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Live Things & Crocodile Tears Working


Product Description

*Trigger warning, regarding the photos used for this listing, read at the end.

This is an enemy working, first and foremost. I do not recommend this working on someone you are currently living with.  This is what we call head work and because each person is unique, their response can be unpredictable. Everyone has their own demons, or their own phobias or mindsets, so this working plays on all of those things.

This working is intended to cause ailments of the mind, irrational fears, nightmares, manifestations of their subconscious, hallucinations, paranoia, mental disturbance, and non-sympathy from those around them. This can also highly exacerbate any existing mental conditions, so please be aware of that. If you intend this working for a narcissist, realize that you are inviting an extremely elevated reaction from them and their behavior is going to escalate. So that is why I say not to consider this working for someone you live with.

I also want to say this is not a working such as an Intranquil Spirit working intended to bring a lost love back to you. It is a curse, pure and simple.

The idea for this working comes from an old condition that is conjured upon enemies called "Live Things In You."  However, this working uses a ground mixture of dead things, rather than causing death to living creatures in the making of the formula used. Live Things In You is not heard much about, and when you do find information about it, it is fairly vague, much-feared and rightly so, and is more or less spoken of in hushed tones. Those who know what it involves are hesitant to try it, and I personally do not recommend it. Details about it can be found in a very old out-of-print book that I would caution readers about before reading. So, I'm not going to name it here or the process it describes.  I believe the idea is based on some of the Hoodoo beliefs and practices that were adapted from Native Americans and possibly Europeans as well, steeped in superstition. The fear of things crawling inside you, in your brain, and beneath your skin is not something I would attribute to just one area of folk magic or regional traditions. I mean, who wouldn't be scared of such a thing or who hasn't had bad dreams about things like that? There are even movies about it, but very little information about what can cause this, either literally or mentally.

 This working can also be customized with your written intent, or petition, if you wish to write one. Maybe you just want to inflict misery on someone who has put you through hell.  Or inflict some shit upon someone's life so you can witness their demise.  It can definitely be satisfying to watch someone become their own undoing by their behavior, causing others to think they are crazy or at the very least mentally unstable and unable to do the things they are supposed to do such as their job and keep obligations and relationships.  They will have bad luck, to say the least, and it will all appear to be their own fault.

About the candles I use in this working: Each one serves a purpose and has its own representation, either for its uses in Hoodoo, animal totem symbolism, or because they are fearsome creatures.

About Crocodile Tears: This phrase is metaphorical in meaning and the general definition is insincere sympathy.  Has someone ever showed you sympathy that was just for show, or had no real meaning behind it? We all have at one time or another.  This also means an apology that has no real emotion behind it at all, for example: "I'm sorry if you feel that I did you wrong."  Something you might hear from a narcissist, where they try to place all the blame on everyone but themselves and make you feel like you are at fault while delivering an apology to make themselves look good to others. All the while, making you feel like you're crazy or imagining things or losing your mind.  You can turn the tables and make them feel like their cheese is sliding off their cracker. 

Upon ordering, if you could send me your target's name, date of birth, and photo, or as much information as you have available. I do not need your information for this working, so have no fear that any effects will come your way incidentally.  If you wish to write a petition, it will be very helpful.


Please read my complete Shop Policies and FAQ's page before purchase.

You can send your information for your spellwork to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com after purchase. 

Photo is for example only. Your service will be custom tailored to you and your situation and may look similar but will be unique.


*Disclaimer regarding the photos used for this listing. Rattlesnake: Was received as a gift, dead from natural causes, preserved for later magickal uses. Frog: was not harmed in any way and was left to carry on with its day, after taking its photo, used for example only. Flies: were killed on purpose in a fly trap, reserved for later magickal uses.

The ingredients used for our Live Things formula (which is not yet available for sale to the public) is made up of already dead creatures or their parts (curios). no harm came to any living creature intentionally for the purpose of use in this working or our Live Things formula. Creatures who perished of natural causes were used (or their parts) with the exception of things such as insects, flies, spiders, and wasps. It bears mentioning, however, that we do live in a rural area and so I am a country girl, and there are good snakes and bad snakes. Everything serves a purpose. What I refer to as bad snakes are those who pose a threat to me or our animals personally - in which case they are indeed killed if they are poisonous, if they cannot be removed otherwise. I know everyone worries about things like that, mostly city people, so I am trying to clarify for those who are easily offended or overly sensetive, that I don't kill things for the purpose of Hoodoo or without cause. 


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live things and crocodile tears working


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