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Orunla Oil, (Orula), Divination, Wisdom, Solutions, Healing


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Orunla Oil .50 ounce glass bottle. Crafted with wild wild yam root, neroli, sandalwood, black hen feather, and much more, with great respect and regard to the specific traits and attributes of Orunla.

He is the Orisha of wisdom, knowledge, and divination. This source of knowledge is believed to have a keen understanding of the human form and of purity, and is therefore praised as often being more effective than other remedies.

Orula (sometimes referred to as Orunla or Orúnmila) is the Orisha of divination. He is the master spiritualist who sees all and knows all. Olofi gave him the gift of prophecy. Orula bore witness as Olofi created the earth and the Orishas. He bestowed upon Orula the wisdom and clarity to see the future and the ability to communicate it to those who inquire with him. These powers have the capacity to influence our destiny and shape our life’s paths. Sacred tales tell of Orula’s psychic abilities to determine the death of every man and woman on earth.


Son of Obatala and Yemu, Orula is brother to Elegua, Ogun and Chango. He and Chango work closely together, as they both have a deep insight into the future. Orula knows the ways that each of us can find success, happiness and health. He knows what the future holds for us and he can guide us on the right path if we listen to his foresight. The god of plants and remedies, this great healer watches over humans, animals and all other living things.

Green and yellow are the colors of this Orisha. His followers wear robes in these colors to honor him. Orula bracelets and Orula necklaces adorned in beads of yellow and green should be worn when trying to evoke his power and cast away death.

Images of Orula show him seated with his ekuele and irofa by his side. He is often depicted gazing into his divining board as he unravels the mysteries of the future. Dressed in a green and yellow gown, he is a vision of serenity and deep introspection.

Orula’s feast day is October 4, which is the same as the catholic saint St. Francis of Assisi. Pay homage to him on this day and make offerings to him of coconuts, wine, sweet cakes and candles. When honoring this beloved Orisha, be sure to have a polvera de Orula on your altar. This wooden bowl is the vessel which contains Orula’s spirit and in which his deepest secrets are kept. When the moon is new, light an Orula 7 Day Orisha Candle and make your offering, focusing your intention on invoking his spirit.

Orula represents wisdom and the ability of man to influence his own destiny. His powers of insight make him one of the most commanding and distinguished of all Orishas. Respect his talent and he will help guide you towards your life’s destiny.

Orunla's favorite animals and objects include kola nuts, palm nuts, and crocodiles. His tool (object of power) is the ifa board, which is a ceremonial instrument. A whisk of horse hair is also used to drive away evil. Offerings to Orunla should include yams and black chickens.


 Source Credit: Original Botanica in part, and Wikipedia, in part.



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