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One Month Continuous Custom Working For You


Product Description

I am happy to now be able to offer my rootwork services to you for one whole month devoted to your situation. This can be not only cost effective alternative to purchasing different services seperately, but it can also take the burden off you having to decide what to do next.  Depending on your unique situation, I will determine how to best facilitate the changes you wish to see by petitioning the Saints, Spirits, Orishas, or Deities most suited to helping in your area of need.  My plan of action will be based on the information you provide me,  my intuitive Empathic abilities, as well as my experience, knowledge, and understanding of my Craft.

This listing is for me to perform ongoing work for your unique situation, continually, for one month. The details of what this will involve will depend solely upon your situation. (One situation only at a time, please. I want to be able to send the energies where they need to go most, and not let things become distracted or chaotic. Directing the flow of energy in too many places at once can be similar to what Bilbo Baggins said, "...sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”) 

This service can be devoted to any area of life, such as Money, Love, Enemies, Break-Up, Reconciliation, Work, Protection, Healing, and more.

This service may entail selections of a wide variety of services, such as initial consultation, figural candle services, jar spell services, vigil light services, readings (Tarot or other cards), candle divination and interpetation, among others, as I feel it is appropriate to your situation.  I will begin within two weeks, depending on my booking schedule and schedule you for exactly four calender weeks from the start date.

This service includes altar setup, offerings, candles, petitions, and proper and respectful disposal of all spell and ritual items.  Nothing will be mailed to you unless discussed ahead of time. You will receive a PDF report with documentation, photos, and interpretation along with suggestions and recommendations. 

The number of services I perform on your behalf will depend on your exact unique situation, but I would expect there to be no fewer than 4 separate candle workings that I perform on your behalf. That is an average of one per week.  However, like I mentioned, your specific situation, needs, and goals may require more or less than that.  Also, if you need (if you request or if I feel that you need) items/products to use at home, those will be sent to you at no additional charge, depending on if you are within the U.S. (free shipping in that case), and what may be involved.

What I will need from you: The name and photo and DOB of the person or people you intend for the spell. If you do not have this, it is OK, and I will just use their name and date of birth if you have them. The more information, the stronger the spell. Also, if you wish to provide details of the situation so that I know what formulas (herbs, roots, oils, and powders) to use, that would be very helpful. The more information I have, the better I can serve you.  If you wish to write a petition for me to use, it will also greatly add to the energies of the working.  All information is secure and completely confidential. 


You can email me with your details at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yaho.com.

As always, please read my complete shop policies before purchase; by doing so you are agreeing to those and stating that you are 18 or over.



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