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Kintsugi Repair™ for Mending One's Self, Rootwork Service

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Product Description

I want to thank all the fears that I faced. I want to thank those who threw rocks, for they built my empire. I want to thank those who put obstacles in my way, for they were my stepping-stones.  I am thankful for the cages, for they taught me what inner freedom is. I am thankful to the darkness, or I wouldn't have known the light.  I am thankful for the time that was lost, the attention that was monopolized, the energy that was drained, the psychic attacks, and all that was meant to break or destroy me. Because it has all brought me here. All of my steps have been carefully orchestrated by Spirit. All that was thrown at me, my Guides have used it as material to teach me. I see you. But even more importantly, I see me. And I am right here and now, exactly where I am meant to be. I have traveled far to find me, and there are miles to go. - Sherry Scott


This is a deep healing and repair working inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, repairing broken objects with gold.

This working is about restoration of what was lost. Repair of what was damaged. Being true to your own self and aspiring to your own expectations and no one else's. This is about getting yourself to a place you can live with and function.  It is about remodeling, dusting out the cobwebs, and the realization of becoming whole and complete. 

It is about learning to rely on your guides and your intuition, and learning to discern and stop believing voices that tell you lies.

Moreover, it is about learning to rely on yourself, trust yourself, and realize you are worthy. 

Triumph through (not over or around, but through) adversity. Success through limitations, acknowledging the fears and facing them.

You don't have to be perfect to achieve your goals. It's probably best that you aren't.

Nobody achieves great things by doing easy things and living in the sunshine and flowers all the time.

You are refined by fire and by your repair. You can do hard things.


I want to do what I can to help you through this process, if you're ready.  You've got to be ready and participate and do some work yourself. If you are wanting this service for another person, I am ready to help and happily so. I just want you to be aware that the other person has to be willing to make some changes in their own life and do the hard things to make it come to fruition themselves. This can help them by doing the prep-work, laying the foundation. But it can't help anyone who isn't ready and willing until they get to a certain point which is that single little spark of desire.

I worked with a master candlemaker to make these Kintsugi inspired candles happen. They are guaranteed to be available exclusively for and through the Barefoot Witchery Shoppe. I have also traveled my own difficult path and have worked hard to be able to share what I have learned with you. So, before purchasing this service or any of these beautiful kintsugi candles and other exclusive products, please read my blog post which delves much deeper and darker into this healing and repair process and how it can help you on your level.  This is some down in the dirt and the mud, rock bottom, ground zero, hardcore stuff.

So, while I cannot require you to read more about it, I am convinced you will find it enlightening and beneficial and that it will make your experience and your journey more enriching.


I will customize the ingredients (herbal/root blends, formulas, and oils) to your specific need, goal, or intention.

What I will need from you: Your name, date of birth, and photo. Or if you are purchasing this service on behalf of someone else, I will need that person's name, date of birth, and information. 

Please tell me a little about the situation or the issues you or your intended person is experiencing. What are you/they going through? What is broken and needs mending?

You may send your information to me after purchase at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com

This item is listed as a physical item, but please be aware it is a spell / ritual service.  What you will receive is a document emailed to you with the photos of your spell being performed after it is completed along with interpretations of the divination signs of the candle.


Please read my complete Shop Policies and FAQ's page before purchase.

You can send your information for your spellwork to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com after purchase.


This service cannot be performed as part of the Triple Play or Home Run Packages of Rootwork Services or purchased with any discounts or special offers.




Kintsugi Repair™ is registered to Sherry Scott and Barefoot Witchery Shoppe and is the intellectual, digital, and artistic property thereof. No duplication of product or service design or similarities are authorized.

The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe and Sherry Scott retain all exclusive rights to the Kintsugi Repair™ products and services seen on our website, along with the candles which are made exclusively for us.

Our Kintsugi Repair™ line was released February 5, 2020. If you should see anything similar elsewhere, it is an unauthorized copy and should be reported to us immediately. Legal action will apply.

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