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L'Orange Oil, Health, Love, Marriage, Positive Energy, Beauty, You Name It!


Product Description

L'Orange is my own creation and is an excellent oil for many puposes and many methods of use.  Use it to attract WHATEVER you need, whether it is health, finances, love, beauty, a marriage proposal, ward off negative energy and draw positive energy.  It attracts what you need and nothing you don't. 

Orange has long been an ingredient in Hoodoo formulas to attract a marriage proposal or to help someone make up their mind in love matters, if they are hesitant to commit or unsure. 

L'Orange would be an excellent oil to add a few drops to your bath water. In China and other parts of Asia, oranges have long been used as beauty treatments for the skin and hair. It is believed that bathing in oranges will enhance beauty. In Japan, during Winter Solstice, men and women alike bathe in hot water with Yuzu fruit floating in the water.  Yuzu is a winter citrus fruit very similar to an orange or grapefruit.  It is a tradition during this transitioning time of the year to bathe with Yuzu to keep from getting colds, and soothe the mind and body.  In Japan communal bathing is quite a common tradition any time of the year, to quiet the mind and disconnect with the stresses of life and reconnect with your spirit.  It is very therapeutic.  In Japan and China alike, oranges are also used in traditional medicine. 

Plus, oranges are like pure sunshine to lift the spirits and renew and refresh your outlook and give a sense of hope.

So, not only is this a Hoodoo oil for ritual use on candles, it can also be used on poppets, mojo bags, paquets, and more.  It would also be a wonderful addition to your altar for Oshun.

L'Orange is also an excellent aromatherapy oil and can also be worn as a fragrance to attract all the things you need to you.

When you need a boost of posivie energy, just open up the bottle of L'Orange and smell the hope and sunshine.  I would recommend carrying L'Orange with you when you have to go places where there may be stressful situations or uncomfortable or unpleasant.  For example, when you visit a loved one in a hospital or nursing home, dab a little bit of L'Orange on yourself before you go in, to ward off the negative energy and illness and keep it from clinging to you.  When you leave, repeat the same thing or just open up the bottle and take a big whiff of L'Orange, and exhale any negativity.

So, what is so special abot L'Orange besides all of that? There may be similar formulas out there, but mine is unique. It is made up of over 10 different essential oils, blended with very specific measurements to reach the results I desired, plus it has fresh peachy & yellow rose petals.  The scent is pure hope and sunshine. Achieved with not only four different types of orange essential oil including blood orange and madagascar orange, but also neroli, musk, and fig, with light floral notes.  L'Orange also contains gold magnetic sand to activate the attraction of the things you desire. Not that the scent couldn't accomplish that all on its own, but the gold magnetic sand kicks it up a notch.

L'Orange is also an excellent mood booster to banish the winter blues.




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