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Marie Laveau Spirit Bag, Altar Set With Gris-Gris, Offerings


Product Description


This listing is for a complete set to honor New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and to aid your workings with her when petitioning her spirit for help.  It would make an excellent addition to your altar and contains enough items to make a small altar in itself for Mademoiselle Laveau. This set is small enough to take with you when you travel, and it also comes beautifully packaged with purple tissue paper in a white alligator texture gift box tied with lovely blue ribbon.

I visited New Orleans last year and paid my respects at the tomb of Marie Laveau in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.  It was a life-changing experience.  Before entering the gates, I felt inadequate and unworthy.  I left feeling full, complete, confident, blessed, and empowered.  Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to visit New Orleans in their life or able to travel so far. So, I put this set together so that everyone can experience the blessings of Marie Laveau no matter where they are in the world, anytime.

Marie Laveau was a healer, a powerful Voodoo Queen, and although she is not officially recognized as a Saint by the Catholic Church, she is still a Saint in the hearts of thousands of devotees worldwide.  Her kindness and her gifts make her the most powerful, remembered, respected, loved, and probably most famous witch in history.  She is known for healing, blessing, purification, help with legal matters, matters of the heart, and being able to fix the most impossible situations.  She was a woman of great personal power and talent.

I would highly recommend reading more about Marie Laveau and her life, as she was a truly remarkable woman.  And you cannot believe everything you see on television shows about Marie Laveau, Voodoo, or witches in general.  So I highly recommend researching the facts about Marie Laveau and her works from a reputable source. There are many fine and educational books out there on the subject, but beware of those that are less than legitimate or claim to be the only true resource or those just for entertainment purposes.

About this set:

It contains one 4 x 6" royal blue velour drawstring bag,

one light blue / periwinkle satin 3 x 4" drastring bag,

One Marie Laveau Gris-Gris bag, handmade by me, with herbs and roots for blessing, protection, healing, love, courage, and personal empowerment. It is double layered with light blue fabric as well as a sparkly silver and white fabric to add a little glam.  It has  beautiful delicate fuzzy periwinkle ribbon for hanging, should you like to hang your Gris-Gris bag, and it is tied with a multi-shades of blue and white Turkish ribbon embellished with silver threads.  And it is adorned with an intricate silver toned heart charm.  It also comes with a small cobalt blue bottle of Marie Laveau oil to feed your Gris-Gris bag with. 

It also comes with one small glass corked vial of Red Brick Dust, used in New Orleans for protection from enemies,

One Alligator Tooth, for protection and luck

One small preserved alligator foot, for power and mastery over any situation

One rattlesnake rib (to honor Marie Laveau's pet snake Zombi, as she was a snake handler.

One raccoon penis bone, a love curio

One blue porcelain skull talisman,

One light blue altar candle

One 2 x 2" bag of my Marie Laveau heb & root blend, for using as a natural incense or as a bath tea

One small replica Mercury Dime  (which is very detailed)

One small blue chalcedony polished gemstone.  This may be a small gemstone, but it is beautiful.  These particular stones came from South Africa, and incredible stone to work with You will just love their translucent, "airy" blue color.  This is a good stonefor those who need serious peace of mind and a “cool down” effect from anger, inflammation, agitation or other disturbances. Emotionally it mitigates the effects of suppressed emotions, and blocked memories that fester under the surface. Because it releases energy at the throat chakra, Blue Chalcedony Agate is often used for the throat, neck and shoulder. It is also good for better communication. If there is any area in your life that needs “gentle-ing,” this crystal will do the job.  Blue Chalcedony is especially known for bringing peace of mind, creativity and overcoming feeling judged.

It also comes with a loose blue ribbon. This makes an excellent offering for Marie Laveau, because in addition to being a powerful Voodoo woman, she was also a hair dresser. This symbolizes a hair ribbon.  You may also consider using a hair elastic as a offering.

And last but not least, a prayer scroll for praying to the Spirit of Marie Laveau and asking her guidance and help.  This prayer is modified from a traditional prayer, and I have changed it to make it my own words, to give honor, respect, and reverence to Madame Laveau, while humbly asking for her blessings and her aid in serving the Loas and spirits better.


*Altar statuary and candle holder in photo is not included. I purchased them in New Orleans from Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo and are for my own altar use.


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