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Maman Brigitte Fragrance and Ritual Oil


Product Description

My Maman Brigitte Fragrance and Ritual Oil is crafted with fine essential oils, with notes of Oakmoss, Earth, Rose, Geranium, Wisteria, and foliage.  Such as the scent of the consecrated ground of her sacred domain, the Cemetary.

This oil is blended with grapeseed oil, and contains a few drops of Vitamin E oil to preserve freshness. 

This oil can be used as a fragrance to wear, or to anoint candles in your personal rituals. A few drops can also be added to bath water.  I crafted this oil to honor Maman Brigitte.

Maman Brigitte, the mother of cemeteries, the lwa (goddess) of money and death. Maman Brigitte protects cemeteries, especially graves that are marked with a cross.

Maman Brigitte is a tough-talking, sarcastically funny goddess who uses a lot of obscenities. She is often depicted having light colored skin.

Bring your passion to the conversation; she’s a fiery and passionate woman, so you should be matching that when interacting with her. Her offerings should either be burned in a fire or dropped in a river.

She is both the queen of the cemetery and a just judge. Some also claim Brigitte is the protector of sex workers. Some sources say Maman Brigitte is the Voudun aspect of the Celtic Goddess Brigid.

Popular legend holds that Brigid was brought along with her Celtic followers when they went down to the Island of Hispaniola (of which Haiti now occupies the western half). She is considered to be one of the Ghede (Lords of the Dead). Many sources say she is the wife of Baron Samedi.

As Maman Brigitte, the first female grave in the cemetary belongs to her. She is known for her obscenities and loves hot peppers. Like many Loa, she drinks rum. While known for her temper, she is also considered a wise judge and may be approached when justice is needed

People who have been wronged in court will ask Maman Brigitte for justice. She is invoked to "raise the dead", meaning to cure and save those who are on the point of death from illness caused by magick. She has a particular influence over money affairs so give her a little wink if you've got your eye on an ill-gotten fortune.

Her colors are black, purple and white, her number is nine, and her particular days of service include Monday and Saturday

Offerings: blackberries (cobbler, wine, etc).  Tobacco, rum, kleren (a drink make by steeping hot chili pepper and black pepper corns in rum) black hens.

Sacred Place: The cemetery. She is the Queen of the Cemetery and consort of Baron Samedi, the gatekeeper of the cemetery.

Feast Days: Imbolc

Astrology: Aquarius

Tarot: Queen of Wands, Priestess, Empress

Chakra: Root

Gemstones: garnet, carnelian, bloodstone

Animals: oxen

Entities of Similar Energy: Hecate, Shango

Plants associated with: all herbs used for healing

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