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Crossroads Working, Guidance, Direction, Papa Legba, Road Opener


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There are some workings that I perform for clients that are completely custom, and some are even born in the moment, right in the middle of a desperate need. And those are the ones that hit the mark, the ones that you know that you know are the real deal and will get to the root of the issue, not just the branches. The ones that really "ring that bell".  

This is such a working.  It also resonated with me, as I have been at the crossroads many times, spiritually as well as physically speaking.  Before performing this working, I heard Papa Legba calling me once again to the 4 way crossroads, and I kept that appointment, that Monday meeting with him. And he taught me, as he always does, something new.

There is a time and a place for everything. A time to open doors, and a time to close them. It wasn't something I didn't know, but something I could say later on that day that I now KNEW.

When you find yourself at a crossroads, where did you come from? You weren't just dropped there in the middle of an intersection and suddenly wondered how you got there and where you came from. Well, you may feel that way, actually.  You look up and you're somewhere and you're wondering now how you got there. That's how it feels sometimes.

At the crossroads there are four ways. And some of them may in fact be the same road called by a different name.  There's the way you came from, the way you know, the way you don't know, and the way home.

Let that sink in.

So, when you're needing spiritual guidance, when you don't know what to do, don't know what decision to make, you feel like you can't move at all. And so you stay there until you figure it out. You can't stay in the middle of a crossroads forever, obviously, because at some point you are going to have to get out of the way.  Either you move or you will be forced to move. You don't want to be forced to move. Because you might be moved in the wrong direction, and it might not be your choice or the way you wish you had gone. Others may make that decision for you, or you may be moved by circumstances that are out of your control.

So, what do you do? You listen hard and fast. But yet it takes as long as it takes. What a conundrum. There is indeed a sense of urgency, yet you can't make this decision quickly. Papa Legba will get there when he gets there. If you can't wait for him, then you're not making the right move.  If he has called you to this crossroads, he will be there, just maybe not in the way you think he will appear, or in the amount of time you expect him to.

This service is intended to help you connect with Papa Legba (Eleggua, Eshu, there are many other names for him) to ask him to guide you, direct you in the way you should go.  Now, I want to pause a moment here and explain this: Being at a crossroads is not all about which direction you should go.  It is also about deciphering where you are at.  Where you came from.  And what you should do about it once you orientate yourself as to which direction you came from, where you consider home, where you "think" your future is. So, you've got to figure out how to decipher that and orientate yourself and figure that out on your own. Sometimes the way you came from is not the way you should go back.  Sometimes the way that is directly in front of you is not the way you should proceed.  Sometimes the way you know isn't the best way. Sometimes the way you don't know isn't the way you should cross off the list as a possible option. Sometimes the way home is no longer passable.

This working can help show you the way, or ask Papa Legba show you the way, when you are lost or confused or disoriented, or no map exists that can help you. 


This working is completely customized to your unique situation. 


So, please tell me what you can about your situation and what you would like to accomplish or need help with.  I will also need your full name, date of birth, and photo.  If you would like to write a petition for me to use, the things you would ask the Universe or the Spirits' help with, it would be appreciated and helpful in assisting you to make this working as effective as possible.

You can email me with all of this information at sherry@barefootwitcheryshoppe.com


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