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Cut and Clear Oil


Product Description

Cut and Clear is a traditional Hoodoo formula for helping one to get over a breakup or other unhappy event.  It can also help to cut ties with the past or help to deal with grief after the loss of a loved one.  It doesn't mean that you won't remember or won't care, it just helps cut the ties with negative energy that might be bogging you down so that you can move on.

This oil can also be used for daily events that aren't so huge and life-changing as a breakup or death in the family.  This formula is designed to clear away heavy or negative energy from yourself when you feel like a dark cloud is over you, or you feel heavy with the weight of the world on your shoulders, or as though little ugly balls of negative energy are just clinging to you and won't let go.  For example, I have felt this way after being around a person who (knowingly or not) is a psychic vampire, sucking me dry of all my positive energy.  Also, after spending time visiting a friend or a loved one in the hospital or nursing home, stepping outside into the fresh air was just not enough sometimes to breathe the life back into me.  Also, coming home from work from a stressful job, it can take a while to shake it all off and feel like yourself again, even after a hot bath and a good meal.  When you think of it like that, this oil is something we should all be using every day to cut the ties with the negativity clinging to us and replace it with some good energy.

This oil can be used on candles, mojo bags, in your bath water, or whatever represents the negativity you want to cut ties to. It's OK to just leave it behind. Even if you have to go back to it the very next day, such as a job or someone you have to visit, you will at least have had some time to recuperate and regroup and strengthen your positive energy flow.

Do you need to cut ties to a bad situation in the past? Use this on a black snake candle, or a plain black candle to represent what you need it to. Do you need to cut ties to a toxic relationship? Use it on a black gender appropriate figural candle to represent that person, along with Banishing Oil, and Lost & Away Oil.  Do you need to cut ties to an old habit, mindset, or addiction? Use it on a white skull candle with Clarity Oil and Cast Off Evil Oil.


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