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Hope & Sunshine oil


Product Description

Hope & Sunshine sounds pretty humble and meek.  But it is pure positive energy in a bottle, 6 years in the making. 

When you need some light and fresh air and a fresh outlook.  Whether your struggle is at the workplace, at home, in a legal battle, with family issues, illness, or any number of other scenarios. We all need hope and sunshine to live. Take a moment - take all the moments you need, to stop, forget what's going on all around you, and just close your eyes and breathe.  It's going to be alright.  Even if it isn't, you're going to be alright.  You've survived all of your worst days so far. Keep going. 

Life gets overwhelming sometimes and can be brutal.  It's a bad day, though, not a bad life. Anxiety and depression come when you feel out of control.  There are always going to be things you can't control.  But there is one thing you can control, and it is the most important thing - yourself, how you let things affect you, and how you react. Negative energy feeds from your misery and is powerless without it. Your can win your struggle. Psychic attacks and parasitic energy can leave you feeling like your spirit is being swung around by its own tail.  But stop and take a minute and realize what is going on.  Knowledge is power.  Take one day at a time.  Take one minute at a time if you need to.  But get up, take one step at a time, do one thing at a time. Change the dynamic and thereby change the outcome. The change in the atmosphere and your environment happens once you decide to make a change yourself.  Hope builds and darkness retreats when we decide to take an active role in how things are going to play out from one minute to the next.  And then from one day to the next.  And so on.

This isn't a miracle in a bottle.  But it is a window to open, even in a room where there isn't one.  To let in some light and hope, and to change the atmosphere and shine the light to make the shadows scatter.



.50 ounce glass bottle. Fragrance is Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Tuberose, Jasmine, Chamomile and more.

Fine essential oils and top quality carrier oil.  Suggested use: aromatherapy. Use in oil burners or with reed diffusers. You can also use to dress candles, anoint rooms, bedding, petitions, poppets, or mojos.  Carry with you to take a sniff of hope and sunshine when you're feeling down. Wear as a fragrance, but test small area first for allergic reaction on skin.  Do not use on broken skin or wounds/cuts.  Add to bath water or to bath sponge. Not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. 


The Story Behind Hope & Sunshine:

Hope & Sunshine was a labor of love and necessity, started over 6 years ago.  Days spent in a dark hospital room sitting with my mother, wishing there were some way to bring some hope and sunshine into the room and into her life.  And into mine.  Hospitals and nursing facilities / homes are some of the most productive places for negative energy to lurk and multiply.  It's an empath's worst nightmare because of the realization of what the patients are going through and experiencing it yourself.  Despair, confusion, parasitic illness, mental chaos, fear, pain, unanswered questions, sadness, paranoia, desperation, giving up.  Like sludge, wading through it, trying to maintain the will to stay above rather than to sink below.  And I've recently been in the same situation with my husband's mother and her struggle with dementia.

Leaving for the day, back to life, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt.  Emerging into the fresh air and sunshine was like gasping for air after feeling as though I had been breathing through a pillow.  Residual negative energy clung to my mind  to the point that I felt that I couldn't think straight and questioned the sanity of every though and idea. I felt as though psychic parasites were stuck to me like leeches.  How could I cleanse spiritually and get back to feeling normal?  How much good could I possibly do someone else, if I succumbed to the negative energy bombardment myself?  We try to bring hope to someone else while we know we are sounding like we're just telling them pretty lies.  That's when you know your own candle is burning dim and needs to be recharged.

The above story is my own, how something good can be created during a dark time.  Although, it wasn't my dark time, it was someone else's.  And I was there to be the light. You may be the only hope and sunshine someone has in their life.

I've sat in my own darkness, also, feeling as though I was in a thick fog.  I struggled and felt as though I would not recover and had no hope. I didn't know what to believe anymore.  Someone sat with me in the dark and blew on the embers until a flame grew back to life.

Even if your situation is vastly different, we all need some hope and sunshine in our lives, and your dark time may be different. I pray that you have someone to sit in the dark with you until you can see the light.

And I pray that Hope & Sunshine will help and bless you or someone else, even in some small way.


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