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If you are looking for the Wholesale application form, you can email us and we will send it to you to complete and return to us for approval. barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com

You may also find it here and download it from Dropbox and once you complete the form (offline on your own computer or device) please save it and email it to us. You will need to register an account on our website, as well. Once I receive and approve your wholesale status, I will go into the system and manually change your account over to wholesale and notify you via email.  The link to the form can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/591p0oyf7p8a0y1/Wholesale%20Account%20Information%20Sheet%202020.docx?dl=0


Client Information and Rootwork Service Agreement:  (To be completed and returned via email upon purchase of Rootwork services).  Please follow directions carefully.


You can find the document here via Dropbox. Do NOT complete the form while in Dropbox. If you edit and save the document while in Dropbox, everyone will be able to see your information.

Download it to your computer or device, complete it, save it, and return it to us as an email attachment. barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com

The link to the form on Dropbox is https://www.dropbox.com/s/lrwdu0fx736ki3k/Client%20Service%20Agreement%20for%20Rootwork%20Service%202020.docx?dl=0

Otherwise, if you have trouble with the form, you can copy it here and paste it to a blank Word document, complete it, save it, and then send it to me as an attachment.

You may also email us and ask us to send you a blank form via email if you have trouble downloading it from Dropbox. This may be the best option rather than copying and pasting from this page because some of the formatting was lost when copying below and didn't copy over from the original.




Client Service Agreement for Rootwork Service

This form will make the process of preparing and completing your rootwork service much more efficient. It will save time from me searching through many countless email threads of correspondence to find your information. Thank you for your time in completing this for me. And thank you for choosing me to be your Rootworker. It is my pleasure to help you towards achieving your spiritual goals and to work with the Spirits on your behalf.

Your Name (your full real legal name)


Your date of birth (DOB)


Your Order Number or type of service you purchased and date.


Your Email Address            


Do you use another email address to communicate with us or for placing your order?


Do you go by an alias or pseudonym on social media for privacy purposes? If so, you can list it here. (If you message me on Social media, I may not know who you are in real life otherwise)


How did you hear about us? (Example, Google Search, Magazine Advertisement (which one?), Website Advertisement (which one?), Forum, Friend/Referral, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Please be specific.



Please give me a summary of the situation below, along with any other important information you would like to share in regard to the situation or condition pertaining to the Rootwork you purchased.

(The box will expand as you type if more room is needed.)

  • Please be thorough and please keep in mind I appreciate correct grammar and punctuation [not run-on sentences, which make it read like one long fast sentence without taking a breath, no abbreviations (such as txt, tbh, atm) or slang] so that I can read and understand what you are trying to tell me without feeling like I am stumbling over words or misunderstanding. Please ensure all your email correspondence to me is done this way too. Thank you.









Name and date of birth of the person the Rootwork will be performed in regard to: If it is for yourself, please fill in your information in the first table, or if the working is to represent someone else, fill in their name and date of birth in the first table. If this is a working that involves more than one person, please give the names and dates of birth and relationship info for all people involved (up to four, including yourself). I wouldn’t want to get confused and have the candles represent the wrong people.





Relationship info







Relationship info







Relationship info







Relationship info



Please type any petition you wish for me to use, in the space provided below. If you are not sure what a petition is, it is a statement of what goal you hope to accomplish, written either in first person or third person, as a positive affirmation, or as an imperative sentence. If you need help with this, email me, and in some cases I can write one for you. Although, your own words contain your own emotions and energy imprint and therein is much power. (Please be aware that I am not going to take the time to correct your grammar, punctuation, or spelling so be careful and write what you mean for me to use.)






Please attach all photos of all persons involved in your working to your reply with this information sheet and email it to me at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com. Please also give me some way to identify who is who in the pics you send me. I don’t want to put the wrong pic with the wrong name.

Please be aware I no longer accept personal concerns sent to me through the mail. (Hair, nail clippings, etc.)

What you will receive: Once your service has been completed, you will receive a PDF document containing photos and documentation about your service, via email to your email address you used to correspond with us and/or your email address used to create your account on our website and place your order and/or the email address you used with your payment method. The timeframe for you to receive this depends on my workload and the time needed to prepare your report.

Please take a moment to verify all the information you have provided is correct. I won’t accept updates or changes later on. The reason for this is that it gets very confusing for me if you keep changing your mind. So, this is the information I will use, period. I need this sheet returned to me within 24 hours of your purchase. I will then start a file for you, or add it to your file if you already have one with me, and I will schedule your service. It is your obligation to provide me with the information needed for your service. If you do not send it to me, I will not email you to beg or chase for your information - I will perform a general service on your behalf.

***Once you have verified that all the information is correct, please read below and apply your electronic signature to the box provided at the end.

I look forward to being of service to you and working with you. Thank you for choosing me to be your Rootworker.

I also ask that you please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as we post updates, information about our workload and turnaround times, schedule, and special offers. You can find our social media links on our website, along with our complete policies, FAQ’s, and other important information.

Disclosures and Policies:

Please be aware by purchasing a service from me, you are agreeing for me to complete this work for you, and you are agreeing to all of my terms, conditions, shop policy, and disclosures. These can be found on our website. You are also agreeing to our privacy policy. All information outlined herein also applies retroactively to past services provided to clients.

If any of the information you provide to me is intentionally misleading, false, or incomplete (if you intentionally leave something out or lie), it can not only affect the spiritual outcome of any service I provide to you, but it may get you discontinued as a client. I appreciate honesty and complete and truthful information about your situation.

If there is a “red flag” regarding your payment, (if I or my payment server’s integration picks up anything suspicious about your transaction such as unverified address, shipping and billing address are different, or if you make a purchase under someone else’s name and/or someone else’s payment method, there may be consequences such as me choosing to decline service to you or further legal action if appropriate.

Please be aware we do not offer refunds, exchanges, or recasts for any reason. If you agree for us to complete a rootwork service for you, that is a binding contract that is not conditional upon any outcome. There are no guarantees in any type of Magick. Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Conjure are intended to be used as spiritual therapy aids to help improve our lives and achieve our goals. Any product, service, or correspondence I provide to you are not to be considered a substitute for any type of medical, legal, or professional advice or treatment. By law I am stating that all services I provide are for entertainment purposes only, and all products are sold as curios only with no other claims stated or implied.

What you will receive: Once your service has been completed, you will receive via email a PDF report with photos and documentation about your service I performed for you. All information you send to us is confidential; however, in the event of a disputed charge for any reason, a hard copy of your report that was emailed to you will be sent to your billing and/or shipping address and we may initiate further legal action if necessary.

All information, photos, and documentation provided to you in your rootwork service report is for private and personal use only. By purchasing from me, you are agreeing not to use the information provided to you for any personal monetary gain or for your own business use. All information provided by me to you in your reports, email correspondence, on our website, blog, or in learning materials is protected legally, and we will take recourse with legal action if evidence is found that any information from us (past, present, or future) is used inappropriately, such as being copied, printed, shared publicly, or for your own spiritual business to offer your clients which falls under theft of intellectual or artistic property and assuming it as your own. This includes product or service names, logos, trademarks, design, methods, or anything you inadvertently or otherwise learn from me in the course of my work for you as a client. All of our rootwork service reports are protected for good reason. They are intended for personal private use for your eyes only. This includes prior service reports we have provided to you previously.

All email correspondence, photos, and reports (including written content and photos) sent to clients are Copyrighted by and remain the intellectual, digital, and artistic property of Sherry Scott and the Barefoot Witchery Shoppe.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, which is within our legal rights as a business. If we determine this is the best course of action, we will initiate a refund to you. We do not accept every case or every person as a client. If it is determined the best course of action is to discontinue a person as a client based on their conduct, request, or other reasons, we will do so. Obviously, I cannot list all of the examples this could include, obviously because unique situations and possibilities that could arise cannot be imagined or anticipated ahead of time. Please be aware that I may do a reading (by my own choice, not one you need to purchase) before determining if rootwork or a particular service is appropriate for your situation or will be beneficial, or to determine whether to do work for you. I always reserve the right to follow the advice and guidance of my spirits and guides.

If you do not agree with anything written herein, you are not obligated to sign this document, but by hiring me to provide service for you and paying for service, the same obligations, terms, and agreement of conduct still apply. We as a business, and I as an individual person and ethical and conscientious business owner have created this contract to make known our policies, terms, and disclosures as an effort in protecting our (my) rights and ownership of property. If you decline to agree, then your intents and motives may be perceived to be questionable. In other words, if you have shady motives in mind, or purchase work from me under false pretenses, you may as well walk away and move on to another Rootworker. I am unapologetic about my ownership and diligently protecting what is mine. Just as you wouldn’t want someone else to plagiarize, take credit for your work or usurp your knowledge and wisdom and falsely claim it as their own or attempt to replicate your work or ideas, I don’t either. It’s that simple. So, if this does not describe you, then we have no problem.




Please be aware that by applying your electronic signature to this form you are agreeing to all our policies, disclosures, and disclaimers outlined here, on our website, or written in the description of any of our services listed on our website as a legally binding contract.

By checking “X” in the box, you are stating you agree to all our policies outlined here in this form and listed on our website.

Type your name in the box to the right. This is your electronic signature for all intents and purposes.


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Sherry Scott

Owner and Operator of the Barefoot Witchery Shoppe

© 2020 Barefoot Witchery Shoppe, all rights reserved.




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