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Dust My Broom, Hoodoo Housekeeping Mist for Spiritual Cleansing and Broom Maintenance


Product Description

Take care of your broom and it'll take care of you.  This can be an important tool in your spiritual cleansing rituals, and you can even incorporate it into your mundane cleaning routine.  

Brooms are important tool in any household but have special significance when you understand their full potential and the meaning of spiritual cleansing.  

Over time, negative energy can accumulate and must be cleansed out of our living space or it will create a stagnant atmosphere, become an energy drain, and even become a breeding ground for negative energy which can snowball into real manifestations in the form of problems, arguments, discord, and even curses if left unchecked. Imagine negative energy as dust bunnies under the bed (something you can see with your eyes), and then imagine all the places you've neglected to cleanse in your life and in your home in a spiritual sense, and you will understand how those little dust bunnies of negative energy can have a party and multiply when they're left alone and eventually run amok and take over.

In American folk magick, Hoodoo, and even Wiccan/Pagan traditions, brooms are an essential part of our lives.  The traditions, superstitions, and old wives' tales are numerous, but there is definitely something to them.  

Your ordinary household broom (it doesn't have to be special one that costs a fortune made by a certain type of artisan who lives on a mountaintop in an obscure place; it can be bought from the dollar store if that's what suits your budget and needs.) can become one of the most important magickal household tools in your house.  

Spray it, bless it, charge it with your intent and make its job to clean out all of the negative energy from your home and make room for positive energy flow and blessings.  Give it a job and a purpose, and it will take care of your problems.  That's Hoodoo Housekeeping.

You can also use as a spray mister for those hard-to reach places in corners, ceilings, cobwebs that are out of reach, or as a room spray to accomplish the same type of smudging and cleansing. Excellent for travel or for places where candles, incense smoke, or burning smudge sticks are not possible.

You may also be interested in our Blessed Herbal Floor Sweep to accompany your household needs. You can view and purchase it here. 

Comes in 2 ounce plastic bottle with spray mister. Contains distilled water and pure essential oils.  

You can read more about how to spiritually sweep your home for drawing and removing work here. 


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