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Forever in Mind Working (Always On Your Mind Reboot)


Product Description

This working is the long-awaited reboot of our previous Always On Your Mind working. 

The way I designed this candle is that the poppet which represents you within your target's mind is actually made a part of the skull candle itself, and does not need to be burned separately. It is a permanent part of the skull candle, which places you on your target's mind with more permanence than before. You will be on their mind and in their dreams constantly, and oftentimes that is enough to get them to take the action you want them to take. 

This would be ideal for getting a strayed lover to return to you, getting someone to get back in touch with you, or even to get your partner you're in a relationship with now to pay more attention to you and focus more on the relationship and show more effort. This would also be ideal to get someone new to think of you in a romantic way, when perhaps they did not think of those possibilities before.



You tell me your needs, goals, and desires for your relationship, and I will customize this working for you, as well as craft the candles personally for your service after you order. 


The candles I use for this service are made by me from molds available for purchase by the general public.  This revamped working is superior in many ways, the most important being the candle used. We previously used a box skull candle and a separate poppet candle for these workings, in which the poppet candle would be placed within the compartment of the skull candle and burned first, then the lid was replaced on the skull box candle and burned. This new candle takes away an unnecessary step, plus there is no separate lid or un-used space that can occur within box (compartment) candles which can sometimes hinder the way the candle burns. This can lead to the wax pooling within and drowning out the wick before the candle has finished burning.  Also, sometimes the lids had to be secured with pins so they did not slide off during burning, and the poppet within the compartment often had to be secured in the same way. These candles will burn unhindered, which is much better for your results.

The candles I make for this service are crafted especially for you after you order, so the skull portion of the candle will either contain a male or a female candle, according to your needs.

This service was listed March 5 2021



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forever in mind working


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