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Old Time Hoodoo Fixed Candles, 6 1/2 inch


Product Description

This listing is for one 6 1/2" beeswax pillar candle, fixed for your intention and ready to use. 

Read more about our fixed candles here: Old Time Hoodoo Fixed Candles and Candle Fixing Powders - The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe

Choose from the following and make note of your selection in the Comments section when you order:

Ancestors – For communicating with and honoring your ancestors. Perfect for use on your ancestral altar.

Bind – To bind and prohibit a person from doing harm, or to bind an energy that has been directed at you.

Blessing – To draw and open up the way for blessings to flow into your life, or to create an atmosphere of abundance, also for blessing a person, family, or home.

Blockbuster – To help eliminate obstacles and bust through whatever blocks your way to your goal.

Breakup – For breaking up a couple, causing disharmony and discord, removing love, trust, and understanding and targeting the foundations of their relationship to cause it to fail.

Business – To improve business, draw profits, attract customers and higher end clientele, reputation management.

Cleanse & Purify – For cleansing a person, home, space, or situation from negative energy which can build up over time and create problems. Cleanse from jinxes or crossed conditions, start with a clean slate.

Command & Compel – To command someone to do what you want, compel them to see things your way, and make them happy and willing to accommodate you.

Crossing – For all types of crossing work against your enemy, whatever your intention, this blend can handle your needs.

Dominate – To control someone in a very aggressive way, to bring them to heel, and keep them under your thumb.

Drawing – To draw and attract whatever you need or want, to redirect the energies to flow in your favor.

Healing – To promote healing energies whether physical, mental, or emotional. For natural conditions or unnatural ailments caused by magic.

Justice – To set the energies right and bring things back into balance. Retribution for those who are in the wrong, and justice for you when you are in the right in fairness and truth.

Lover Return – To draw back a strayed lover, make them think of you and be compelled to take action on those thoughts and rekindled feelings.

Master Key – To open the way to your goals, based on the traditional formula.

Master Root – All-purpose, to add power to any other candle or working, for any situation or goal.

Money – To draw prosperity, abundance mindset, help hold on to the money you have while drawing more to you from expected or unexpected sources.

One Love – For any and all romantic situations and scenarios. This blend can handle any type of love situation: promote healing, draw new love, reinforce and protect existing relationships, for true heartfelt love, sincerity, understanding, honesty. Also good for self-love and repairing broken friendships.

Peace – To promote peace, harmony, emotional and mental well-being, calm anxiety, lift depression, clear negative energies and mindsets, for the home or for a person or family.

Protection – Highest form of protection from those who intend you harm, protection from jinxes, curses, and crossed conditions. Protection from unexpected dangers, travel protection, spiritual protection from negative entities.

Reconcile – Specifically for drawing the desires and energies needed to promote healing within a relationship, forgiveness, trust, honesty, sincerity, and repairing the relationship.

Removing – For removing and repelling negative energies, situations, people, hexes and crossed conditions. Also for removing negative mindsets, destructive behavior, habits or addictions, anything in your life that no longer serves your higher purpose.

Return to Sender – Reverse negative energy, ill will, hexes and curses, repel them away from you and back to the one who sent them.

Road Opener – For opening the way to your goals when there seems to be no road.

Shine – For psychic ability, wisdom, insight, third eye, intuition, discernment, revealing hidden things, divination.

Spirit Be Gone – Eliminating unwanted, unwelcome, and interfering spirits from your home.

Success – For a boost towards your goals, shift the energies in your favor, gain advantage over the competition, focus needed to help you achieve your goals.

Truth – The truth will come out one way or another, either by confession, revelation, or dramatic events. This can also help with discernment to be able to see the truth more clearly.

Uncrossing – Break hexes, curses, crossed conditions, deep cleanse from negative energy. For severe runs of bad luck that have gone on too long, ancestral/generational curses, break the cycle of unfortunate events for good.


If you wish for me to write a petition for you to use with your candle, and for me to select an appropriate Scripture for your intent/goal, and send these with your candle order, please purchase this separate listing:

Petition Writing Service Add-On for Fixed Candle Orders - The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe

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6 1/2" fixed candle


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