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Nevermore Working, Eliminate Parasites & Pests, Bird Shit, Messenger, Spy, Pomba Gira


Product Description

My Nevermore candle service has many possibilities. I recently performed this working for a client to help eliminate an unwanted person from the equation.  So, this would be ideal if there is someone interfering, being a pest in your life, or a parasite - an energy drain or psychic vampire, or even someone who exhibits Spider Queen qualities - in a negative way.  What eats these parasites, pests, spiders, and insects?  Birds. Additionally, what becomes of them? Bird shit. And they become nevermore. So, this working can be used as a banishing spell, in addition to many other possibilities, depending on your need, goal, or intent.

These lovely crow/raven candles can be used for many possibilities. You can also order this service to help you connect with the spirit of the Raven or the Crow as your spirit animal or totem, and request assistance in fetching something you need, delivering a message (a little birdie told me), or as a spy to help reveal that which is unknown or hidden.

Also, the Raven is an animal associated with Pomba Gira, and is sometimes thought of as a trickster.


I will customize the ingredients (herbal/root blends, formulas, and oils) to your specific need or intention.

What I will need from you: The name and photo and DOB of the person you intend for the spell. If you do not have all this, it is OK, and I will just use their name and date of birth if you have them. The more information, the stronger the spell. Also, if you wish to provide details of the situation so that I know what formulas (herbs, roots, oils, and powders) to use, that would be very helpful.   If you wish to write a petition for me to set the candle plate upon as the candle burns, that will also greatly add to the energies of the working.


You will receive a detailed report in a PDF document along with 10-20 photos, and a short video of your candle burning. I also provide interpretation of the divination signs I note in the wax, flame, and smoke patterns.

I respect your privacy and your feelings and the seriousness of your situation and take it personally. Your desire and your happiness with my service is important to me.

You may send your information to me after purchase at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com

This item is listed as a physical item, but please be aware it is a spell / ritual service.  What you will receive is a document emailed to you with the photos of your spell being performed after it is completed.


Please read my complete Shop Policies and FAQ's page before purchase.

You can send your information for your spellwork to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com after purchase.


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nevermore working


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