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Focus Oil


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See, but not just with your eyes.  Your outlook is simply how you view things around you.  Your viewpoint is simply your opinion about things around you.  Ideals and values are what you choose to want to believe, for your own benefit or others’.  Your perception is not necessarily reality.   

Many things can cloud our judgement or our sight, like a fog.  Behind the mask, the truth is revealed.  Things aren’t always as they appear, but do you want to really understand? Sometimes the simplest answer is not always the easiest one to accept.  Intuition goes hand-in-hand with clear vision. 

The mind can play terrible tricks on us, make us believe things that aren’t necessarily so.  It can swing us around by our own tail at times.  It can make us sick or make us well.  It can make us succeed or make us fail.

How do we know the difference?  The mind is the most powerful part of the body.  It is also your most powerful tool.  Dreams come true starting in the mind, with clear vision and focus.  Worlds are built, fortunes won or lost, battles chosen carefully, strategies planned, obstacles overcome, problems solved, and enemies conquered.  And it all starts with focus.

What is at the core of the issue?  What is behind the façade?  See past the walls and illusions and glamours.

Bring things into focus, and you will see more clearly.  What really is, not just what seems to be. 

Fear, confusion, anxiety/worry, illness, age, memory loss, and our emotions cloud our vision and our judgement.

Realization dawns, that you are missing something. There’s a piece of the puzzle you cannot see. And it could be a very important piece.

Focus oil is designed with essential oils according to their metaphysical properties to remove the blinders and the things that keep you from focusing clearly and tackle the matter at hand from every angle.  Like a crystal, every person, situation, and every word spoken has many facets that make up the whole. It is designed to keep your mind sharp and alert, and to aid with insight.

Focus itself is also multi-facted. What you focus on becomes your reality.  Focus manifests and creates.

May your focus be crystal clear.

Fragrance is Clary Sage, Violet, Marjoram, Thyme, Lemon, and more.


Fine essential oils and top quality carrier oil.  Suggested use: aromatherapy. Use in oil burners or with reed diffusers. You can also use to dress candles, anoint rooms, bedding, petitions, poppets, or mojos.  Carry with you to take a sniff to help regain balance of your personal aura and re-align those chakras that are out of whack.  Wear as a fragrance, but test small area first for allergic reaction on skin.  Do not use on broken skin or wounds/cuts.  

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