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Mirror Return To Sender Spell, Performed For You


Product Description

Has someone done you wrong? Or has someone sent a lot of negative energy your way, or done harmful or malicious things such as gossip, lies about you, or meddling in your affairs to cause you trouble in any way in your life?  Or is perhaps someone stealing your work and claiming it as their own or using you in some way?


Well, let me tell you, this spell is intended to pack a punch. It is one that I have just cast recently in a personal situation of my own to reflect bad Karma back on an individual who has been a burr under my saddle, and a black fly in my chardonnay for a while now.  I'm helping Karma out a little bit to send the maleficence right back to her so that she will have all manner of misfortune due to her negative energy being reflected back on her. Not only will her true colors show to all others, but she will be forced to see her own true reflection, as well.  And as the fates would have it, I did have some of her personal concerns to use with this spell.  Personal concerns, such as hair, add strength to any spellwork.


If you've got a similar situation, this is a very powerful spell.  It is not intended to curse or hex or cause someone additional trouble, only the troublesome actions, words, and energies they put out there, being sent right back to them.  This is not especially a spell for revenge in particular, but if you want to do this spell in with revenge in your heart, that is just fine. It is a strong emotion and is perfectly natural when someone does you wrong to want to get back at them. We're only human, after all.  But what we're doing here is just giving them a dose of their own medicine, and then some.  Because while they may have done you wrong over a period of time, or maybe you're just now finding out about it, the fates and spirits may see fit to serve them up a dish all at once.


So, with that in mind, if you would like for me to perform this spell on your behalf, what I would need from you is your full name, DOB, and photo if you wish (but it is not necessary), and the full name, DOB, and photo of your target. (along with any personal concerns such as nail clippings, hair, clothing snippet, etc., if you have them available. Personal concerns make the spell stronger, so convo me and I'll tell you how to get them to me if you wish to send them.) 


Keep in mind, that the figural candle is going to represent your target, not you. You can choose whether you want it to be a male or female when you order. Just email me.


About the compact mirror that I will use in your spell:  It will be brand new, and to my knowledge it will have seen no other reflection, including mine. It will reflect the figural candle that represents your target.   When the spell is finished, the compact will be closed, symbolically trapping the target's image, so to speak. Then, if you want me to send it to you, I can do so.  If you would rather I dispose of it myself by burying at a cemetery, I will be happy to do that as well, no extra charge either way.


About the formulas (oils and herbal blends or powders) used in this spell: I will choose based on your particular situation, but very likely will be any or all of the following: Return To Sender, Karmic Retribution (my own), Karma's Little Helper (My own), Most Powerful, Witch's Oil, Reversing, and maybe some Inflammatory Confusion just for fun so that they will become distracted or confused and the turmoil in their mind and their life will make them lose interest in bothering you. And maybe a little Under The Radar (my own) so they won't know what hit them or that it came from you.


My email address is barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com.

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