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Dishwater Divination


Product Description

This type of reading is not necessarily exclusively labeled as Hoodoo.  It is, however, folk magic.  It does not actually use dirty dishwater, either, but is a form of water & oil divination called Lecanomancy, coupled with Candle Divination, which is also called Ceromancy. 

Dishwater divination in its simplest forms (using actual dishwater) were used in times gone by and it is something that not many folks have heard of, but was practiced by my own ancestors. My Great Granny gifted me with this insight into this method she used, as well as this divination service that I offer you now, which I prefer to fondly call Dishwater Divination.  My ancestors are a mixture of European and Cherokee, and a great many of them including both of my great grandmothers on my mother's side are from the Ozark Mountains.  (I will be posting a blog posting about dishwater and its magickal uses in the near future.)

Lecanomancy, a form of Hydromancy, has been practiced since ancient times in Babylon, as well as in Greece, Italy, the Middle East, and more recently and close to home, Appalachian and Ozark Mountain folk magic.  Scrying with water is certainly not limited to these traditions or regions, however. And it certainly has its place in Hoodoo, as well, which is a boiling pot of various cultures, traditions, and practices.

In this reading service that I offer, I use water, which amplifies any working, plus my own special blend of oil for this purpose, along with a four inch pure beeswax candle.  I prefer beeswax anytime possible, because it is the purest and most natural available.  Beeswax burns more slowly and cleanly.  So, when doing divination, this can make any signs the candle wants to impart even more clearly seen.  It does not drip as much as paraffin or soy candles. So, when it's got something to say, you'll know it.

I have sometimes done a similar divination for clients, if we want to know something specific before choosing what type of working would be best suited, to follow up on the status of how a previous working is manifesting, or to find out if there is something we need to know before beginning a working on someone else (such as "have they done workings/hexes against me?")

Along with simple "Yes" or "No" questions, this reading may also address other important things that you need to know, either regarding the past, present, future, or spiritual. 

I have also performed this type of divination technique for myself, as well, to find out if there is a blockage and if so where, or obstacles, or other things that I needed to know.  This can help us decide how to proceed, going forward, as well as what approach to take.

So, when ordering this reading, please be sure to let me know the question you would like for the reading to address.  As with any reading, (psychic, tarot, bones, or other), I cannot guarantee whether it will address your question directly, nor that it will provide the insight you are searching for.  It also may have something completely different to tell you about.  The Spirits tend to let us know what we need to know; which is not always necessarily what we want to know.

I also offer a simple 3 card reading add-on to this service for $25, if you also would like a Tarot reading in addition to your Dishwater Divination service. (This 3 card Tarot reading service is normally $37.50 by itself.)

Upon ordering, please provide me with as much detailed information as possible, plus your full name, photo, and date of birth.  Photos help me in readings, because I am an empath and can also sometimes pick up on a person's energy from their photo.  Please provide me with a brief description of your situation, as well as the question(s) you wish for your reading to address.  If the reading is in regards to another person, I will need their information as well, please.  You can send all of this to me at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com. Please be sure to include your order number.  If no information is provided to me, a general reading will be performed for you.  Your reading which will include photos and interpretation of significant divination signs will be emailed to you in a PDF document.

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