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If you are looking for the Wholesale application form, you can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kf7q89c4hempz5d/Wholesale%20Account%20Information%20Sheet.docx?dl=0


Client Information and Rootwork Service Agreement:  (To be completed and returned via email upon purchase of Rootwork services)

You can download the Client Service Agreement here.


Once you download the link to your computer, please complete it, save to your computer, and then return to me via email attachment to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com.

*Please do NOT attempt to complete the form online from dropbox, this will cause errors. Only complete the form from the saved document on your computer. Once complete, click to save it to your computer first before sending it to me. Otherwise, it will send me the blank document.

If you have any trouble, please see below, and you can copy and paste this information to a blank Word document, and complete it that way. If you still have trouble with the form, you may just send me an email with your answers. Please do not send incomplete information. Thank you, I appreciate your time and help with this. It is beneficial to us both, so I can keep your information organized in your client file.



Client Information and Rootwork Service Agreement

This form will save me a lot of time so that I can get your working done for you faster and easier. It’s not my intention to make things more difficult for you, but only to be more efficient so I can better serve you. I get at least 40 emails per day, and although I keep a file on my computer for each client, it is still hard for me to sort through so many email threads, especially when there can be several different email threads per client, with anywhere from 10-70 separate emails. Because I have to enter the email address you used when you ordered into the search bar on Yahoo to find the information you sent me or refresh my memory about our previous conversations. It gets difficult for me to find what I am looking for, such as your photos, names, dates of birth, and petitions. So, this information will be kept in your file, and I will need a new one filled out and possibly new photos sent for easy reference, as well, each time you purchase a new service. Also, I know some people like to send me different pics for new workings, if they find a better one, and sometimes I forget and use an old one instead. So, I don’t want you to be unhappy with the pic I use, so it’s better for everyone if you re-send them.

Please type your information on the right hand columns.

Your Name


Your date of birth (DOB)


Your Order Number or type of service you purchased.


Your Email Address            


Do you use another email address to communicate with us? If so, please let me know; otherwise, it is difficult to find our correspondence and your information for your Rootwork. I use the email address you used when placing the order on our website, when I search for your information or send reports. Please also, choose only one avenue of communication. The preferred method is emailing me at barefootwitcheryshoppe.com, rather than Social Media.


If you have any other identity for privacy purposes on social media, such as Facebook, it may help in the future, if you will list it here. Because if you do or have messaged me on Facebook, using a different profile, I may not have any idea who you are, and unfortunately sometimes people will have more than one profile, other than their real one.


How did you hear about us? (Example, Google Search, Magazine Advertisement (which one?), Website Advertisement (which one?), Forum, Friend/Referral, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.






Please give me a brief summary of the situation below, along with any other important information you would like to share in regards to the situation or condition pertaining to the Rootwork you purchased. (the box will expand as you type if more room is needed.) Please also let me know if you have had or if you are currently having any other Rootwork done for this same situation. Or if you think someone else is casting spellwork against you and your goal. This is very important for me to be aware of, because it can affect the working either in a good or bad way, or I may need to take precautionary measures ahead of time or do something differently. Believe me, I’d rather you be honest with me ahead of time and let me know if you have done any workings yourself or if you have been “Rootworker hopping”. I would rather be aware of any other workings that have been going on or are taking place presently, rather than be surprised when something goes amiss or otherwise unusually during the course of the Rootwork I perform for you.














Name and date of birth of the person the Rootwork will be performed in regards to. If it is for yourself, please fill in your information in the first table, or if the working is to represent a target, fill in their name and date of birth in the first table. If this is a working that involves more than one person (like a moving figural candle spell service, please give the names and dates of birth and relationship info for all people involved (up to four, including yourself). I wouldn’t want to get confused and have the candles represent the wrong people, so that is why I ask for their relationship info when there’s 3 or 4 people involved in a working, such as my ex that I want to get back, his new girlfriend, and this other guy I want her to hook up with so she’ll break up with my ex and he’ll come back to me. Just an example, you get the idea.)





Relationship info







Relationship info







Relationship info







Relatioship info




Please attach all photos of all persons involved in your working to your reply with this information sheet and email it to me at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com. Please also give me some way to identify who is who in the pics you send me. I don’t want to put the wrong pic with the wrong name.

If you have personal concerns (personal items such as hair sample, fingernail clippings, a small piece of clothing or clothes tag, physical photograph, sample of their handwriting, dirt from their footprint, or your handwritten petition, etc), you will need to let me know, so please mark the appropriate box below with an X on the right hand column so I can be aware and remember to watch for it in the mail before I begin, so that it gets used in your working. (Please note, I do not want anything that has bodily fluids on it sent to me. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to (and it’s not safe for me) handle anything that would belong in a biohazard bin in a doctor’s office.  Basically, if you would wash your hands after you touched it, or if a doctor would use sterile disposable gloves to handle it, I don’t want it. I even use tweezers when handling hair or nail clippings.)  Please include identifying information, such as your receipt, your order number, a copy of this service agreement, etc, along with the personal concerns in the envelope. Please also place whatever you send me in a baggie and label it, as to what it is and who it belonged to. I only need a small piece or amount of whatever it is.





If you checked Yes, you can send it to me at:

The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe

Sherry Scott

11183 Okesa Rd.

Bartlesville, OK  74003

This information contained on this form will be used for the sole purpose of your service that I perform for you, and is kept completely confidential. I do not share any information, and anything you share with me is just between you and me.


Please type any petition you wish for me to use, in the space provided below.







Please take a minute to verify that all your information is correct, and then please make sure you have reviewed my shop policies, which are updated as needed and are posted on my website at http://www.barefootwitcheryshoppe.com/shop-policies-faqs-and-legal-information/. By typing your name in the box below, it represents your signature and your agreement to my terms, conditions, and shop policies, and your agreement for me to do the working that you purchased.

Type your name in the box to the right, to represent your electronic signature.


Today’s Date



Please send this and ALL email correspondence to me, along with this form with the following subject line, and please keep all emails in one thread:

Client Service Agreement

If you do not send your email with this subject line, your information may get lost in my inbox, and if I cannot find it, I will have to ask you to re-send it, because I will flag all incoming emails that have this subject line so I can find it easily and move it to your file, and move on to getting your spellwork done for you. I know you’re anxious for me to get started and will be tempted to send me emails such as “just checking on when I will get my report”, or “just checking to see how my service is going”. But please do not blow up my inbox, because I do not have time to spend two hours a day answering these types of emails when  I could be working on the services and orders you, as well as other clients, have purchased instead. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter, because if I’ve got an update on what’s going on with my schedule, that is where I will post it, rather than to have to reply the same thing to 40 different emails a day. My regular client base has grown tremendously, and I have a lot of information to keep track of, as well as a lot of orders to fill, so my turnaround time can vary if I am overbooked, but is normally around two weeks, depending on the type of service you request. I have one day services, 2-3 day services which can sometimes take longer, 7 day, and 9 day services. If you do not hear from me after you send me the completed form, please, again, do not blow up my inbox; my silence means that I have all the information I need and I have got you scheduled or am already working on it. It does not mean that I am ignoring you, won’t complete your work, or that you need to jump to crazy conclusions and file a dispute. You will receive an email from me when your service / ritual is complete, with a complete report, beautiful photos, and in most cases such as figural candle services, a short video. I appreciate your patience very much, because quality work should not be rushed. So, I do appreciate you taking the time to read these instructions and provide me all your information on this form.  It will benefit both of us greatly.  I look forward to working with you and it is my pleasure to be of service to you. Blessings!

*Please also, like our Facebook page, because that is the place where I post updates about anything important going on, such as specials, consultation schedules, catching up on reports and emails, my work schedule, personal schedule, etc.  Our Facebook page is the main avenue of updates, so if you are waiting to hear from me otherwise, check there. I receive more emails than I am able to answer, so PLEASE always watch our posts on Facebook for current statuses.

Please also be aware that by purchasing a service from me, you are in agreement with our terms and conditions, which can be found on our website.

Sherry Scott

Sole Proprietor and Operator of the Barefoot Witchery Shoppe

© Barefoot Witchery Shoppe, all rights reserved.



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