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Hedge of Protection, Bible Conjure Oil


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“Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land.”  Job 1:10, KJV

This particular passage of the Bible is actually a quote from Satan.  I know that may sound strange.  But the context of the verse is in regards to a conversation between the devil and God about a good man named Job.  You've probably heard preachers give sermons on "the patience of Job".  However, it wasn't Job's patience God was testing, he was basically showing off how faithful he knew Job would be.  No matter what was thrown at Job, Job did not deny God or lose his faith.  He had a severe testing of his faith and passed.  

God does build a hedge of protection around us, and you've probably heard your granny pray something like "I pray a hedge of protection around my family and my home."  Well, that is why.  It is just like a security blanket, knowing you're taken care of and safe.  And God's protection from harm is the best home security system or bodyguard you can have.

.50 ounce glass bottle

Contains fine essential oils, may also contain any number of herbs, roots, resins, flowers, and high grade carrier oil.  Each formula in my Bible Conjure collection is guided by Spirit and is blessed and blended specifically with the goal, intent, and purpose stated, and inspired by the Scripture itself.  Our Bible Conjure oils are based on Holy Scriptures with pure intent, with reverence for the Word of God, to help petition Divine assistance and intervention in your spiritual workings.  Most of these formulas smell good, but aren't blended with aromatherapy being the foremost intent and purpose.  Use on candles, petitions, papers, anything you need, according to your intent, goal, or purpose.  If you choose to wear any as a fragrance or to anoint a person, please test a small area first for any sign of allergic reaction, and do not apply to broken or irritated skin.  Please use with same precautions as you would any essential oil or blend.  Some formulas, depending on the intended magickal intent/purpose, can be used in bath water.  Not for internal use or use on animals. Not intended to be a substitute for any professional, medical, legal, psychological, or religious advice or treatment.

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