, it may need to be rescheduled. Because after the booking time ends, then I move on to another client's booking or other work as usual and may not be at the computer at that time to answer any followup questions.

The paid consultation lasts for 60 minutes. It is for more than one circumstance/situation, or a complex situation.

You will be asked when booking to provide all pertinent information, so that I may provide better recommendations / suggestions.

If you decide later that you need to re-schedule your appointment for a day/time that works better for you, you will be able to do so.

Cancellations, however, need to be made at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment to receive a refund.

No refunds are given after the consultation has been started or completed.  This is because I am devoting my time and attention to you personally. And all consultations are based on my knowledge, experience, and intuition and are my Professional opinion as a Hoodoo Practitioner and may include my Spiritual / Rootwork services that I feel would best benefit you and your situation. Or I may also suggest things you can do at home.  My goal is to provide you with the best plan and recommended course of action that would be most beneficial to you and will vary depending on each unique situation. 

Please click the link below to book your Consultation. I work thee consultations around my normal working hours and personal schedule. So, I have customized the availability dates and times. Consultations are not available on weekends or Holidays or other times that I have prior obligations.

Check availability and book online:



Why we are switching to a scheduling app for consultations via email:

We currently receive an extremely high email volume. Often, emailed requests for consultations, or other questions, will get lost in the mix.  So, we are hoping to be able to better serve new and existing clients who have questions regarding new work or new situations / circumstances by having you schedule your own preferred day and time for your consultation.

You do not have to fill out the Client Information/Rootwork Agreement for this. This is only for clients to fill out after they purchase a Spiritual / Rootwork service for me to perform.

You will be asked in the scheduling app to provide details about your situations. Be sure to be as thorough as possible, because my time is limited to answer questions. Either 30 minutes for free, or 60 minutes paid. Please be prepared to think of questions beforehand so that you are prepared for your consultation. Additional questions afterwards may not receive a response, or go unnoticed because after your session, I will be moving on to the next client's consultation or other regularly scheduled work.

Please note, that even though you will be sharing your information on this scheduling app, it is not going to be visible to other clients, only me. Your information is safe and confidential, as always,with me.



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