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Irreplacable Oil Collection


Product Description

This is a set of 10 Hoodoo Oils in .50 ounce glass bottles.

  • New Life - For forgetting past misfortunes and beginning afresh.  Crafted with powdered egg shell, herbs, and resins.  Fragrance is lemongrass, mint, myrrh, and more.
  • Acceptance - Used to help  one through difficult times.  Helps calm the mind so you can focus on a solution or get closure on a situation.  Fragrance is rosewood geranium frankincense, and more.
  • Escaping - To get anything to go away or to get out of a negative situation, no matter what.  When used on a poppet to reprsent a person, it will remove that person from your life. Use on yourself or a candle representing you to help you escape out of a situation. Fragrance is cedar, cypress, and mor.
  • Phoenix - For healing from an emotional or physical trauma. To rise from the ashes to begin a new life.  Fragrance is high quality Bulgarian lavender, lemon, and more.
  • Quitting - To cause one part of a couple to leave the wearer alone.  Can also be used to stop others from hexing the wearer. Fragrance is nutmeg, apricot, and more.
  • Unbinding - This oil was created to release one who is bound to another, or is obsessive over something that seems unreasonable.  Wear this blend as an anointing oil whenever you are stressing over your situation.  Fragrance is peach, melon, cucumber, and more.
  • You Must Not Know Bout Me - You Must Not Know 'Bout Me is a formula  I crafted specifically for someone who is facing a multitude of changes in their life: Moving on, new beginnings, attracting a new and lasting love, self confidence & self esteem, cutting ties with the past, and enhancing decision making, wisdom, and trusting your intuition.
    Whether you're making a change in your relationship status, employment status, moving to a new place, making a changes with your friends or the type of people you associate with, discarding bad habits or addictions, or any other situation where you want to make a major change for the better, You Must Not Know 'Bout Me can help. Even during times when you feel that no one else believes in you, you know you can believe in yourself. You're strong, and you can make it. You can do this, and you can beat anything that opposes the positive changes you want to make in your life.  Fragrance is clary sage, tuberose, honeysuckle, neroli, and more.
  • Fresh Start - Starting fresh can be scary. Whether you are just beginning a new endeavor or ending an old one or an old relationship, Fresh Start oil can help bless your new path and help you achieve your new goals while calming your nerves, setting your mind at ease, and helping you to focus.  Fragrance is fresh milk, myrrh, spearmint, and more.
  • Fear Not - Fear not is to set your mind at ease so you don't have to worry about any hidden pitfalls laid for you or any workings succeeding against you.  It also prevents foot traffic magick from affecting you, as well as prevent anyone from collecting dirt from your property or any other personal concerns. This can be a great benefit if you are worried about retaliation of a scorned lover or enemy.
  • Roaring Gumption - Roaring Gumption is my own creation, for an added dose of courage when you need it.  No matter the reason, Roaring Gumption's purpose is to give you that extra nudge you need, when it's not the time to be timid, afraid, or shy. Go ahead and show your teeth and roar!  Afraid to attempt that spell that you've been thinking about? Thinking of making a change in your life for the better? Wanting to ask for a raise or promotion, or need to have a serious talk with someone but don't know where to start? The first step is the hardest. 

My Irreplacable oil collection is designed to help you get through a tough time in life, the ending of a relationship, and moving on.  It is designed to help with your self esteem, your self-assertiveness, and getting out of that relationship that is not good for you.  It can be hard to walk away,get someone to walk away when the love is no longer there,  or to even be walked away from. You have good things waiting up the road for you, so don't feel down about yourself. You can wear any of these oils as a fragrance, use them on candles, poppets, mojo bags, paquets, and more.

I have carefully chosen all of these formulas to work well together; you can use just one or a couple of blends, or even all of them, layering them to increase the energy needed for you to reach your goals and desires.

 Add a few drops to an oil burner or wax lamp. My oils make an excellent aromatherapy tool for meditating on your goals and desires. The oil you receive will be made especially for you when you order.

 Many of the formulas that I use are old traditional Hoodoo condition oil recipes, some even very rare with hard-to-find ingredients, and some are my own formula, blended according to the carefully researched metaphysical properties of the herbs and roots. I study and practice Hoodoo and New Orleans Voodoo, and have collected hundreds of oil recipes from various sources over the years.


I use only the finest herbs, roots, curios, and essential oils. Carrier oils can vary depending upon the formula and can include any of the following: Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avacado Oil, Clear Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, Mineral Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Camelina Oil. Please test a small area on your skin first for allergy purposes. For external use only.  The bottles I use are clear glass and are boston rounds that are fairly durable thick glass and have a heavy feel to them.  So, they will last a long time, as will your oil; I use a few drops of Vitamin E oil in each bottle for freshness so your oil will last.


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