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Head Games Oil Collection


Product Description

We call this collection Head Games. It is a collection of 7 oils for enemy workings when you really want to mess with someone's mind, control their thoughts, cause them mental anguish and turmoil, and basically make them the instrument of their own destruction.  When someone is preoccupied, sleep-deprived from nightmares, not able to think straight, paranoid, desperate, delusional, and so on, they are libel to have self-inflicted bad luck, make mistakes and bad decisions, have accidents, and generally create their own demise.  This can even lead to them getting fired from their job, divorced, lose friends and social standing, ruin their reputation, their credit, and their finances.  They will essentially by a sniveling hot mess and do and say things that are completely illogical and out of character.

There are 7 oils in this set.

  • Mind Bender - For manipulating and controlling someone's mind and thoughts.
  • Controlling - For controlling someone else's thoughts and actions.
  • Confusion - For causing misunderstandings, miscommunications, and they won't know whether they're coming or going.
  • Inflammatory Confusion - To create chaos and confusion in someone's mind and thoughts, and in their life.  Non-confrontational way of dealing with someone and taking their focus off of you.  Takes the Confusion formula up a notch.  Sends someone off in the wrong direction, and takes their focus elsewhere. 
  • Restless - For causing mental ailments, crossed conditions, bad dreams or troubled sleep, used to torment a person into compliance.
  • Bat Shit Crazy (my own formula.  It may smell nice, but it contains key ingredients in formulas that are for those who are desperate, needy, the self-important, those with a feeling of entitlement, narcissistic, and needy.  This oil amplifies and exacerbates all of those traits in a person.  So, fair warning, it can be devastating to millennials.  
  • Her Twisted Ways This oil is also my own formula and contains herbs and roots with attributes known as "twisting".  Meaning, you want something to happen and you don't care how, even if things have to take a twisting, winding route to get there.  I include this formula in this collection because it has many uses, and is particularly good when you are feeling desperate enough to do enemy works and you want to get shit done and get it done now, one way or another.

These are some of the formulas I use in my Pepper Head curse.  Use with caution, especially if directed towards someone you have to live with, or on someone who already displays symptoms of mental disorders or conditions (medically speaking).

Best when used on black or purple skull candles.  Here are a few other ideas: the chair your boss sits in, something that person touches on a daily basis like their pen, a hat your target will wear often, etc.  Try to avoid getting any of these on yourself.

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Crafted with fine herbs, roots, essential oils. .50 Ounce glass bottles.

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