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Customized Beeswax Poppet, Worked for You for 3 Days on my Altar


Product Description


This listing is for one hand-crafted, pure, beeswax poppet to represent yourself or target, made to order, created specifically for your needs. It is also for a special service performed by me over the course of 3 days.




This can be for a multitude of purposes and intents, either good or bad.




The poppet is approximately 5 inches tall and approximately one - one and 1/4 inches thick. I do this with select oils and herb and root blends that I blend myself according to your situation. The ones shown in the photos are for Wishes, Healing, Swamp Witch, and Memoriam. You can choose from any number or combination of purposes, such as Healing, Help With Grief, Help With Memory for Dementia and Alzheimer's patients, or Help with Depression, or even a Memoriam poppet to remember and honor a loved one who has passed on. You can also use it for love purposes such as returning a lost love, or drawing love. Or it can represent someone whom you wish to banish or return evil to sender, or karmic retribution. It is entirely up to you and your personal need. The possibilities are endless. Just convo me either before purchase, or describe your situation in the comments section when you order. This will help me to better fill your needs.




Once created, your poppet will remain on my altar for three days to be anointed and blessed. It will then be packaged carefully and sent to you in its own box




I also ritually bring your poppet "to life" with a special Poppet Activation Ritual. Which means, the poppet will become baptized, so to speak, to represent your target in every way for magickal purposes. This is also sometimes referred to as breathing life into your poppet.


I will anoint the poppet upon my altar for three days, anointing with the appropriate oils, burning candles and incense, and in some cases washing or misting with special waters such as rose hydrosol. It just depends on the type of poppet you need. In some cases, I may add gemstones or herbs, roots, or curios to the box according to the purpose. You may continue to add items as you wish once you receive your poppet and box. Maybe just things you would like for the person your poppet represents, to have, or special messages or tokens. You will receive a custom made bottle of oil to continue to use with your poppet, to anoint it and keep it active.




The specifics of the working with the wax poppet will be confidential with you as a client and disclosed upon completion. The poppet will be worked with for a total of 3 days upon my altar. When I am not working the poppet, it will be laid inside its own box, and the box containing the poppet will be sent to you upon completion.




I have two of the boxes shown, which are lined with red velvet-like fabric, and have a latch for closure that has a place for a small lock, if you wish to lock up your poppet for privacy reasons once you receive it. I will order different types of boxes to choose from in the near future.




My beeswax poppets are molded with a custom made-to-order mold that I had specially made. (it is not gender specific and can represent either a man or a woman. Or even a situation, or place, or problem.) I will need some information from you before I make the poppet because it will be built to specifically identify your target and your target's name, photo, and date of birth will go into the very making of it and will become a part of the poppet.   You may also opt to include a handwriting sample or other personal concern (hair, nail clippings, etc.). If you want to do this, please convo me ahead of time so we can discuss arrangements.


I choose to use unscented and uncolored beeswax (either white or yellow, depending on availability ) for these poppets, because it is the most pure and natural for Magickal workings. No dyes, no perfumes, and only the herbs, roots, and magick that I put into it for you. There's no need for a separate compartment built in to the wax poppets I make, because your target's personal concerns go directly into the very making of this poppet and become a part of it. However, if you would like to load additional items to the poppet yourself once you receive it, please convo me when you purchase it, and I can easily add a small compartment to your poppet for this purpose.




Each one is unique, there will be no two the same. But they will be thoroughly packed with the appropriate and finest quality herbs and roots for your particular need, along with the best of intentions and energies.




I use only the best quality ingredients, and the formulas I use are very old traditional Hoodoo recipes, along with some I have developed myself over the years according to their metaphysical properties, which I have studied in depth. So you can be assured all of my formulas are the strongest available.




You will receive a detailed report in a Word Document sent to you via email, chronicling the whole process as well as the explanation of the components/ingredients, plus photos of each step. What I do is I print a sheet with the names of the persons involved, photos, list of personal concerns used if any, and any petition included by the client.




Your poppet will be sent to you carefully packaged, and you can continue to work it as often and as long as needed or desired. If you have questions about how to dispose of it once you feel you are finished with it, please convo me and I'm happy to help.




I respect your privacy and your feelings and the seriousness of your situation and take it personally. Your desire and your happiness with my service is important to me.




*Other small candles and curios, other than what is described for this listing are for display purposes only. I cannot disclose or take a photo of the actual items that will be used in your spell, because it will be completely customized for your situation, and very confidential.


You can email me with your details after purchase at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com







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