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Ogun Oil, for Change, Opportunity, Strength, Clearing Obstacles, Truth, Justice


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Ogun Oil .50 ounce glass bottle. Crafted with iron, nutmeg, rosemary, and much more, with much respect and regard to the specific traits and attributes of Ogun.

Ogun is the God of iron, energy, creativity, war, hunting and invention. His tools are iron. Ogun is the god of Truth and Justice and presides over deals and contracts. Ogun is also the owners of keys and locks, jails, and chains, and he's the foundation on which everything is built.  He oversees construction and labor, and is the master of the technology required for human progress and evolution in the material world. Together with Eleguá and Ochosi, he protects the interior entryway of homes.

Ogun's symbolism transfers into our lives when we need help and strength removing negative thoughts and/or happenings that have been placed there through no fault of our own, our own mistakes, by another, or by fear. He facilitates strength, change, opportunity, courage, and the ability to clear away your obstacles.  

Ogún's protection is especially important in questions related to surgery and operations of all kinds, fevers, accidents where there's profuse bleeding, and any kind of wound caused by metal.  He likes roasted sweet potatoes, plantains, kola nuts, white beans, smoked fish, toasted corn, palm oil, cane alcohol and cigars. Offerings to Ogún are often left at the railroad tracks, which are one of his symbols.  He is associated with San Peter, because Peter owns the keys to the kingdom.  To a lesser degree, he's also associated with Saint Paul, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Michael, and Saint Rafael.  The children of Ogún can be violent, impulsive, and unforgiving, but they are also brave, determined, and never give up hope.  They're tireless workers, and they're astute.  They're known for their frankness and sincerity, which make people overlook their flaws.

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