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Dementia and Alzheimer's Care Kit


Product Description

Dementia and Alzheimer's or memory loss of any kind are conditions that are very close to my heart after seeing my Mom suffer from Dementia in her last years before she passed away.  It can be very difficult for family, as well, especially if you are a family member who provides care for them on a daily basis. It requires a lot of patience and understanding and realizing how hard it must be for the person suffering with these conditions.  I'm sure it is very frustrating and scary to be at a loss for words or unable to retrieve your memories or remembering things that never really happened and not understanding things.

This would be perfect for a family member or loved one who is either cared for at home or in a nursing home or facility.

They are filled with my unique blend of herbs, roots, and resins with especially the needs of Dementia and Alzheimer's patients in mind.  Thoughtfully and lovingly chosen for their metaphysical properties to aid in confusion and memory.  Some of the ingredients are:

Periwinkle:  thought to help restore lost memory

Wood betony:  healing and protection against the dark fears of the emotions and imagination.  To help aid and help with feelings of despair

Yarrow:  to help overcome fear

Caraway seeds:  Protective properties, particularly in areas of health.  Strengthens the memory.

Lilac:  for wisdom and memory

Tea tree:  eliminating confusion, increasing harmony

Rue:  Aids in rituals where one is seeking to help mend the afflictions of the mind

Butterbur root:  increases sense of hope and faith

Eyebright:  for bright outlook when life seems dark and negative.

Along with other memory enhancing herbs and roots, to help bring peace of mind, comfort, and calmness of mind.

What is included:   One 3" x 4" resealable bag of Help With Memory and Confusion Herbal Blend

One .50 glass vial of Help With Memory and Confusion Oil, infused with herbs and essential oils.  Gemstone infused.

One 2 oz spray mister bottle of Help With Memory and Confusion room spray which contains herbs, essential oils, and purified Crystal charged water.  Gemstone infused.

The Herbal blend is excellent for:  Using as a loose herbal incense to burn on a charcoal tablet, or for using in a sachet under the pillow or to hang in the room, or for poppets or mojo bags, or loading candles.  It can also be placed in a small cloth bag to be used as a bath tea in bath water. Not recommended for consumption.

The Oil can be used in a number of ways as well:  To anoint a small amount on the forehead (test only a small amount carefully on the skin first for allergies, as it does contain essential oils).  Or for anointing candles or for using in a Oil Diffuser/Warmer.  Or even adding a few drops to bathing water or laundry.

The room spray is an excellent alternative to burning herbs or candles in a space where burning or flame is not permitted.  It is a discreet size and can be carried easily for misting the spray to change the energies in the atmosphere to promote peace of mind, security, and help with memory.


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