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Four Thieves Vinegar, for Cleansing, Banishing, and Protection


Product Description

Four Thieves Vinegar is a very old Hoodoo formula used for repelling and protection from negative energies, folks who would want to cause you harm, or drain your psychic energy.  This is excellent for protection from psychic vampires.  The kind of people that just seem to drain you dry just by being around them or talking to them.  

This particular recipe that I use calls for 13 ingredients to be mixed with red wine vinegar and left to be stored in a warm place for approximately one month, then strained.  That is why you won't see any herbs in my blend.  Although those blends are pretty to look at, this one follows a version of the recipe that dates back to the 1750's and is much more potent.  Since then, some folks tend to simply the recipe by only using four of the traditional ingredients, one to represent each thief in the story of Four Thieves Vinegar. 

My Four Thieves Vinegar comes in a handy two ounce plastic spray mister.  It is convenient to spray around your doorway, mist the air, clean doorknobs, use in the car or workplace, and even in places like classrooms, hospitals, and nursing homes.  I do not recommend spraying it directly on light colored fabrics, because it could stain.  You can even spray a mist of this on your hands to symbolize washing your hands of a person, bad situation, or past memories. 

Perhaps there is some kind of spiritual or domestic disturbance, tension, bad vibes, illness, or fear going on in your home or your life. Feel like a dark cloud is hanging overhead?  Banish it away with Four Thieves Vinegar.  This formula is also one of many that are good for protecting your home from negative energies or those who wish you harm.  Feel as though someone may be using magick against you? In addition to other measures, this is an excellent item to have around.  You never know when you might need it. 


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