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Hoodoo Diner


Welcome to the Hoodoo Diner!  Your go-to for Spells To-Go.

Here at the Hoodoo Diner, we offer a warm and friendly atmosphere and want to help you bring Hoodoo home. You know the feeling you get when you eat comfort food at a Mom and Pop type café or diner?  Hoodoo can be like that too, and give you the warm fuzzies inside like a warm slice of apple pie with ice cream. A lot of Hoodoo happens in the kitchen, where Mama makes her own magic happen, stirring goodness and spirituality into every meal, making sure her home and family is safe and protected, preparing fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden, keeping the hearth fires going and the stove always ready, to bring harmony, health, and happiness to the household. The kitchen is a sacred space and is the heart of the home. 

Welcome to the Hoodoo Diner, we hope you enjoy what we have prepared for you, Spells a la Carte!




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