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Outta My Way Oil Collection


Product Description

This is a set of 10 Hoodoo Oils in .50 ounce glass bottles.

  • Banishing - My own elaborate formula. To discourage unwanted visitors, to rid yourself of a person's influence or presence in your life, to rid yourself of negative energy, conditions, presences, influences, hexes or curses from your life. Fragrance is black pepper, patchouli, cypress, clary sage, lavender, cedar, and much more.


  • STFU (AKA Shut Your Mouth) - To stop gossip in its tracks. To stop those who will lie about you or spread malicious gossip, talk about you behind your back, or try to say things to others to cause trouble for you. Don't be fooled by the pretty fragrance, this is a very potent formula. Fragrance is a combination of clove, rose geranium, lime, orange, galangal oils, and more.


  • MInd Your Own Business - My own formula, made with a very specific combination of ingredients including one very hard to find one specifically to make someone go on their way, lose interest in causing you trouble or meddling in your life.  Sometimes even causes events in the other person's life that require their undivided attention so that they forget about being interested in bothering you. Fragrance is a combination of oils to really pack a punch including spanish moss, calamus, hyssop, galangal, and more.


  • Tied - To use on meddlesome people to stop their ability to interfere, or use on someone you need to control. Similar to binding, it ties up the person so they are not able to do you harm. Fragrance is Calamus, Devil's Shoestring, and other binding oils.


  • Lost & Away - To send a person, problem, situation, or negative energy of any kind far far away from you.  I use 4 Way Crossroads Dirt, Sulfur, and more. Fragrance is mistletoe, orris, clary sage, and more.


  • Cut & Clear - To totally cleanse of residual negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Can help tremendously when suffering a loss, or when you just want to rid yourself of the stress of the day. It cuts the ties and works similarly to Lost & Away, and it can also help rid yourself of bad habits. Fragrance is a refreshing and cleansing scent with rue oil, lemon oils, and more.


  • Keep Away Enemies - To keep away enemies or meddlesome people and have some peace and quiet in your life. Fragrance is a combination of pretty smelling oils such as lavender and bergamot, along with pungent and root based oils that pack a punch. Similar to the way the oil works: sweet peace for you and a punch to send them packing.


  • Hotfoot - To send them away and makin' tracks in a hurry. This oil may look innocent and unassuming. But believe me, it will be like they're walking on hot coals.  Hotfoot normally comes in a powder form for foot traffic workings. However, this oil can be used for more than sprinkling; it is very versatile and can be used on candles, or even discreetely on someone's shoes. So they won't notice a powder on their shoes. Put a little bit in the foot print of someone who has just left, and they won't want to come back. Can also be used for long distance workings with candle magick.  Fragrance is potent and somewhat unpleasant, but I have also added some Isis oil along with myrrh and other floral essential oils.


  • Bon Voyage - Does a person just keep hanging around and showing up, and you really want to send them on their way and discourage them from stopping by or staying too long? This can help when someone has worn out their welcome, discourage unwanted guests or situations, and send them on a long trip away from you. Fragrance is high john, ginger grass, rosemary, and more.


  • Make Your Enemy Move - So what happens when the person causing you trouble lives right next door to you, or too close for comfort in any event? Don't start packing, make them move!  This is a powerful formula for getting some relief from noisy, troublesome, or unwanted neighbors, even if they're family without you having to be the one to leave. Fragrance is a little odorous but it's not meant to be pleasant.

This collection is a packaged set designed to eliminate a problem, an influence, or even a person from your life. It can also be used to banish negative energy of any kind, no matter where it comes from. When you've had enough and just need to get rid of it, or them.  Do not wear these oils on yourself as a fragrance. Use them only on the thing or representation of the person or thing you wish to banish.

These oils can be used in many ways, to aniont mojo bags, photos, paquets, letters, poppets, or anything that represents or belongs to your target. You can also use these for foot traffic magick, or use them on something you know your target will touch.  For candle magick, use these oils on black candles.

I have carefully chosen all of these formulas to work well together; you can use just one or a couple of blends, or even all of them, layering them to increase the energy needed for you to reach your goals and desires.

Add a few drops to an oil burner or wax lamp. My oils make an excellent aromatherapy tool for meditating on your goals and desires. The oil you receive will be made especially for you when you order.

Many of the formulas that I use are old tradional Hoodoo condition oil recipes, some even very rare with hard-to-find ingredients, and some are my own formula, blended according to the carefully researched metaphysical properties of the herbs and roots. I study and practice Hoodoo and New Orleans Voodoo, and have collected hundreds of oil recipes from various sources over the years.

I use only the finest herbs, roots, curios, and essential oils. Carrier oils can vary depending upon the formula and can include any of the following: Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avacado Oil, Clear Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, Mineral Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Camelina Oil. Please test a small area on your skin first for allergy purposes. For external use only.  The bottles I use are clear glass and are boston rounds that are fairly durable thick glass and have a heavy feel to them.  So, they will last a long time, as will your oil; I use a few drops of Vitamin E oil in each bottle for freshness so your oil will last.

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