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Erzulie, a BWS Exclusive Original Formula


Product Description

Erzulie is my own special blend of fine herbs, roots, and resins, based on the traditional Hoodoo formula, along with my own special additions.

Needing help to improve your love life? Wanting to rekindle an estranged relationship or improve one? Looking for your soulmate? Wanting to look more beautiful to call more attention towards you? Working with Goddess Erzulie is great for any matter of the heart. She has tremendous power and is feared as much as she is loved. Also, she has several different roles: goddess of the word, love, help, goodwill, health, beauty and fortune.

Erzulie is the Haitian Goddess of love and dreams. Erzulie, is the spirit of love, beauty, jewelry, dancing, luxury, and flowers. Her symbol is a heart; her colors are pink, blue, white and gold. She is a fierce protector of women and children who are experiencing domestic violence and women who have been betrayed by a lover. She loves women fiercely, and will defend them to the death. Beauty, love, and sensuality are her Creations. She also supports independent business women and is the patron of women's finances.

Ask her for her guidance and her help with your love situation. Make sure to include Papa Ellegua first as he is the road-opener and must be feed first and ask for his guidance and for his help to help you open the doors in the area you are needing his help.

She is sensuality personified and is renowned for her generosity. The arts, especially dance, are her domain. Rivers, streams, lakes and waterfalls are hers and she can cure womb-related problems with her cool waters. The fan, the dove, and color pink are sacred to her.

She has many forms, from coquette to fierce warrior mother to red-eyed weeping crone, and can be counted among either the Rada or Petwo lwa (spirits or gods). The Petwo rites arose in the New World during slavery, and Petwo lwa are characteristically dark and powerful, and called bitter (anme). Erzulie is a love goddess who developed during a time when slave owners broke up families and separated husbands and wives at will, and considered raping female slaves a pleasant way to produce more slaves.

Erzulie manifests deep, deep passion, and Her moods can range from the height of joy to the depths of misery--when She mounts (spiritually possesses) a follower she or he goes from coquettish and seductive to crying her or himself to sleep, weeping for the limitations of love.

There are numerous sister forms of Erzulie, and She is sometimes considered a triple goddess. As such She has three husbands--Damballah (the sky god), Agwe (the sea god), and Ogoun (a god of fire and iron), and She wears three wedding bands.

She loves perfume, sweet food, and desserts such as bananas fried in sugar. She loves perfume, red roses and champagne.  Offerings to Erzulie are all the sweet things She loves--perfume, sweet food, and desserts such as bananas fried in sugar.

This listing is for one 3 x 4" resealable bag of an my herbal blend.


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Erzulie Mix


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