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Full Horror Working. Psychological Enemy Working


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"Dear God, what have I done?!!"

-May the full horror of your actions be revealed to you. 

This working focuses on the psychological aspect of enemy work. The feeling that something or someone is about to catch up with them. Anticipation. Fear of the unknown thing waiting just around the corner. These are not irrational fears we are trying to manifest, these are realities we want to manifest in your enemy's life. We have all experienced that feeling of "Something bad is about to happen", and then usually it does. Was it because we had that thought? Did we manifest it into being? Or was it the other way around? If you welcome something and give it enough attention, it usually shows up. Whatever we fear most or project is usually what we have within us deep down, just beneath the surface where we hope no one will see and hope no one will look under that rug or open that closet. So they try to keep the thing at bay, point out the horrors they see in others to distract from the image they see in the mirror. Does anyone else see it? 

It's time to open up your enemy's closet and throw that rug to the side. It's showtime for all the things they have hidden away to come out and play out in their realities. Let's have them call on all their monsters and let them come prancing out and ready to play. They're already getting very messy, you can tell the disturbance is already there. It's evident to everyone, and they're talking in hushed tones. No one would believe them anyway.  Was that seed of doubt there a moment ago? I think it was. Did they create a playmate and now it's turned against them? What a pity. 

The things we fear, the things we fret about, the more we give them fuel, the more they manifest. This will be full-on manifestation of your enemy's demise, by their own hand. They will be their own downfall and not even know it. They will let the things they are guilty of manifest in their own lives and turn their own thoughts and actions against themselves. This isn't about creating or sending a curse, this is about working with what is already there in existence and turning it against them.  Similar to a combination of Return to Sender, Truth Reveal, Unmasking, or Reversing working but much more. 

Don't blame me, I didn't do it. You did it to yourself. 

This is an enemy working to help karma along. Curses are not always supposed to be unjustifiably or randomly thrown bursts of ill-will. People can actually turn out to be their own worst enemy and their curse is actually themselves and taking ownership of that fact.  Sometimes people need to suffer the consequences of their own poor choices and reap the fruits of their labor whether they be bitter or sweet. To help them realize that plotting against and harming others is only really a form of self-sabotage. So you can use the energy of the suffering they inflicted on you and turn it back onto the one who sent it, plus amplify that toxic energy that already exists within them and it will work against them. This isn't about creating something that does not exist, it's about returning energy and amplifying it.


Legal Disclaimer:

Please be sure of your purchase beforehand, and certain of what you really want. Before purchase, please be aware that I do not offer refunds, exchanges, or free recasts or free work of any kind. My terms and conditions can be found on this website, and by purchasing you are agreeing to those. Aside from complications of a situation or obstacles, outcomes are determined by God, the Spirits, Orishas, & Loas, and by the decisions of one's free will. Hoodoo and Rootwork are a way of life, a relationship with the Spirits to enrich our lives, and tools to help us to make better decisions that can lead to more positive outcomes.

I cannot be held responsible for outcomes of work performed on your behalf or how you use our products. All services are sold for entertainment purposes only, and all items are sold as curios. Spiritual work of any kind is no substitute for medical, psychological, or professional treatment or advice or any kind. We are not responsible in any way for any results or outcome related to the services or products we provide for you.


 Service listed 12/19/20. Candle used and pictured is not made by me; they are purchased from another artisan.


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