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Mirrorbox Poppet, Customized Beeswax Dollbaby in Mirrored Box, for Reversing, Returning, Reflecting


Product Description

Ever wish you could just put them in a box?  You can!

This listing is for one hand-crafted, pure, beeswax poppet to represent your target. Comes with wooden box with mirrored interior.  This can be for a multitude of purposes and intents. Box appearance may differ from the one pictured according to availability but will be similar in size and shape. The one pictured is approximately 6" wide x 5", and 3 1/2" tall. 

The outside of the box is unadorned, and looks plain and unassuming as not to draw attention from prying eyes. No one needs to know what you have in there. 

Mirrored boxes or containers are generally used for banishing or binding, or to return negative energy, hexes, or curses to the sender, to reflect their own intent back on them rather than to you if they intend you harm or ill-will.  However, these are also ideal for dealing with someone who is narcissistic, getting them to take a good look in the mirror and see the truth of themselves and the situation.  You can read more about this topic and see my option for rootwork services for this type of situation here: http://www.barefootwitcheryshoppe.com/mirrorbox-skull-candle-working-narcissists-toxic-people-gaslighting-reflect-reverse-return/  Some situations call for a working where the person is contained and cannot escape your magickal influence. 

This box is not like a jar spell or coffin box for a poppet, in that it's not like "once sealed, stay sealed".  You can open it up at any time, add things into it that you want them to think about or things you want to affect them. Like new notes/petitions, things you want to say to them, points you want to get across to them, things you want them to do or to say or feel. You can add additional meaningful items, and like I mentioned, you can also add some items into the poppet itself at the bottom, like hair or nail clippings or piece of clothes tag - something that will help identify that poppet as being and representing your target for all intents and purposes.
You can take it out of the box, talk to it, whatever. What I would suggest doing is burning a candle set with your intention right on top of the closed box once you have put anything else in the box you want (and you can put a new note in there every day if you wish and your target will be forced to look at it, and it will be reflected back on them repeatedly. (make sure you set something beneath the candle so the wooden box doesn't catch fire, of course).  That is just my opinion on how to work it.  There are lots of options and ways to work a poppet.

 About my poppets:

The poppet is approximately 5 inches tall and approximately one - one and 1/4 inches thick. I do this with select herb and root blends that I blend myself according to your situation. Just email me either before or after purchase, or describe your situation in the comments section when you order. This will help me to better fill your needs.

 My beeswax poppets are molded with a custom made-to-order mold that I had specially made. (it is not gender specific and can represent either a man or a woman. Or even a situation, or place, or problem.) I will need some information from you before I make the poppet because it will be built to specifically identify your target and your target's name, photo, and date of birth will go into the very making of it and will become a part of the poppet.  

I choose to use unscented and uncolored beeswax (either white or yellow, depending on availability ) for these poppets, because it is the most pure and natural for Magickal workings. No dyes, no perfumes, and only the herbs, roots, and magick that I put into it for you. There's a small compartment built in to the wax poppets I make, at the bottom so that you can insert hair or nail clippings of your target or other personal concerns or items you wish to load into it.  

 Each one is unique, there will be no two the same. But they will be thoroughly packed with the appropriate and finest quality herbs and roots for your particular need, along with the best of intentions and energies.

I use only the best quality ingredients, and the formulas I use are very old traditional Hoodoo recipes, along with some I have developed myself over the years according to their metaphysical properties, which I have studied in depth. So you can be assured all of my formulas are the strongest available.

You will also receive a scroll with detailed instructions on how to perform the Poppet Activation Ritual, which is ritually "bringing your poppet to life".   You will also receive a bottle of Poppet Activation oil to continue to use with your poppet to keep it active.

Your poppet will be sent to you carefully packaged, and you can continue to work it as often and as long as needed or desired. If you have questions about how to dispose of it once you feel you are finished with it, please email me and I'm happy to help.

You can send all of your information or inquiries to sherry@barefootwitcheryshoppe.com.  Legal disclaimer: item is sold as curio only. 

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mirrorbox beeswax poppet


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